There is no substitute for Body For Life!

  • I completed my first challenge last year right around this time.  After that I attempted a second challenge but got distracted, bored, basically needed something new.   So in the last year I have completed P90X and Turbofire.   My conclusion is that there is no substitute for Body For Life!   So I started back this week.

    It's definitely not a prime time for a BFL challenge.  I have 2 vacations planned this summer that will occur during this challenge but I can't do nothing and the other programs just are not yielding the results I'm looking for.   So BFL it is!   And I'm feeling it!  My arms are sore in a way I haven't felt in a long time!  Man how I've missed that feeling!

  • I couldn't agree more. I really didn't like P90X because I didn't enjoy exercising in front of a TV. Body for life is a great program and the number of pullups I can do has actually doubled since I stopped P90X and started BFL again :)

  • you dont need the amount of exercise p90x recommends to get in shape