Starting Tomorrow

  • Morning....

    Thanks Agey for the kind words, has to be the first time in my life I have been called an inspiration :)

    Feel extra pressure to stay on the challenge now, which is good.

    Off to the gym, so stay tuned, will update tonight after work.

  • HI Ric,

    I read your post to keep me motivated to get started. I was meant to start last week but a bout of illness put paid to that.......but I'm still determined to do this and make the changes I need to make....success here I come!

    Thanks for posting and keep up the hard work.

  • You are quite welcome, Ric!  Hope your workout went well!!  You are a motivator for me now!  I was thinking about doubling up tomorrow instead of hitting the gym tonight because I was tired, then I saw your post and realized that I had to keep the pressure on myself as well!  So, thank you as well!!  

    Look forward to seeing your update!


  • Talk about reciprocation. Reading your posts is motivating me to stay on the program. keep it up ric. you are the "pace car" for class of 2-4 July 2011!

  • Hello to my growing collection of readers :)

    Day 18 done.

    Cardio session this morning and increased it again only slightly though.

    Level 5 - 9.7 km/h

    level 10 - 14.7 km/h

    Only a slight increase, but the combination of feeling a little tired still was enough to make it feel alot harder than the last session, but I managed it and felt good for not dropping the speed.

    Leg session tomorrow morning, actually looking forward to doing the squats.......think its cause its a hard exercise and actually feel like I have given everything at the end of the sets.

    Glad there are others at similar stages to me, feels like were doing it together, rather than just plodding along alone. So I am happy to try and stay as the 'Pace Car' it certainly will help me stay focused and give 100%.

    Thanks Anth and Mervrsa and Agey again, were all pushing each other along, week 12 here we come!

  • Great Job!!


  • Hi All

    Day19! Survived grueling quarterly review. Packed my own lunch as per RIC's suggestion. Still managed upper body workout but really not my best effort. No level 10's! Regroup tomorrow.

    Keep well and lets keep the motivation going

  • Hello fellow BFL'ers

    Day 19 out the way.

    Did legs today, I enjoy doing squats but they are an absolute killer, feel totally drained after the final set, but no pain no gain and all that jazz.

    Mervrsa, dont think anyone can give it a level 10 every session if they are totally honest, sometimes your just not going to have the energy or may be tired etc, especially on the weights. But next time you do the same workout you can use that as a reason to push yourself that little harder. I think I could of done a little more weight on the squats this morning but because I felt drained I was just wishing they were over so I never increased it. So today I have added extra weight to the squats on my program for next time.

    I have found now that if im going somewhere I always try and plan ahead for the food incase I cant get anything good, especially when I travel to London, as the food at the services aint the best.

    Got another one of the body fat tests done at the gym this morning too. Still dont think they are totally accurate but this time I was pleasently surprised with the results.

    Today instead of a massive unexplained increase like last week when it had jumped from

    to 20.3 to 23.2 I had the following :-

    Age 33

    Weight 12st 13.9lbs

    Bmi 27.2   Added this again but think the whole idea is rubbish muscle etc aint taken in to account

    Fat 15.2%

    Fat mass 1 st 13.6 lbs

    Fat free mass 11 st 03 lbs

    Im not sure if that 15.2% is right because of the funny reading last week, but I can tell on myself that I have lost some from my belly. So I think I will use it as a rough guide mainly to see it is dropping.

    Saying that, I felt awesome when I read it after all the hard work.

    Would love to get down low enough to get a six pack, just so I can say I have had one once lol (Daft I know)

    So nearly at the quarter mark and loving every second of it, really think writing my daily thoughts on here has helped stay focused and avoid falling in to the ' its only 1 biscuit' trap.

    Diet I think plays such a big part to the challenge.

    Cardio tomorrow, was thinking today whilst bored at work that having just over 9 weeks left, if I was able to increase the speed on the treadmill by .1 every 2 cardio sessions I could by the end be starting at 11.2 (9.7 now) and ending at 16.2, not sure if i could do that but its something to work to and if anything it will make sure the cardio never gets easy.

    Anyway feels like I have been writing war and peace here today, so time for me to go get some food and relax for the rest of the night.

    Keep going everyone and thanks for accepting the requests!


  • Day 20 done satis....

    Started at 9.7  and ended at 14.7 with no major problem so slight increase next cardio session.

    3 weeks almost done now, flying by now.

    Stay tuned


  • Well done, Ric!  You are about a quarter of the way done!!  You are killing it!!!!


  • Hi Ric

    Missed updating yesterday. Day 20 went ok. Could not make it to the Gym so dusted off my old stationery bike.

    Your progress looks great keep it going. We have the metric system over year. Any idea how to convert stone to kgs? Lol.

    Going to move day my freeday to Saturday Day 22. The fiance wants to try out a new restuarant so its off to gym for an intense leg workout today.

    Have a great weekend.


  • Hi Y'all....

    Well that 3 weeks done and im looking forward to a day off tomorrow, girlfriend is visiting this weekend so its pizza, beer, nachos, strawberry tart, cheesecake, KFC, more beer and haribo time tomorrow. Well maybe not all of it, but a couple of them.

    She has to travel back mid afternoon sunday so will hit the gym then.

    Cant believe im a quarter way there already. Thanks for keeping my focused, hope I can help you too.

    Has been hard work, especially not having that one cake at work or a biscuit with a cup of tea but it will all be worth it in 9 weeks....i hope

    So stay tuned and enjoy the weekend


  • Day 22,

    Well it was my free day today, not had one really for 11 days as I was making up for a long weekend 2 weeks ago.

    I feel bad now, think the combination of a full english breakfast, strawberry tarts, beer and a chilli burger have taken its toll. Think next free day I will reduce the portions as I feel the sheer volume of food I used to eat is too much.

    Enjoyed it but its made me realise that its not good eating like that, so ill be more strict from now on, which is a positve I guess.

    Anyway, off to watch the new x-men film.


  • Day 23

    Cardio today, went after the better half left.

    Started level 5 - 9.8 km/h

    levl 10 - 14.8km/h

    Only a little increase but felt it, combination of free day, heat (red hot for once in uk) and sunday lazyness. But did and now chilling at home.

    Mervrsa forgot about the converting stones to kg.  14 lbs to a stone and 2.2 lbs to a kg.

    S0 13 stone is 13 x 14 = 182lbs / 2.2 = 82.7 kg

  • Thanks Ric for conversion formula. Now i can keep up with your progress.

    I never knew there could be such a thing as a food hangover until Sunday past. Felt sluggish on the crosstrainer and it was a real effort to maintain my previous cardio workout levels. I think i will limit myself to one treat meal on the free day.

    Have upper body tonight. Decided that I will stick to the no food for 1 hour after workout rule and check my progress over the next week.

    Was Xmen any good?I am  thinking about catching it over the weekend.