Starting Monday May 16

  • I know what ya mean about dreading that cardio - and then every time I finish it I'm like "that wasn't that bad and I feel so good after"!  LOL!  Dumb!

  • Aces32 - No problem.  :)  yeah, I think we could do jump rope, elliptical, run, jumping jacks, jump squats, kettle bells... that's about all I can think of for now.  I'd love more ideas though since I don't have my treadmill anymore.  Go figure, I get rid of the thing and now I'm wishing I still had it.  Guess I'll try the elliptical again.  Hmmm, as for the weight you can expect to lose... I've seen people on here that have lost about 30 lbs and some that have lost about 12... it's really hard to figure.  I really have no idea what I can expect to lose.

    Sandy - Great job w/keeping on track!  Keep up the good work!  :)

    AdrienneRe - Great job on the rockin workout!!  I think you have a great outlook w/staying away from the scale for awhile because of muscle growth, etc.  :)  What are you doing for your cardio?  It seems most people here dread that part... used to be the opposite for me, but I think I'm starting to dig the weights.

    Having PB M&M cravings today... I blame PMS.  Don't worry, I didn't have any... I was a good girl, but it was tough not to go out and get some.  Why do they have to be so wonderfully delicious?  lol

    Anyone else have any HIIT suggestions for me?  I really want to switch it up some more...  thanks!  :)

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.

  • HI everybody ! Just wanted to say hi :) So far so good..have been sticking to the program !! I feel good and so far really liking it. I have to admit that I am also bad about getting on the scale constantly. I've had to fight the urge daily. It fluctuated alot too..after lifting heavy weights i tend to go up temporarily.

    I wanted to let you know, Karey, that i saw a post about PB2  (i think that's the name) it's supposed to be a peanutbutter that some people have woman posted that she used it everyday and she had amazing results.

    You guys are all doing awesome  !! We are almost done with 2 weeks! :)

  • Runnergirl - Hi!  Thanks for the PB2 suggestion... I actually have a jar of the Chocolate PB2 at the moment.  It's ok, but I prefer the regular stuff.  I've been loving the Naturally More brand lately since it has flaxseed and OMEGA-3's in it.  It helps me make sure I'm getting enough healthy fat in my diet (along w/fish oil capsules).  :)

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.

  • Hello!  What is PB2? I can google it but feeling lazy and burned out today. I started out awesome, had a great workout. But then I stopped at BK for breakfast, what in the hell was I thinking? then BK for lunch and chick fi lay for dinner................ Obviously today will be my free day even though I wasn't originally planning that. My problem is I didn't take the time to make my dinner last night and I easily talked myself into stopping for fast food today. Big mistake. Hopefully this will be my only major screw up for the next 10 weeks. Can you believe that we are already almost finished with week 2?

    On a different note, I got fake eyelashes put on the other day and it looks like a peacock roosted on my forehead. What in the hell was I thinking? Oh except the chick for some unknown reason only did half my eyeballs so it looks like my peacocks are going bald. At least no more situations in the gym bathroom:) Cardio for me tomorrow and Sat, had to switch my days up, which is probably why I hit fast food, I need structure and sameness. Oh and I've realized that the chick not only just did half my eyeballs (who does that? ) but she also took away almost my entire eyebrow. Looks like I have 1.5 eyebrows instead of two. What really makes this whole thing weird is that since I got home looking like this, my husband can't keep his hands off me. Very strange.

  • Good morning everyone!  Sounds like pretty much everyone is doing great!  

    I was dreading the cardio too!!

    But I've changed my mind set to -  just do SOMETHING...ANYTHING! - just get your runners on and start moving.  It's easy after that to really get into the intervals we need to do!

    Even if you're having a rough day and don't hit every high as hard as you wanted to, at least you were moving for 20 minutes instead of hitting the snooze button or watching another episode or some show on the couch.  

    I have a anyone using Creatine??  I had a couple cans donated to my cause haha.  Any thoughts?

    Also, some days I'm great about getting up early to workout so I can get my first meal in by 6:30am...which sets me up nicely to comfortably get my 6 meals in by 6:30-7pm.  Other days I'm not getting out of bed until after it a big deal if I only have 5 meals.  AND if I end up only having five meals, should I try get the food I would have eatten at the 6th in to one or more of the other meals in  the day??

    Have a great day everyone!! The end of week 2 is feeling great!!

  • Hello!  Happy Friday (my day off of work)!!  I did my LBWO this morning and pushed myself a bit more... think I'm already feeling my hamstrings.  :)  I also did some looking around online and came up w/a couple of new possibilites for doing my HIIT and utilizing my new Gymboss.  I went to Lowe's and bought a step stool so I can do some step aerobics type intervals w/some kicking and punching.  Also planning one just using my bodyweight w/squat jumps, incline push-ups, side plank crunches, and maybe some mtn climbers.  

    As for the food, still right on track and on target.  I bought a small single serving pouch of PB M&M's for my free day, lol.  Not sure if I'm going to make my free night tomorrow or on Sunday... probably dinner and dessert for tomorrow night.  My darn hormones are killing me w/all these cravings.. aah!  ;)

    AdrienneRe - PB2 is a powdered peanut butter that has a lot less calories because they remove the oil... you just add a tbsp of water to it and mix.  It's only about 50/52 calories per serving, but it doesn't taste as good and it's missing all of the healthy mono-saturated fats that are found in PB.  So... it's a lower calorie and lower fat option with some of the PB taste.  It does work really well for mixing into things like smoothies and stuff though.  It's made by Bell Plantation and can be bought through them online or on

    Sorry about the fast-food day.  At least you can switch it around and make that your free day and still be ok.  Wow, you must really like BK... twice in one day!  I'm not a huge fan of theirs, but if you need to stop someplace quick in the future, you could always try Subway and get one of their egg white breakfast sandwiches for b-fast, then if you need fast food for lunch, you can do Subway again (6" turkey sub or salad), or McDonalds has a really decent Southwest Salad that you can get w/grilled chicken and w/out the dressing it's only about 350 cals.  :)  That could also work for dinner.  It's all ok though, it's not a major screw up.  ;)   You live and learn.  Besides, you said you could make it your free day, so it's all good.  No worries and don't beat yourself up over it.  Just move forward and you'll be fine.  :)  

    Hehe, that's kind of funny how you described your new eyelashes.  Do they stay on for awhile, or are they just for the day?  Oh no, that sucks about your eyebrows... I'd be so mad!  Did you go back and tell her you weren't too happy?  LOL, so funny about your husband not being able to keep his hands off.  Men can be so funny like that.  My husband always seems so attracted to me when I'm NOT feeling attractive and have barely even brushed my hair.  LOL

    Aces32 - I think you have a good mindset w/the cardio... I agree, just keep moving and keep the HR up!  :)  I think now that I have a few more routine ideas and my new timer, I'm going to like it much better.  

    No, I'm not using Creatine.  I don't really know a lot about it... that's cool that you had some donated to your cause though.  :)  I primarily use the Whey protein powder and Scivation Xtend when I workout.... and of course I take the normal vitamins and fish oil supplements.  ;)

    As for the meals... I've seen a few other threads of people asking about the meals and it doesn't seem like it matters if you're eating only 5 instead of 6.  I think the main point is to keep eating smaller type meals (carbs w/protein) regularly.  I sometimes start off too late and only get 5 in.  I just spread my calories from that 6th meal into the rest of my day and divide it out.  Just make sure you're not shorting yourself in your calorie requirements and don't end up eating below your BMR.  We need to feed and fuel our bodies.  :)  Hope that helped some.

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.

  • AdrienneRe - I had a good giggle when I read your post!  Hilarious.  

    Yay, end of week 3 now for me.  Just did a bike on the flat thought it would be an easier option than running today - WRONG!  It was hard work, so I can look forward to my free day tomorrow being GUILT FREE.  

    Aces32 - I was going to use a bit of creatine this time, just thinking about it.  Apparently there are no known side effects, and it helps your muscles.  Let me know how you get on.  

    I asked a question re skipping on the Gym thread, so if anyone is interested in trying skipping here is a good website to look at:

    There is also another one on the other thread that looked a bit hard core for me.  

    Good luck everyone and enjoy your long weekend (we don't get a long one this weekend in NZ!) :-(


    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • Hey Everyone...I've been on the road all week...brutal!  Totally blew it!  :(  Was in a rush to get out of town on Monday so I didn't pack weights...I did manage to pack some good food, but ended up eatting out a lot and snacking on chips in the evening (they are my addiction!).  Plus, how do you watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs final without snacks?? haha  

    All joking aside though, it's getting to the end of week 3 and I'm WAY off I just continue tomorrow with day 19...or start over again??

    Some good news though, I found an almost brandnew Bowflex for a steal!  It'll be here tomorrow!  A lady that bought it two years ago with a ton of attachments doesn't use it and wants it out of her house...yay for me!

    How you all had a better beginning to week 3 than I did!  

    Thanks for the skipping link Pam!!

  • Don't start over Aces, just pick yourself up and keep going. Can you believe we are at day 19? I can say that I have done every single workout but the food is kicking my butt. I am seriously fighting some addictions to fast food. About once a week, not on a free day, I end up eating out at lunch and then it snowballs. But even with the crappy food intake,  I am finally seeing some shape to my body- WOO HOO RIGHT? I'm starting to get a waist and my biceps have a little bulge even when at rest. Unfortunately, I no longer feel sore after workouts so I don't feel like I worked out but I can see with my past history that I am getting stronger.

    On a funnier note, I have to tell you guys a funny story. Earlier, I told you all that I got fake eyelashes. They generally last one to two weeks. Last night half my right eyelashes fell off (normal) but my 10 year old walked in while I was sleeping this morning and screamed "OMG, Mom, you are missing half your eyeBROWS." Bahaha, it scared her half to death.

    I am wanting to know why no one else has posted this week. I hope no one has given up. WE can do this and we are almost 1/3 through with it!

  • Hi Aces32 - Do you keep a food journal?  Write everything down, it keeps you honest, I don't like seeing things I shouldn't have in my diary!  Also what about making up a grab and go (emergency kit) for travelling.  Pack some tin tuna, tin tomatoes, protein bars and powder in there and you are good to go in a hurry.

    AdrienneRe - always entertaining, your poor traumarised daughter!  ;-)

    Oh, I haven't tried the skipping yet, it hasn't rained!  

    End of week 4 - 1/3 of the way now.

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • Hi Pam - Yes I keep a journal.  It was just a really busy week and I got sucked in by the great food at the restraunt in our hotel.  I always get a craving for comfort food when I'm away from home.  I did get out and do some cardio though, so that helped.  Definately will plan ahead better for the next trip!

    I'm at the end of week three...started on May 16th...did I miss something??

    Good luck with Day 19 Everyone!!

  • Hey everyone ! TGIF !!

    So far so good...loving the program ! I'm getting great results so far. I'm down 4 pounds and notice some big changes in my body. I'm a very slow loser and have never had consistent losses in my life, so this is a significant change for me. The best thing is that I am never hungry and my sugar cravings have reduced alot.  I really feel like this is something I can stick to. I haven't had any binges yet and have been fairly decent on cheat day. I've been sticking to the workouts and haven't missed a day yet ! Yay ! The non-scale changes I see are muscles ! I have been working out for years but this is the first time where my arms have finally started to lean out and I feel so empowered ! I also notice some definition in my abs and overall feel much more toned.  Anyway, not to sound like an annoying cheerleader but am really motivated about this program so far. I know it's gonna get harder, and I'm in the honeymoon phase but I can honestly say that I've been on a zillion diets and have never had results like this.

    I haven't had any major setbacks (yet) and I'm sure they will happen...I think the key is like someone else said...just pick yourself back up...and don't let the small misteps become major binges. I too have had a day here and there where I had alcohol or a small amount of something I was not "supposed" to have but I realize that it's better than drinking a few days a week like I used to, and I just have balanced it out with a save. So far it hasn't impacted my progress.  

    Aces-yes i'm at the end of week 3 also. you aren't missing anything !! :)

    I agree with you about the journaling Pam.. that is helpful. I feel like it has kept me accountable and focused.

    Adrienne-I have tried to put on fake lashes before and I cannot seem to perfect it. Do you have any advice? Mine always looks like its not on right, like half way about to come off. I guess it's just practice. I would love to wear them. Do you wear them before putting eyeshadow or after ?

  • First week I lost 4 lbs - yay!  Second week I lost 3 lbs - YAY!  This week, I GAINED 5 LBS!!!!  *sob*  And really, I could live with that knowing that it's muscle weight, BUT my jeans are so tight I can barely sit down - they weren't that way before!  With all this hard work - and loving it - I'm NOT a happy girl today!  I have a weekend long event starting tonight, and I look fatter than before I started this - have no idea what I'm gonna wear!


  • Sandy-

    I know you must be frustrated. Just remember that there is NO way, I repeat NO way that you could have gained 5 pounds of fat in a week. It is probably something flooky like water retention. Is it that time of the month? Did you have more sodium this week, drink either more or less water ? Did you up the weights? Did you change anything ? Meds? Did you weight at the same day, time of day ? Remember 1 pound is 3500 calories. You sound like you've been on track so I doubt you have really gained 5 pounds in fat. I bet it goes away in a few days..when is/was your cheat day ??

    You are doing an amazing job. Your results are obviously indicative that you are doing everything don't let this get you down. I would be upset too...don't get me wrong,but logically I really think it will be ok and you will keep losing.

    Hope this helps !!!! Keep up the great work !!