• I just got off of a one week break from BFL where I was focusing more on bulking (doing heavy weights 4 days and eating a small calorie surplus each day) and now I'm starting my second 4-week cycle of BFL.  Started out the week strong with HIIT on the elliptical but it just seems like all the tone and definition I got from my first cycle of BFL disappeared just after doing one week of bulking (which I understand is kind of pointless anyway, if it's just a week).  I didn't think I overdid anything as far as diet was concerned (I didn't get my calorie surplus from junk food), I just feel like all my skin and muscle is dangling off of me and isn't as tight and firm as it was at first and it just feels gross.

    Has anyone else ever experienced this feeling during their program?  I would love nothing more than to think that it's because I've overtrained because that at least would mean I'm making a serious effort but, to be honest, I'm afraid its because I'm not training hard enough.  I try to eat a minimum of four times (at worst) a day, lean meats and whole grains, about 350 - 500 calories per meal.  Still, I just feel all loose and jiggly this week.

    Any advice of input is most welcome.

  • Where do you stand on your weight/fat loss goals?  I am not sure from your post if you are male/female, but regardless, when bulking you need to increase your calorie intake a bit, but the food has to be super clean.  But, most people who do a bulk are already at their goal weight and are trying to add mass, and in the process gain a few pounds.  There is no way you should feel loose after a week of heavy lifting.  But, I do agree that one week is not enough time to know this.  You should give it a minumum of 4-6 weeks.  I think you should pick BFL exclusively or plan on doing a good clean bulk to the letter and not go back and forth; it gets too complicated.  BFL encourages the HIIT's to burn body fat, whereas on a bulk, cardio is extremely limited, so you don't burn any of the muscle you are working hard to build.  

    Good luck.

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  • i have just written a reply that went with the wind.. so here goes again.. sorry for the repeat if the other post finally decides to show up.

    I think you have unwittingly done a "burnout". A friend of mine was a professional boxer, when he needed to lose weight incredibly quickly (few kilos in a matter of days) to qualify for a weight, he would hit the gym like crazy to lose both water weight and muscle weight. With less calories than what you are eating, he would deliberately do this to his body. One of the results that were very clear was how tight his skin was. it was not tight by any means. This is one of the results of a burnout. in fact, there were stretch marks all around his shoulders, pecs, and lats.

    Muscles need 72 hours to fully recover from High Intensity workouts. You have burnt out your muscles, which is why you are getting this feeling in your skin. So yes, you can do that. Pros do it. But they do it for several grand of cash and they know how to bounce back. This is why improvising, tweaking, and changing BFL is always a bad idea.

    For someone to get to a stage you got to, i am sure you were exercising FRANTICALLY! If i were in your place, I would take a three day complete break and stay out of the gym.

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