Need support! Beginning 7/24/11

  • tracing114 thanks for your comment.  I only meant it was sad that there have been other times I have started things and cheated by this point already.  I really am proud of my efforts and I am thrilled to be a part of such a supportive network.  hope you were able to get to the gym in time to beat the rush.  

  • Well, I was supposed to start on Monday but through a series of events I was unable to work out.  Then today I've had to deal with STUPID hormones.  So, I guess tomorrow will be my starting day.  I typically eat clean every day since I have food allergies and tend to just eat clean anyways.  I'm feeling frustrated and defeated already since I wanted to start on Monday and haven't yet.  I think my theme should be NO EXCUSES!  I have a home gym and a gym membership so NO EXCUSES!  

    I took my measurements and my picture today.. YIKES!  If nothing else, that should be motivation.

    Here's to MAKING tomorrow a better day!

  • Hey Everyone - Hope it's okay that I join in on the motivational discussion.  I, too, am "pumped," but also need the encouragement.  I started the program two weeks ago, and it's been a challenge for me as I have struggled with Bradycardia for many years.  I had to have a pacemaker implanted on May 2nd of this year, and I was determined to start my BFL Program no matter what.  It seems like something has made me want to give in everyday, but so far, I've pressed on!  You guys are such an inspiration, and the advice and testimonies of those who have completed the program before is so encouraging.  I've lost significant weight, in the past, only to gain it back, and I'm determined to take it slow, do it right, and keep it off this time!  The recipes are delicious, and the exercises are "doable."  Like others have expressed, you almost feel like you have to do more to lose more, but I've made myself follow the program and stop when my 20 minutes of aerobics are up, have completed my weight lifting, etc.  Keep up the great work everyone!  We can do this!  Here's to getting healthy together!

  • Wow Bchgirl - what an inspiration you are!  So many of us take our health for granted and don't take care of ourselves. I feel blessed that God has given me a healthy body and I need to honor Him by taking care of that gift.  Don't give's the best thing you can do for yourself and you won't regret one minute of it.  I often think of little sayings or things that I have thought of on my own to keep me going.  One thought that really keeps me going is to think of others who are handicapped or paralyzed and have their lives confined to wheelchairs.  What do you think they would give to be able to exercise daily?  Just to be able to get out of that chair and walk.  It's a very humbling thought and immediately gets me into the right mindset

    katelioness - good for you making it thru day 2.  The eating is always the hardest part for me.  I LOVE FOOD unfortunately.  I guess the upside to that is that I LOVE all types of food....healthy included.  So eating healthy is not hard for me, but controlling my portions are.  I have the appetite of a man and can out eat my husband and son!  That is a big struggle for me.  I still need to cut back a little more, but I'm getting there.

    Good to see everyone motivating each other.  We can all do this together.  The forum literally saved me during my first challenge.  Every time I'd want to quit, I'd turn to the forum and read something that would inspire me and keep me going.  Hope you all have (or had) a GREAT workout today!

  • Dear BFL friends...

    Last night I had written up this nice long post and thought it was posted only to find out it never made it.  I was able to get my cardio in and completed Day 3.   I realized that I need to step up my cardio after I completed my workout.  It was mediocore and so I will have to push myself at the next one, but the good thing is that I do know I'm ready to step it up.  

    Today is Day 4 and so far things are OK.  I was only able to get in 2 meals because I got up a bit later, but I was not too hungry so it's fine I guess.  I will be focusing on LB weights today.  I decided to sign up with a personal trainer (PT) yesterday.   It's only 3 sessions to start, and while I don't think 3 will be sufficient, I will see how things progress and go from there.  I just really need all the help I can get and this is an investment in me.

    I took my pictures last night and boy they speak volumes don't they?!!  I am very distracted today and just not mentally up for much....even dreading my workout.  I feel a bit overwhelmed by all that's happening right now, outside of BFL...and then to try to stick to the regimen of BFL....You know that UGH feeling when you feel like you have to bear so much burden because you have to be the responsible one.  OK...enough ranting......

    I really do hope everyone is having a great day and that you are getting through your challenge (food & exercise) even if you don't feel like me.   My first PT session starts today, and I already paid.  I know it's good for us so JUST DO IT!

  • Just wanted to give a quick "hang in there" to everyone!  I, too, have had a particularly tough day, but have managed to stay on track with the food at least.  I'm determined to still do my workout when I get off work here in a few minutes even though I woke with a blood pressure reading of 98/74 and a heart rate of 120, which has remained that way pretty much all day.  Seems so odd to me since before my pacemaker, I was lucky to have any heart rate readings out of the 30s!  I'm not sure when I will get "adjusted" to the right setting, but at least there is technology out there that has gotten me this far:)

    Amyismynamey, thanks so much for the words of encouragement!  You are so right.  We are blessed to have bodies that we can work with.  Many folks cannot get out of their wheelchairs and have so many other challenges to overcome on a daily basis.  I have a wonderful friend whose children (her own and nieces) were raised with mine, and one freak cheerleading accident landed once of those beautiful girls in a wheelchair for life.   Thank you for reminding me of that today!  I really needed the kick in the pants so to speak:)  

    Tracing 114, hang in there.  I think we all can relate to that feeling of being overwhelmed trying to balance the demands of work, family, and just day-to-day stresses, while still trying to take care of these bodies we so desperately want to be fit.  I'm so proud you are able to have the assistance of a PT.  We all have different motivational factors that can give us that little bit extra that we need to persevere, and you are on the right track!  Keep on keeping on!  

    Good for all of us who are giving it our best!!  

  • Bchgirl--THANK YOU for posting this.  It lifted my spirits a bit and helped me get through the past few hours.  I will be meeting my PT in 30mins for my lower weights and then will head home to my second shift of motherly duties (ha ha i said   I hope to get a good burn and maybe that will help boost some endorphins or something.  

    To Amy and everyone else--Thank you for reminding us to count the small blessings we often take so granted.  I will try to set my mind to focus on the good that I have, no matter so small it may seem.  

  • I started on Monday and seemed to have fallen off already (lol). I'm definitely picking it back up right now for more planning. Your goal to just stick with the challenge is a golden idea.

    "Count me in, just done day 19, its really starting to fly by now."

    That was very motivating, Ric! Thanks for reminding us we don't need to wait 84 days. :D

    Spinney, awesome suggestions there!

    Thanks guys and BFL!

  • Good Morning BFL Friends!  I came across a great quote I thought I'd share that was sure motivation to me.  ~ ~ " It's never late to start and it's never too late to restart too." ~ Written in 2011 by Deepti Agrawal --- India    So far, even on my not so great days, I've managed to eat on the BFL plan, and do my weight training and aerobics, but this quote reminded me that even on the days when we may not "get it all perfect" or hey, maybe be miss a meal or even a workout (did I just say that - lol), I'm sure my day is coming, it won't be hte end of the world.  We are on the right track!  We are doing something great for our bodies.  We simply pick ourselves up by the boot straps and start again!  We can do this!  Have an awesome day everyone!

  • just wanted to check in this morning.  I have a goal to post daily so hopefully it won't bore everyone to death with my daily chatting.  Feeling GREAT today.  beginning of day 4. stuck with the program.  didn't have a single bite of my kids food yesterday.  found myself starting to, then remembering in time to stop it.  mindfulness came to my mind.  I am realizing how much I've eaten on autopilot.  I have definitely been more mindful this week about my food. I think of how it is nourishing my body when I eat it and how it is helping my muscles to function properly.  I got a serious case of the munchies last night about 7:30.  I had one meal left but it was going to be an after workout shake so I held off and the munchies went away by 8:00.  learning discipline and self-control.  feeling my inner person changing already can't wait to meet the new me along this journey.  Keep going BFL buddies.  if you are having trouble find the little successes and celebrate those.

  • Keith-welcome to this group.  you will undoubtedly find so many wonderful people who will definitely keep you moving alone.

    Bchgirl-great quote!!

    Kaie--I have the same daily goal as well to post.  No worries about the rambling.  I actually do look forward to everyone's thoughts and encouragements, because it does definitely help knowing I'm not alone.

    I did LB with my PT yesterday and today I'm wobbling along throughout the office.  I did tell him about my BFL program and I forgot to bring my daily workout printout.  We didn't exactly follow the BFL weight schedule, and he just had me do 15 sets each, with about 30-45sec resting.  For me, since it was my first PT session, I really wanted to get the core basics of the different workout methods so it was not a really big deal that I didn't follow BFL down to the T.  I did get a good workout and am very sore, which only means I'm very out of shape and at least glad to know I am using muscles that were probably dormant for so long.   On Friday, I will be sure to bring my print out and ask him to help me follow that guideline to increase my weights to build strength--but I do think he is very aware of this too.

    Am having lunch right now (chicken/turkey sandwich on wheat) w/couple pickles and peppers on the side.  I have my cardio today so will try out new up increased workout plan.  Hope everyone will check in and say hello and that you all will have a great BFL day!

  • Good afternoon everyone!  It is so encouraging to read everyone's posts and see that we are all struggling in different ways.  I had a very good cardio workout this morning.  I have been doing the stair stepper but, for some reason, it seemed especially hard today.  Makes me wonder if I drank enough water yesterday.

    Bchgirl - I have a nephew that is one year older than my daughter (25) and he was paralyzed two or three years ago in a diving accident.  He is wheelchair bound and he is my inspiration and motivation.  This morning, as I was struggling on the stair stepper, I just kept repeating over and over in my head "Do this for Josh, because he can't".  My daughter was also a cheerleader and I understand the risks that come with the stunts that they do.  What a terrible tragedy.

    Another quote and thought for the day...."Don't worry about the time that it will take to reach your goal.  The time will pass anyway; make the most of it."  This REALLY hits home with me considering that I actually started to do the challenge on Jan. 4th but quit and did not finish.  Almost 8 months later and look where I COULD be if I had just stuck it out.  But time didn't wait for me and kept on ticking by anyway.  No worries though.  I was trying to workout at home and now I am going to the gym and MUCH more motivated this time around.  Today was my 23rd day and I am going strong!  

    (B)e strong

    (F)ight hard

    (L)ive long

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day and gets the most out of it!

  • One more thing guys.  Some of you may know this but Bill Phillips has a website called which is real good.

  • what the home from a 12 hour day at work and what do I find on the kitchen counter?  my favorite pizza.  My husband decided to get pizza for dinner tonight.  I have put it in the fridge with strict instructions not to call my name until tomorrow (my free day).  I will now go make an egg white omelet with wheat toast to satisfy the hunger.  good night all, and keep up the good work..

  • Katie--good for you for taking control.  Must have been tough but you did it!  =)

    Day 5 is almost done for me.  Day 6 tomorrow to conquer....slowly but surely.

    Have a good nite BFL friends.