Starting Tomorrow

  • I'm just finishing up week three myself! And the lower body workouts were killer for me on week two when I had two of them to do. I was sore for almost the entire week! Pizza was my dinner on my first free day and yes it will taste GREAT!

  • I think that's a smart idea (to update daily). I'm 25, 130 lbs, with a history of binge eating disorder. If I mention to my family that I'd like to eat healthier and lose a little weight, they all automatically start  saying I look fine (which I do; I'm not overweight), and taking me out to dinner and making all my favorite desserts. So (sorry, long story), I decided to start BFL to help me stay motived to lose a litte weight in a healthy way and conquer the eating disorder once and for all. well, 15 years of bad eating habits mixed with trying to do this alone has not helped me be successful. I'm starting the Challenge again this week. For about 3 months I've been trying to get down 2 dress sizes (i'm an 8 now; I'd like to be a 4/5). It's not very much that I want to lose, but I'm having a terrible time correcting the bad habits I've developed because of the eating disorder. Anyways, this  time I'm going to follow your example and post daily. Thanks for the idea. I think it will be a great help. This is the only support network I have and you gave me the idea I needed in order to restart and (hopefully) succeed.  Best of luck to you. (and I agree with the other post: take the gf with you to the gym!)

  • How was the weekend Ric?

    Keep up the good work and great measurements there! Very inspiring to see it paying off, keeps me going bud!!

  • M Sheep welcome aboard and good luck with tour challenge.

    Jd, the weekend was good but messed my training up.  Was meant to be away for just weekend but got offered an interview for a new job in London Monday so had to stay an extra night on short notice. So time I got back last night it was getting on so just went for a short jog round the streets not ideal but something. Had my free day sat and enjoyed it but think I ate ok Sunday and Monday even though I was away with a lot of temptation.

    Hit the gym hard this morning and back to my normal eating pattern so hopefully little damage done. Weekend without the better half so no falling off the wagon for one day. Sort of glad in a way I had the extra day off as I have even more motivation to do it and stick to it. Worked harder this morning and looking forward to tomorrow's session already.

    Stay tuned!!

    Now time for some more food ;0)

  • Hello BFL'ers....

    Cardio session today, managed a little more today so was happy with that.

    1 - 9.2

    2 - 9.2

    3 - 10.2

    4 - 11.2

    5 - 12.2

    6 - 13.2

    7 - 10.2

    8 - 11.2

    9 - 12.2

    10 - 13.2

    11 - 10.4 (felt good so added a little more)

    12 - 11.4

    13 - 12.4

    14 - 13.4

    15 - 10.4

    16 - 11.4

    17 - 12.4

    18 - 13.4

    19 - 14.4

    20 - 9.4

    Think it was about 3.8 km in 20 min not brilliant but better than last week. I remember 18mths ago running 5km in 21:15 so still some improvement to be done.

    Hope everyone is still keeping up with there challenge....

    Time for my evening meal, catch yer later


  • Dear

    Another day almost done, nearly at the two week point and still enjoying it.

    Got my bodyfat measure again today, been almost a week and it came back as 23.2% ??? Was 20.3 last week, so dont know how that can be right as I have trained as hard if not harder so think the machine needs calibrating. It would be hard to gain that in a week if I ate junk and played ps3 all night so cant see it being right. So I have ordered some fat calipers of Ebay and will do it proper myself.

    Must admit it kinda discouraged me for a few hours, but after chatting to my friends at work we all came to the conclusion it was rubbish. Plus I can tell on myself im losing the belly lol.

    Anyway hope people are reading this still otherwise im talking to myself.

    Till tomorrows gripping update.....

    Eat good, Train Hard and sleep like a baby!!!!!

  • TGIF.....

    Cardio this morning and started at 9.4 (level 5) and (level 10) 10.4.  Think I will add more next cardio session too push myself.

    Looking forward to a staying in bed a bit longer tomorrow.

    Think I am talking to myself....c'mon readers lol


  • Keep up the good work Ric!!

    I did my leg work out today and it was tough, but I am seeing results already. I can tell when I am out riding my bike that I can pedal up some hills I was having to stop and walk up just a few weeks ago. This whole program is waking up my muscles and getting my body in gear! Last week I lost weight and I am excited for Monday morning to see how well I did this week. I have been a stickler with the meal plan and have only missed one cardio session because I was feeling ill (too much work and no sleep because of call ins).  Keep up the reports and I will let you know how things go with the scale on Monday!

  • My legs are aching too, squats have to be the hardest thing by far, only added a slight bit of weight and it has killed them.

    At about the 2 week point and can tell the difference in my body already, clothes fit that little bit better around the belly but more importantly feel better in myself, more energy and look forward to going to the gym.....crazy

    Well good luck on the scales but remember muscle weighs more than fat so you may stay same weight as you are building lean muscle.

    Enjoy the weekend BFLers

  • Two weeks behind me too. Looked at lesson for life im my journal today and decided to join the BFL community. Amazed how much we BFLifers have in common. Does everybody opt for pizza on the first free day? Freaky!

    The weighing scale can be a bit of a demotivator, best avoid it for the next 2 weeks.

    Enjoy your weekend and keep going flyboy!

  • Pizza has to be the cheat food of choice....  god I want some now

  • Ric

    Hope you beat the Pizza craving. Day 17 awaits.

  • Yer beat the pizza craving, just.

    Dont help that there is a Domino's about a minute walk away either....

    Upped my cardio again this morning.

    level 5 - 9.6 km/h

    level 10 - 14.6 km/h

    Going to try increase it slightly most sessions if I can

    Was knackered after it though but have to work hard to get the results.

    Also got some ne gym clobber, some of my t-shirts had seen better days, got to look the part too lol

    Have a good sunday everyone :)

  • Day 17 done and I am tired....

    Today has been hard going, just felt drained after training, and busy at work which didnt really help.

    Always find Monday a killer as I generally sleep in Sunday so end up staying up later than normal, early night for me I think.

    Food, PS3 (geek I know) then an episode of Cracker (Old tv crime/detective show with Robbie Coltrane, aged slightly but awesome show).

    Cardio tomorrow so going to try increase it again slightly, so until next time, keep going on the challenge.

  • Get some sleep and wake up motivated!  You are doing so well and are such an inspiration!!  Keep your head up and push through the tired!!  Let us know how the increase on cardio goes!!  Good luck!!