Social life vs Body for Life

  • I am a 25 year old South African, currently working in Poland. I started the programme on 15 May together with my flat mate and one of our friends who stays in London. My problem is as follows:

    I used to have a very active social life with informal get-togethers at least twice a week (involving a bit of beer, whiskey and snacks) and I also plan to visit Scotland for four days in June.

    Firstly, the social life: It is very hard for me to skip out on these events, as I am already in a foreign country, these events are sometimes all that keeps me going. For the first week, my friends had a dinner get-together at my favourite restaurant and I went and just had water and black coffee. I also went to a Hockey match and had no snacks or alcohol. but then friday rolled around and we normally go out for drinks after work. So, my biggest problem is this - if the meeting of friends has another purpose such as supper or sport or poker, it is easy for me to go and just drink water (my friends are supportive of me and they want to see me succeed in this programme). But when we only go out for drinks, it is very hard for me to not have one beer.

    Secondly, the trip to Scotland: I am going on a very tight budget and am only allowed 10kg's of luggage. I thus will not be able to take food along or to buy the correct food there. (My trip is sponsored by a friend who already paid for breakfast and hotel dinners). I planned on maybe taking two consecutive days off, but what about the other 2 days?

    The rest of the programme is surprisingly easy for me - I'm enjoying the work outs and enjoying the healthy food, but really battle with the social aspect of it. I am only in Europe for a year and do not want to miss out on anything, but at the same time I really want this programme to succeed!

    Any advice or motivation would be appreciated!!


  • Social events are hard..... but doable.  I would recommend always eating a BFL meal before the event (unless you'll be eating right away when you get there).  Surely, there will be authorized foods of some kind there....  grilled chicken salad, fish, plain baked potato, veggies, fruit (does your favorite restaurant not have any of these things?).  Sporting events are definitely challenging (I know... my son plays baseball).  I bring shakes and/or bars, fruit, etc to the games with me.  As for those Fridays, going out for drinks after work.... why not make this your free day???  When I was in my winning challenge, the ONLY unauthorized thing I indulged in was wine on my free day.

    The trip to Scotland.... can you pack some protein powder or powdered shakes?  Bars?  Have you checked with the hotel to see what they serve for breakfast and dinner?  Perhaps they take special requests.

    To really stay on plan, it takes a lot of determination and planning.  I know you can do it though.  I can tell you really want to have great results!

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.