Want to connect with Challengers for June 29...

  • Hey Guys: So I'm tired of being a skinny fat girl! So I've decided to take the challenge! I did try to do P90x for a while back but quite after week 5 because of vacation and never went back. Boo. This time is different, I'm extremely pumped and I want this to be a LIFE change. Just like when I quite smoking 3 1/2 years ago.

    I'm looking to work with a few people to get into the next challenge that will complete in September. I officially started my first day on May 31st, so I'm only about one week in. I'm hoping I can connect with some people that want to post weekly updates, as well as, discuss the difficulties or lessons learned. Look forward to talking to everyone.

    Here's my first update, there are a few things I'm sad about but for the most part I'm very ready for Week 2. Hopefully it'll be much stronger than my last week! So here it gos....


    Week 1:


    I had a few bad days! Ugh! I can't believe I'm admitting it to myself. My bf had the boss for dinner so we went out and I took that opportunity to eat all the appetizers, salad, entree, and wine that I could! Such a shame... Then the next bad thing came... I decided that I would take friday night and saturday as my free day. I'm not sure how anyone else feels about this but my bf has me convinced that he use take the week as free days (Friday night- Sunday night) and his results were still amazing. I'm still considering what I want to do... I enjoy my Friday night out and a Saturday off. Definitely could use some suggestions.

    Also another issue I have is lunch at work... I hate sitting at my desk to eat. I like to sit down with a friend for lunch, talk and just be out of the office. So I had 3 questionable lunches... Two were Whole Food Buffets (smoked chicken wings, yellow rice, and veges) and one was Steamed Chicken/Veges, Brown Rice, and Sweet Sour Sauce (on the side, about a 3 of cup).



    I cannot complain at all! The one thing that I've been pumped about is working out again! I love it!!! I have a small 24 hour fitness next to my house so I've been able to get up in the morning and get to the gym with my BF.

    However, he's hard to workout with because he doesn't like to be bothered with me constantly asking questions. So in my first week I've just tried to teach myself the equipment companied by the BFL book. Its working ok... with my past involvement with p90x it did bring back some stretching and weight lifting exercises. I did ok on my chest day and I killed on my legs day! Cardio days I decided to rotate between Treadmill, Bike, and Elliptical to keep it different.

    Another thing I did was download a photo album app on my phone to organize photos of exercises I find in my Oxygen Magazines and the BFL book. I spent the better part of Sunday just snapping photos with my phone and organizing them into body parts on my phone. So last night... I dreamed about working out allll night long! Ha!


    Well I hope to hear from more people... I really do want to connect others to help reach our goals that we have in place!

  • As I mentioned elsewhere on this site, I am planning to start on June 29th for my C2 Challenge(first of this calander year though). I have studied the BFL book and am currently reviewing the logbook that I will use with it and storing away the coupons and supplements necessary for the task. I would be glad to join you if you are indeed starting on the official day/date in June. My C1 was last quarter of last year and my results in photo are on my profile. WPBILL

  • Hey Berney,

    Congratulations on quitting smoking!!!

    I started my Challenge the day after you!  June 1st!!!  My parents (who I'm living near for the summer, back in Oklahoma) decided to join me, but I'm not sure if their gonna make it.  My mom doesn't eat enough of the meals, and they like to drink in the evening, so I'm very discouraged.  As far as my personal challenge, I think I'm right on track.  The workouts have been good, and I really enjoy eating clean!  Sometimes my small meals become grazing meals, which stretch over the whole 2 hours, like one bite of protien bar here, another bite in 10 minutes.  I'm not used to eating this much and always feeling full/satisfied though.  I used to really under eat, and over-exersize to try to lose weight, (didn't work, LOL)  so this diet and exersize feels like cheating!  It's so easy :)  

    As far as days off, and drinking... I really think its a question of how bad you want it,  what kind of results your looking for, and what your willing to do to see it thru :)  As Americans, we want to have our cake and eat it, too!  I understand, but after being slightly chubby for at least 15 years (I'm 29) I'm thru with it all!  I've dropped the gloves, I'm saying enough is enough!  And when my parents complain about this or that, I say, "It's only for 12 weeks!",  knowing that 12 weeks could change their entire life :)  

    You've got it girl!  It's so good to hear you being so motivated about different exersizes!  I like also like reading the Challengers meal plans!   Don't feel bad when you step off the trail for a moment, just be motivated that your moving in the right direction, and keep going!

  • Baby Bear: Thanks for response! We should definitely stick tight!  

    I'm 29 as well and just feel like I'm the "fat" skinny girl! I started getting Oxygen Magazine about 3 or 4 months ago to really get me motivated. It took me 3 or 4 months to stop staring at the gorgeous models and start doing something about it. I'm so glad I found Body for Life. The magazine does help with additional exercises and food plans/recipes.

    I really hope to work with you throughout the next 11 weeks! (One week down...Wahoo!) I'm doing really really well this week with food and exercise. No bumps as of yet! Just did my upperbody yesterday and today was treadmill.

    I'm still planning to take Friday night and Saturday all day as free food days. What are you doing? Let me know if there's any support I can extend to you! I really hope to stay motivated.

    Thanks again for reaching out!


  • I'm gearing up to start on Monday, June 13.  I have my shopping list and am using the rest of this week to plan out my meals & workouts for next week.  You both are a little ahead of me so I'm open to any advice.

    I'm 37, have had a baby & have a thyroid disorder so I definitely need this!

    I do have to change the food suggestions a little since I don't eat wheat or soy, but I still think this plan is the organization one needs to be successful.

    Wish me luck!


  • Hey Bernie, I totally get wanting out of the office for lunch. (just a suggestion). If you plan your lunch the night before, even prepare it. A grilled chicken breast, some grilled veggies over brown rice,put it In one of those disposable tupperware containers. keep a big bottle of water with you throughout the day. Meet you friends for lunch outside of the office and enjoy a great healthy lunch. You'll save alot of money in the mean time. Good luck and keep the faith..........................Billybigshorts

  • Congrats on beginning your journey!  I began mine this past Monday and can understand your frustration with meals (my class schedule means that meal times are a bit harder to manage - thank goodness for EAS products).  

    Feel free to check out my blog, where I'm tracking my own journey.  A lot of it right now deals with my workouts/thoughts, but will also have recipes and suggestions going forward.  Look forward to hearing about your progress!


  • Glad to see there are other ladies embarking on this journey at the same time as I. I'm starting the challenge on Monday, June 13th. I'm using this weekend to grocery shop and mentally prepare and, ok, maybe pig out on last time. I remarried two years ago and have gotten "fat and happy" ever since. But I can't fit into clothes and I'm sluggish. I don't smoke, I rarely drink. I just don't eat right and I sit on my backside way too much.  I haven't stepped on a scale in months and loathe the thought of the "before" picture. I do look forward, I think, to using my gym membership again... Good luck friends!

  • Thanks Billybigshorts! Thats a perfect idea!

  • Hi Berney :)

    I am waiting to officaially start until June 29. I joined today. Tried this before, but never got motivated enough. I feel lost as I am not a meat eater and I need to figure out what I am going to do for protien to build muscle without taking in a lot of protien calories. I definately want to be in the group.

  • To BusyBee,  The book does mention fish, like salmon and tuna. Are you the type of vegitarian that doesn't eat fish as well?  If not that may make a great protein source for you. Or how about eggs and perhaps soy or whey protein as an alternative.  I would suggest nuts or natural peanutbutter but only in very small amounts as they do have a higher fat content as a downside.

  • BusyBee: I have a friend with a gluten and thyroid problem who is going through similar issues. Like Bill says check out the book there are plenty or fish and soy alternatives. My friend can't have soy alternatives because of her thyroid so it does get a bit more difficult. Bill has a good point about tuna and salmon.

    Good luck on your Challenge BusyBee!  I hope I can inspire someone... I'm slowly approaching week 4 and looking forward to my weigh in! I'm sure you can too!


  • Thank you, WPBill for the infor :) I don't eat any kind of meat. I absolutley love peanut butter...lol  I will try a protien supplement. I think it's going to be my only option at this point. Thanks again!

  • Berney thank you for the info. I look forward to seeing your posts :)

  • I just started yesterday and am also vegetarian, BusyBee!  I have this week's meals all planned out and the include a lot of cottage cheese and eggs (of course) but also seitan (which I make at home, super easy!), qorn and soy products.  And my favorite protein powder, About Time brand.  Yum!  I'm only eating peanut butter on my free day because it can become a MAJOR part of my diet fast if I'm not careful, i LOVE it too!