Starting Tomorrow

  • Hi everyone, I started reading this thread and would like to be part of the group too if you all don't mind.   I think everyone's commitment and daily postings are very motivating--they are a great read.  

    I started 7/24/11 and today is Day 18 for me....I decided to not do the scale at all...just pictures every few weeks to tell the tale and hopefully loose clothing.  No tale to tell other than trying to stay focus and to follow the plan as best as I can.

  • Ric--I'm sorry about the job situation.  I commend you having only one Beck's--I think I would have ponied up to the bar for the rest of the day.  You have a great attitude about it and it's awesome that you are keeping on keeping on.  And I can't believe the situation in London.  I can only imagine what eveyone in the UK is thinking about that.  I'm actually hoping to move to London in a few years.  My boyfriend wants to get his graduate degree at King's College when he gets out of the army.  That won't be for several years though.

    Tracing114--welcome aboard.  I started on 7/24 as well.  I can't really see any results yet and my clothes aren't really fitting differently either.  However, I am feeling different.  I've been doing awesome on the workout front, pretty well but not great on the eating.  I do need to up the water intake big time and I think that will help a lot.  My ultimate goal is to lose at least 4 sizes and at least 2 sizes during this challenge.  I'm not really following the scale either---too frustrating.

    I had a good, tough lower body workout yesterday and will do cardio this evening.  Going to try and run the treadmill again even though I feel like it's beating me to death.

    Happy Wednesday!


  • Day 41

    Well almost at the mid point, still loving it and want to finish the program.

    Did cardio this morning, I say morning but didnt get out of my bed till about half eleven (could get used to having no job :) ) and started at level 5 10.1 km/h up to 15.1 at level 10. Finished it and felt I could of done another cycle from level 6-9 so next session I will increase it again.

    Found this brilliant website poking fun at the looters in London and the rest of the UK, made me laugh...

    copy and paste in your google search....


  • Day 42 TEMPUS FUGIT!!!!

    Supposed to be a freeday but will take it easy as i had a few cheat meals in the week. Felt tired yesterday so I will enjoy the break from gym today.

    Ric- You are doing great. Hit the treadmill again yesterday. What a hammering! Started on 6.5 and ended on 9.5 level 10.Felt it everywhere! Think i am going to stick to the treadmill for the next two weeks.

    Elizabeth i know how you feel  about the treadmill but its about breaking barriers.

    Tracing 114 -welcome and i agree stay away from the scale

    Thibz 7- i did a trial week to get an idea of my weight load so that i could get straight to business when I started on 2 July 2011

    Anyway enjoy your weekend all! Getting a bit warmer in SA so may spend some time outdoors!


  • Hi everyone,

    Day 20 almost over.  Upper body today and looking forward to my free day tomorrow--just for the sake of having a break.

    Elizabeth--Great music helps alot and will make it get by faster.  Either that or a great audiobook.  

    Hope you all have a great weekend and keep up the good work!

  • Day 44

    Past halfway and really enjoying my workouts now. Extra motivated to push harder knowing there is only 40 days left. Will stick religiously to my eating plans this week and have a proper free day this week.

    Tracing i have a good selection from rap to rock on my shuffle and when i am struggling i look for just the right song to pick me up. great suggestion.

    Weekend over and i am looking forward to a great week

    keep going and keep posting


  • How about Hold on Tight to Your Dreams from the classic rock group ELO(Electric Light Orchestra)??

  • By the way RAF RIc,  Great positive attitude, I know I was crushed a bit the first time I lost a job with that speech and didn't know it was coming. (I found out the real reasons for that talk later on and it had very little if nothing to do with my job performance but more with external wishes of folks above me with more seniority and skills).  Hang in there Ric, I'll be at the 8 week point this Wednesday and I can't wait. I wasn't able to go to the gym yesterday due to anniversary commitments but I did my HIT swimming at the local YMCA pool again (Many laps in the Olympic length pool with various types of styles and strokes to the point of being winded) so Bill is right.... it doesn't always have to be the same type of aerobic for the HIT training as long as you (like NIKE)  JUst Do IT!!

  • RAF--Hang in there.   A new door will bound to open for sure.  Being patient isn't always easy but it'll all work out in the end.

    Merv--I do the same thing too.  Sometimes when I have a song I really like I'll listen to it over and over a couple times to get me through it.  Music helps so much!

    Day 22 today for me.  My meal plan is kinda off today because I slept in, body was sore from UPWO on Fri and just not altogether emotionally the last few days so it was tough getting up and making myself go to the gym--but I went and am glad that portion is done.  Will try to not think too much and just try to get through today.

    Have a great day everyone.

  • Day 44.... CARBaggedon......

    Been camping for the weekend with my better half and 3 other couples, managed to train friday morning as per usual but from that point the whole weekend has been a giant carb fest.

    A constant state of eating BBQ food, Doritos drinking larger, cider, jaegermeister has meant I have had some bad headaches the last two mornings, but its been good and to be honest its the first real blowout in the last 6 weeks so dont feel to bad. Will not have a free day this weekend and will train extra hard this week as a self punishment.

    Im off to bed now as im absolutly shattered, so good night and keep up the good work.


  • p.s

    On the music front, if your doing weights, you cant beat Metallica's the Black album on loud, makes you feel pumped and ready for the war on the weight bench.

  • Week 4, Day 1 (skipped workout yesterday),

    Doing OK so far.  Missed a workout last week--cardio.  I don't mind the weight training at all, in fact, I enjoy it.  But the cardio?? Ugh.  Hate it even though it's so short.  But no more skipping--will get my cardio workouts in this week no matter what.

    Sometimes I find myself wanting to throw in the towel because I cheat on eating or drinking too much wine but I just made a decision this weekend that I'm going to see this through no matter what.

    Ric--sounds like you had an AWESOME weekend.  Jaegermeister?!?  Hilarious.  Also, glad to see things have cooled down in London.  

    Merv--I have started listening to music during cardio.  I was just watching TV but that just doesn't do it for me.  I have a good mix going on my iPod right now--including some Katy Perry (cheesy I know but I love it).  That's helping.

    Anyway, Happy Monday everybody.  Have a good week.


  • Day 23 for me and it's LBWO today.  Still feeling blah but not trying to think much about it.  

    If the treadmill doesn't work you, try the stairs climber--it kicks butt.  You might just have to find a cardio that works for you.  

    I have KP on my ipod too so it's not cheesy! ;-) I really like that new song by Maroon 5 - Moves like Jagger.  It's got a good upbeat when I do my cardio.  

  • End of 7th Week for me and I am ready for a HIT reaching cardio session today.  I think I will do the machine LIfe Bike today for a change up. And then a few extra exercises at the end for abs as well.

  • Day 45

    Yesterday was a bit of downer. Gym was overcrowded and did not get to do squats or leg press which usually builds my LBWO intensity. Will definitely make up for it on Saturday.

    Will do crosstrainer tonight as cardio, as legs still a bit sore from treadmill run on Sunday. Linkin Park will be pumping on the shuffle together with Ministry of Sound and 50 cent.

    Tracing 114: You are so right about the stair climber, will try it again when I need a change from treadmill and crosstrainer.

    Elizabeth :KP, Firework is ok, just scared I may start singing along in the gym (LOL)

    Ric-:please give me the name your best track of Metallica so I can check out what you mean.

    WP: -Have a good one. Life bike??

    Bye for now.