Starting Tomorrow

  • Day 45&46

    I thought I posted yesterday but for whatever reason it never got added, must of clicked wrong button or something.

    Did UBWO yesterday and felt good, really went for it and felt strong, weekend of carb binging probably helped lol

    Today as cardio and started at 10.2 for level 5 and ended at 15.2 for level 10.

    Only a slight increase, but god I felt it, could of rung my t-shirt out afterwards.

    So past the halfway mark now and enjoying the train ing and the constant challenge and reading everyones posts.

    Merv the song I think is the best weights on the Black Album is "Sad but true" play it loud and feel it will proper get you pumped ready for the heavy weights. Gym I went to a couple of years ago, the owner was an ex-bodybuildedr and he always played the album uber loud when he trained, so sort of adopted it myself.....

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    GAdawg - Yer was a good weekend, remembered why I stopped drinking that stuff years ago.... was fun though.

    WPBill nice one, not long left for you, finish in sight, keep it up.

    Anyway off in to town for a little shopping and errands


  • Hey Richard,,im Joe,,I started on August 8th 2011,,your a great motivator,,,we have a lil in common,,i was in the military,,1st Cav division 8th Cav Armor,,i was a Tanker,,in 2004,,while doin a patrol in Sadr City,Iraq,,i was shot twice,,between then and now,,iv had 13 surgerys,,this is a year im up on my own,,my body went to hell,,so im tryin to get back into shape,,,im on day 9,,and motivated in a great way,,you have done awesome,,,hope u make it,,i know u will,,,,have a great day!


  • Hi Joe,

    Just reading your post and have to say your a bigger motivator, I was very lucky that I never got more than a scratch while I was on Op's in the RAF and cant even imagine what you have gone through since returning.

    Luckily for me, the Harrier Squadron I was on ( 3(F)Sqn ) were deployed in Jordan ( Azraq ) during the build up and bombing campaign, so apart from a few un happy locals and Jordainian Airforce we werent in too much danger as we were not in the immmediate firing line unlike yourself. So for that alone I raise my hat to you Sir.

    Well you have the first week out of the way and before you kno it you will be at the end of week 2. I always found the hardest thing about getting fit after leaving the RAF was that I had no punishment so to speak if I gave half effort, nothing like going on a run with the PTI's and knowing the person coming in last was in for some serious ***......  But since joining the forum I have had more motivation than ever to do the challenge as I know people are reading my ramblings and also hopefully getting their motivation to do the 12 weeks, so I have to do the full challenge now.

    Maybe try a post yourself, would be interesting seeing what someone elses thoughts are, especially after the difficult times you have had.

    So I will say good luck on the challenge, but I think you are going to do the full 12 weeks as I doubt your the kind of person to give up easily.



  • Thanks for your encouraging words Raf Ric and your service to NATO and all of us.

  • Thanks for your encouraging words RAF Ric and your service to NATO and all of us. Got a great cardio HIT in yesterday with 8.0 miles on the Life Bicycle unit at a difficulty level of 17 for the last full minute before cool down along with some roman chairs, seated leg curls, ab work with weights and cable, seated calf work and finally some preacher curls to supplement as well. TOday is Free Day... Yeah although I always feel like I am sloughing off on Free Day.

  • Happy Hump Day,

    Week 4, day 3.  Can't believe it's almost been a month.  

    Got in a good cardio workout last night.  Squeezed it in before meeting friends for dinner.  Those runs are brutal.  I was drenched at the end and it took me almost an hour into dinner before I felt like I was cooling down.  I did shower, of course, but I will still sweating like crazy.  Guess that means it's working!

    Have upper body workout today.  Will have to do lower body tomorrow (a day early) but going out of town this weekend and won't have access to weights.  I will have access to an elliptical so I'll be able to do the rest of my cardio workouts.  I could run outside but it's so dang hot down south where I'm going that I think I'll stick with the air conditioning and the elliptical.

    Hope everyone is doing well.  


  • Also--welcome Joe.  Thank you for your service--and thank you Ric.  I have a profound respect for the men and women serving.  It's also quite personal to me as my boyfriend is in Afghanistan right now.  I believe this is his 6th or 7th tour since the war started.  He's been in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Thankfully he has not been injured too seriously over the years.  Has some hearing loss because of  an IED explosion (the driver was blinded) and was shot in the arm last year but thankfully he's healthy and good.  Just praying that streak continues.

    Good luck on your BFL journey and keep us posted.  I've found this thread to be incredibly motivating and helps keep me accountable.


  • Day 47,

    LBWO done today, god the squats never get any easier....

    Got cardio in the morning, or whatever time I can drag myself out of my pit.  Getting used to no work, may just become a bum instead... only joking.

    Nearly at the 7 week point, crazy, never got thi s far before.

    Lost a little bit of weight tooo, although I dont care too much about weight I feel I have lost some more excess blubber so it ties in with that I guess.

    Anyway im off to bed, nite nite fellow BFLers.....

    P.s  a little tip I have started doing on the cardio is picking a running machine in the front row, just pure psychological for me, but if I cant finish the HIT cardio or have to take a quick breather between levels then people might think im trying to run at a level I cant or trying to show off or whatever... whatever the mental reasoning in my head its enough to push myself that last 30, 45 secs to finish... hope I dont need a shrink at the end of this challenge ;)


  • Ric--Keep up the good work.  You're almost half way there.  I'm sure you make it to the finish with flying colors.  Your psychological trick just might work--I might just have to think about that when I'm on my last minute trying to push thru.  

    Day 25 done and over.  Did upper body.  It was a good session and I'm hoping I won't be too sore over the next few days.  Two more days and then I get my free day so looking forward to wrapping up the week well.  

    Have a good nite everyone!

  • Day 48 done and dusted.....

    Cardio sessiom and god it was tough today, but managed and felt like passing out at the end though.

    Not much else to report today, been busy and nearly forgot to update.

    Keep going everyone


  • Day 49 / week seven done..... woop wooop

    Had the UBWO this morning and really pushed it, felt good but drained by the end of it.

    So I am on the back straight of the challenge now, think I need to up my effort, have had a bad week and half, since ive been off work. Because of no work my daily routine has suffered and found that the diet, although not really been eating bad, has suffered too, in that i have been waiting longer between meals ets. So starting monday im gonna try and get up before lunch... no will aim for about 9 am each morning.

    Anyway enjoy the weekend, footie tomorrow ( soccer for you americans lol ) which should be good.


  • Day 51

    Seems that my post on thursday got lost somewhere in the internet maelstroom.

    Just remarked that the greatest benefit of this programme is the psychological aspects. Mindset exercises, reciprocation, motivation of peers all distinguish this programme from the rest and make it sustainable.

    Had a overindulgent freeday at work sports function which continued a bit into yesterday but got back in the saddle today. Still rule at table tennis!

    Ric- You a Liverpool fan? But i reckon Arsenal ? The Premier league has a huge and fanatical following in SA. The biggest is MU, then Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham. Myself I follow MU since I was kid. My stepdaughter is a Liverpool fan, T shirt and all. Enjoyed the Metallica track and will look for the rest of the Album.

    Tracing-I have come to like the soreness because I know it means results, so cherish it.

    Joe- Tried to think of something to say but did not want to say anything which may come across as a platitude.You are an inspiration and keep posting.

    Elizabeth. Hope Dixie was kind to you and the diet did not go south with you :).

    Am on the road this week. Have to finish prosecuting rather brutal rape and murder but should still make it to the gym. May only post again wednesday.

    Keep well all of you!


  • Day 50 & 51

    Late post again... im slipping

    Had cardio session yesterday, and started at 10.2 finishing at 15.2 again, this time it felt alot easier, mixture of a good sleep and better eating the day before I guess.

    Going later today to do my legs, had  afew things to do early on so going to let my food settle then hit the squats hard.

    Yes Merv I am a Liverpool fan, the Greatest team ever to walk the planet and play the beautiful game. Should of known you would support the team that shall not be named, at least your daughter has some sense :)

    Just for you Merv...

    Good result beat Arsenal 2-0 away so was happy with that.

    Speak soon


  • Hi Everyone--checking in to see how everyone's doing.  

    Day 29 almost over.   Did a rather not so smart thing and weighed myself at the gym while waiting for the stair climber.  Was not happy with the number and I think it kinda left me bummed all day.  Then after workout was done, wore a pair of jeans and it was tight.  I'm not sure what's going on but will try not to think too much about it.  I have been eating clean and pushing hard at the gym so I am hoping this is just a phase and not longterm outcome of this challenge.  

    Busy weekend trying to get the kids ready back to school in a week so running around taking care of errands along with everything else.  

    Have a good night everyone!

  • Hi all!

    Glad to be back.  This weekend was rough.  In the car for over 20 hours between Friday and Sunday.  Went to Kentucky for a wedding but more importantly I was able to see my brother, his wife and my wonderful and hilarious 2 year old niece.  Needless to say, trying to eat right on a 20 hour road trip is very difficult.  I did the best I could.

    Got back on track today and had a great UBWO.  Cardio in the morning.

    Listening to all the talk about your football makes me excited for US college football!!  2 weeks and counting.  Can't wait.

    Hope everyone is doing well!