Today is my first day on the BFL challenge. Wow I have a long way to go...HELP I need to connect with others who are doing the challenge as well.

  • I had a very stressful day and ended up giving in to cookies and milk:( I was prepared but had an emotional melt down when I had a ton of chores to get done for some visitors who are coming over tomorrow plus mentally preparing myself for my sons IEP meeting tomorrow morning. I am happy to say I pulled my self together and did follow thru on my work out. I took the before photos of myself and I felt like crying when I seen how bad I looked. Ive never been so big or unhealthy in my life.This is it! It's time for a posative change,wish me luck on getting thru this alive. I know I can!

  • Hi Elisa,

    dont worry about it, we all have bad days.  The only advise I can give you is to focus on YOU, YOU are doing this for YOUrself.  It is difficult when kids, partners, dogs, cats etc demand time and energy, but you have to think of what has got you to this point.  In my experience it is because you have concentrated all your efforts on everyone apart from yourself.

    So go ahead and be selfish for 5 hours a week, that is all it takes (exercise wise).

    Have a goal in mind, see yourself in 12 weeks time, slim, happy and full of confidence, see yourself in a pair of size 6 or 4 jeans with killer heels.  See peoples reaction to the new you, the admiration and probably a bit of lust chucked in too.

    5 hours a week, is all it takes.  12 weeks time that will be YOU.

    Go for it girl, give it your all.  The only one who is stopping you acheiving this is YOU.


  • Don't look at it as a long jouney, just look at it as a journey full of adventure, learning, and finding your true self.  Take it one day at a time, and know that everyday you are getting stronger and every day brings you closer to the woman you want to be.  Taking care of your interior will yield results on the exterior.  You have to decide that you are worth it and that all the sacrifices you make for yourself are as important as those made for all those others in your life.  It is time to prioritize, and make yourself a priority.  Do not let food control you and comfort you; find strength to overcome obstacles in other ways.  Food is a drug, and exercise is the best medication out there.  You can do this.  Best wishes to you.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi Elisa,

    At least you had the courage to take your photos. I was put my shorts and tank top on and caught a glimpse at the corner of my eye of how my stomach looks like and put the camera away.

    Don't beat yourself up over the cookies. Promise yourself to do your best not to do it again.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Elisa -  Nooo!  Don't 'give' up Cookies and Milk  just save them for later....for that special day called FREE DAY!, then you can eat all you makes life fun that way something to look forward to.

    Nevermind thinking it's a long way....think of it as one step closer, or if your brain works in reverse psychology mode, like mine sometimes is a suggestion you might try....

    Get a glass jar or container of some sort and put 84 pennies in it.  Then every morning take one out and say to yourself, "That was easy, I don't see it yet, but the jar is getting lighter and so shall I - LET's get to it!!"    

    In the beginning, you'll see no changes and feel more pain, but just like the jar full of pennies somewhere along the way you'll notice the jar of pennies getting less and less and that will motivate you.

    So Keep Going, You've started and so have a bunch of us  5-30 for me.....

    Keep writing honest feelings of how you feel, you'll find the support here....remember like minds do not laugh or bring down others of like minds.   You have found your support!    Stress sucks - Fun is more better!

    ~ Marqui D.  C2W1D2

  • Hey Elisa!

    I am just starting this Challenge as well and geez..I hear ya! We are all in this together, and just keep those positive thoughts flowing! Make sure you are mentally kind to yourself and keep your chin up! It is one step at a time so just keep moving and you will make it! These are the first days of the rest of your life! Be excited! :)


  • Thanks :D

  • I am going on a cruise in two years and I would love to be a size 6 in high heels.Ive never been smaller than a size 10 in my entire life.Im a size 20 now:( ive never been this big in my life. It's ok because im going to fix that. Thank you for your support and I wish everyone the best on there journey.

  • Hope its ok for me to join in!! I have started BFL 3 times and always given up...actually given up once and got pregnant twice!! Oh well!! That won't happen again and I am soooo ready to feel like I did 6 weeks into the last challenge!! I am more determined than ever and I am trying to focus on how great I felt and looked just 6 weeks into the last challenge. Think of baby steps but I promise you this....once you start seeing results there will be NOOOOOOO going back!! The workouts are easier for me than the eating part but Im determined!!

    And Elisa1980.....heres to that size 6!! I hear ya!! And you CAN do it!!

  • Thank you:) stay focused and I know you can do it this time around.