Need support! Beginning 7/24/11

  • That is GREAT news TM and such an amazing accomplishment!  You should be so proud of yourself.  The first time I completed BFL, I felt the same way you is about SO much more than just losing weight.  I am on top of the world today.  I am wearing a pair of jeans that I couldn't even zip as recently as 3 weeks ago and now they are loose.....REALLY loose.  I did not take my measurements before I started but I know my inch loss has to be significant because now my thighs are only starting small camp fires instead of the raging bon fires they used to create by rubbing together. :c)  I haven't even hit the halfway mark yet and am totally psyched to see what the next couple of weeks hold.  Aug. 31st will be the end of week 8 for me and I have it circled on my calendar.  CAN:T WAIT!

    I will be keeping my grandson this weekend and am excited about that.  In addition to being able to spend time with my sweetie pie, it also means that I won't be tempted to be drinking beer.  I'll have to be a good girl.  Hope you all have a wonderful BFL weekend.  Don't go nuts on your free day, but do enjoy all the hard work you've put in!

  • Hi BFL friends, Just checking in before I head off to sleep.

    TM--That is an amazing journey and you should be very proud for pushing through and soon to complete 2 challenges!  An amazing feat no less, and even better the wonderful health news.  My mom suffers from diabetes and was late to focus on her health.  She battled it for 20+ years and now she has to be on dialysis.  Her knees were bad too from the heavy weight she carried around all these years.  I remember there was a time when she had to take these steroid shots in her knees to help with the swelling and inflammation.  She has a plethora of other health issues (probably preventable had she taken steps sooner) so I am happy to hear you beat were able to beat surgery and diabetes.  Great job TM...definitely celebrate big because you earned it!

    Amy--Wahoo, that is great news.  It's one of the best feelings to fit into something you could barely get in and then to have them loose.  I went through that with a pair of skinny jeans when I was about 20lbs lighter.   I can't wait to be able to wear them again one day soon.  I love your sense of humor with the thigh rubbing...LOL.  I can't wait to hear your 8/31 date results too.  I'm sure your little guy will keep you busy enough and distracted enough you won't even think about beer.  Have a great time with him.

    Day 20 is almost coming to a close for me.  Was a very tough and emotional day for me from other stuff going on.  I didn't follow my eating plan well--did not eat eat bad, just did not get in all the meals and timing was way off.  However, I did get in my UBWO in but have to say, did not have much heart put into it.  It was real hard and I did what I could, given the state I was in.  I almost broke into tears a couple times but I didn't break down.  Otherwise I'm sure ppl would be staring at why this girl is either so happy working out OR she's just a little nuts.  Tomorrow is my free day and I'm not real sure what to do about the eating yet.  After Sat, it is the wrapping up for week 3 and the start of week 4, day 22.  

    Have a good nite BFL friends.

  • Hi BFL friends, how is everyone doing?  Day 22 for me.  Just want to check really quick.

    I had a really hard time getting out of bed today--sore from UPBO on Fri and just the emotional coaster I'm dealing with since Fri.  I did get my cardio in and am glad I got that out of the way.  I didn't hit the gym until around 11am, and didn't get in my first 2 morning meals either.  I did have a shake since my stomach was growling so much, although I didn't really feel like I wanted to eat.

    Just going to get my house chores in and try to make it though today on the plan.  Hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend and that you're staying on track with your meals and exercise as best as you can.  

  • Good BFL morning everyone!  Whew....made it through another weekend without too much straying off the plan.  I don't really go nuts on my free days, but I don't get all my meals in during the weekends like I should either.  I had my grandson this weekend and it was harder than I thought to get all the meals in while chasing after him too!  I did a no-no and stepped on the scale this morning.  I should've known better since my weight has always fluctuated a lot....I was up 3 pounds!  No biggie; I know it will be coming off this week plus more; I can just feel it.  

    Traci - glad to see that you're hanging in there.  I have had a few bouts where I have felt overwhelmed and wanted to just sit down and cry.  Between taking care of the house, working full-time, cooking, etc. and then the stress of eating right/working just begins to feel like too much.  But the eating right/working out is what we actually need the most for our mental and physical health.  I can be down in the dumps and suffering from a tension/sinus headache and go for a run and feel so much better afterwards.  Oh, I dread just thinking about it, but if I actually go do it, I realize how much better I feel. I hope the other stuff in your life will smooth out and will allow you to relax and stay focused on the bigger picture.  It can be hard when other things in life are a distraction.  

    I do need to ice my shoulder tonight.  It is killing me and the UBWO was really difficult this morning.  I've had shoulder pain on/off for several years now and I guess I overworked it on the new UBWO routine that I started last week.  I pushed on though and just took it a little slower.

    Hope you all have a great day and get an awesome workout in.  Just do it!

  • Hi BFL friends, still trying to finish my 2nd meal of the day but am having a hard time--just really no appetite.  Day 23 today and it'll be LBWO.  I'm sure PT will have me work more on squats so that we can eventually get some weights added after I can get the squatting form right.  

    Amy--Thank you for the encouragement--I appreciate it.  I haven't bothered to touch with the scale because I'm pretty sure whatever number I see will just not be a good #.  Still no major changes that I can see and clothes are fitting the same--still tugged.  Hope you didn't hurt your shoulder as I've heard those injuries can take a very long time to heal.  Maybe you can do some tiger balm massages in between icing it.  I'm glad to hear your little grandson was keeping you busy chasing after him....sounds like he's a handful.  =)  

    Still emotionally blah so trying hard not to think about anything and just get through the day.  I do have to get my kids ready for school since they start on 8/29 and I'll have to readjust my workout schedule to accommodate for the school year.  It'll be an interesting change but I'm not going to worry about it until I have to.

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Hi BFL friends--just wanted to do a quick check in before I go to bed soon.  I did the treadmill today and by the end I was panting for air so it was a good run.  I'll probably keep the pace I'm at since I was holding onto the rail during the last 2 minutes and when I get to the point I don't need to be holding on, it'll be a good sign for me to move up to the next notch.  

    Tm--Your last week is almost over.  Hope you'll have a nice break and huge celebration.  Good job

    Day 24 almost over.   I have to say the eating and meal schedule is getting better and I'm finding myself more aware of my choices and what I put in.  The meal bars and shakes do help so much and it's quite convenient.  Still playing around with the different food options and trying my best to gauge the amount so that I'm not overdoing it.

    Alright friends, have a good nite and will check on everyone tomorrow.  

  • Hello BFL Warriors!  Just doing my daily check in.  Had a GREAT LBWO this morning....really pushed it.  I am getting aggravated by the dreaded plateau that I am going through but decided to put all of that aggravation into my workout this morning.  No matter how many times I tell myself that this plateau is only temporary, it certainly doesn't make it any easier to swallow!  With everything we have at our disposal, we have turned into a 'want it here and want it now' society.  I must have patience!  Today is day one of week 7 for me so the 'magical week 8' is in sight.  I do have one question for any of you that remembers.....does the magic happen at the beginning of week 8 or after you have completed 8 weeks.  I have done BFL before and remember the changes really happening at week 8, but can't remember exactly if is was at the beginning or end.  I guess either way, the longest that I'll have to wait will be August 31st.  2 weeks!  I'm like a kid waiting for the candy store to open!  

    Traci - I finally ran on the treadmill yesterday after giving a sore ankle some time to heal.  It felt really good and I actually think I can go faster.  I'll have to push myself harder next time.  Glad to hear that your eating is getting better.  There is a thread on the forum with recipes for shakes and I copied some of them down.  I'll have to give them a try.  I've been having the same 'ole shake for breakfast every morning for 43 days now!  Honestly, I'm not bored with it's more a matter of convenience.  I don't have time to whip something up for breakfast, so I go with what's easiest.

    Keep pushing, reaching those 10's, going for it on the HIIT's and hope you all have an energetic BFL day!

  • Hi everyone--quick check in for me before I head to sleep.  Day 25 is done and the upper body workout today was pretty good.  PT had me do some new exercises and I did some leg lifts, and that was really tough.  I felt like I was straining everything just to lift my legs up and pointing to the ceiling.  I'm going to work on that one extra at home to help build up some strength.  I felt like I was doing it all wrong but he said my form was right...I just need to work on it to build it up.  

    Amy - I can't wait to hear your results for the 8th week.  I'm glad you were able to get on the treadmill again since I know you enjoy running.  It sucks when there's an injury that can cause a set back.  I saw this guy doing jump ropes yesterday and was thinking I should try that too--heard it's a great cardio workout, but I think my coordination kinda sucks right now.  =)

    How are all the other BFL peeps doing??  Hope you are doing well and on track.  Keep us posted so we can stay motivated and keep each other going.  Alrighty, off to bed so I can take on Day 26 tomorrow!!   Good nite.

  • Hey Everyone!  Just checking in.  Closing in on Week 5 for me.  It's definitely been a challenge, but starting to see some results.  As I post this update, I'm looking across the atrium at work watching about a dozen folks get cake and ice cream from a birthday celebration!  UGGGHHH.  Well, hard work will pay off!!!  

    Sorry I haven't posted as often as I'd like.  I've had a lot of stuff going on, as I know everyone has.  I'm proud of the fact I have not given in to the temptation of food as my comfort as my old habits would have pushed me to do.  I just pushed through and "kept on keeping on."  To date, I've lost 15.5 lbs. (according to me), 19 according to the cardiologist when I went in for my post-op check-up.  I was also told if I had been 100% pacemaker dependent (I'm 100% pacemaker depending on the top chamber and 30%-40% pacemaker dependent on the bottom chamber of my device), I would have gone into cardiac arrest on July 30th as I had "noise on my leads."  Ordinarily, that comes from being around a chainsaw, idling engine, or other serious equipment.  We traced it back to a pool of all things.  It was appraently not properly grounded!!!  Wow, you just never know!  Anyway, thankful to say, I'm still here!!!  

    Hope eveyrone is stil hanging in there and keeping that ultimate goal in mind!  FITNESS AND HEALTH!  We can do this together!  

  • Wow bchgirl - you are so inspiring!  So many people would just throw in the towel as soon as the pacemaker was installed.  Good for you for taking the steps toward better health.  You have really made me stop today and be grateful for my good health.  I know I was a bit overweight when I started, but my body as a functioning whole is healthy; no high blood pressure, normal cholesterol, etc.  Truly makes me realize that my challenge is just the tip of what may be to others, a huge iceberg.  

    I'm feeling better about my challenge today.  The scale may not be budging, but I can SEE the results that I am getting.  Unfortunately, all of the results thus far have been above the waist.  The extra weight that I was carrying had blessed me in the chest area.  It was a blessing badly needed and now, unfortunately, that blessing has disappeared!  But, another blessing of toned arms is coming along nicely.  I know I have lost quite a few inches in my hips and thighs because I am wearing clothes that I couldn't fit in 6 weeks ago.  It's just that I've lost more in the upper body area.  

    Well, I'd better get back to work.  Please say a little prayer for my dog 'Tula' today.  I took her in for surgery this morning to remove some masses that I pray are not cancerous.  She is just a delightful dog that loves people and has a wonderful personality.  

    I hope everyone has the BFL fire in them today and gets the most out of their workouts.  Stay strong!

  • Thanks!  I just had to post back on that one:) as it made me SMILE!!!   You and I must have that in common.  I always lose on top first too, and I NEED it there worst of all.  I carry all my weight on my botoom half, but I'm thankful that it's finally coming off.  And I'm feeling better and better everyday!  I gather from your post your name is Amy, and I wanted to finally let you guys know my name.  It's Karla!  Have a wonderful and blessed day!

  • Hi BFL friends, Day 26 today and so far it's going OK.   No visible change for me but at least my clothes aren't getting tighter.  They fit the so I just gotta keep taking it slowly day by day.  Wish the results will come sooner, so will see how the week 8-10 mark will prove.  I think like you guys my upper body will results will show first...just not sure how to get the lower body results to come faster.  Will probably do stairs today since I want to tone up my legs and butt.  =)    

    And also will work more on those leg lifts to work on my abs.  I am improving with my flat bed ab crunches and seated leg ab crunches.  I now try to get in 4x35 flat bed crunches and 4x15 seated leg ab crunches.  When I first started, my PT had me start out with 3x15 for each exercise.  So definitely slowly improving on it...and I am recognizing my form when I do it, to make sure it is correct.   I was reading about ab workouts and the thing I took away is that ab core strengthening is all about long term duration...kinda like long distance running.  When you work them, the key is slow progressive crunches, etc....not like sprinting or heavy weight lifting.  So slow controlled movements is the key--and it's very targeted to that area.  I notice alot of people around me doing crunches but they are plowing through them in quick movements.  The burn is so much more when I'm doing it slow than fast.  I just want to get rid of that lower bulge....just so darn depressing to look at every day...LOL.

    Karla - Glad to know your first name and to see you check in....been wondering how you and Katie have been doing since it seems only a few of us post here.  Your story of the escape from cardiac arrest is surreal.  You are so right when you said "you just never know"  I second Amy in saying we should be glad for the small blessings we take for granted everyday.  I applaud you for your continue strive to finish this challenge.  Keep up the good work and congrats on the weight loss so far!!

    Amy - Congrats to you thus far for the weight loss.  It's great a feeling to fit into clothes that were once just too darn tight to make the effort worthwhile.  Instead of weighing myself, I gauging with a pair of skinny jeans.  It is still pretty tight so I'm hoping the results will change later on.    Hopefully you will get good news about Tula.

    Food question:  What is the rule on mushrooms (all kinds) during BFL?  I know we try to control portion by fist size, but not all food are the same, so I was wondering if anyone knew if mushrooms are one of those food items you can have more of?  I love mushrooms and can eat them all day long but don't want to overdo it.  I've read they are very low cal and have alot of healthy benefits.

    Have a great BFL day everyone and just keep pushing along!!

  • Day 23 for me today. My body doesn't look much different except that bicep, tricep, shoulder, chest and back starts toning and seem bigger. My legs feel stronger. I haven't been able to stick to 6-meal plan, but 5 meals instead a day: 8:30am (breakfast), 11am (EAS lite shake), 1:30 PM (lunch), 4:30 PM (EAS lite bar) and 7:30PM (dinner). I could eat the 6th meal after 10PM which cause heartburn for me. So I skipped it.

    Anyway, I'll take pictures every 4 weeks, so this week is picture week. Yeah.

    I hope to see me progress toward week 8 (day 48) or 9 (day 54).

    Have a great BFL y'all.

  • Hi BFL friends, Day 29 almost over.   Did a rather not so smart thing and weighed myself at the gym while waiting for the stair climber.  Was not happy with the number and I think it kinda left me bummed all day.  Then after workout was done, wore a pair of jeans and it was tight.  I'm not sure what's going on but will try not to think too much about it.  I have been eating clean and pushing hard at the gym so I am hoping this is just a phase and not longterm outcome of this challenge.  Still so frustrating though, especially the tight clothes.  =(

    Sorry for not posting last couple days...been so busy trying to get ready for the kids when they return to school in a week.  Just lots of errands, chores, and cooking.  

    Hope you're all on track and not encountering frustrating set backs.  Good nite.

  • Good morning, Traci!  Hang in there and try not to get too discouraged.  I don't know about you, but my weight can fluctuate drastically and sometimes I even feel bloated with no reason.  Just this past Saturday, my rings were tight and my hands were all swollen and I couldn't figure out why.  My clothes also seemed a little tighter and they were feeling loose.  You might be experiencing some free day bloat or just some water retention for whatever reason.  If it's free day bloat, it's possible that your body is reacting and telling you just how much it doesn't like the 'junk' that we allow ourselves to have on free day.  I think Bill purposely wrote in a free day so that we could experience just how differently we feel when we don't make healthy choices.  Oh, I think they're necessary for us to keep our motivation and sanity, but I also think we can overdo it and end up feeling horrible.  In time, it works to help us realize that even free day should be taken in moderation.  It's still fairly early in your challenge, so try and be patient and just keep plugging along.  I know you can do it!