Starting Monday May 16

  • Did 20 mins of Aerobics today. Planning the meals is difficult for me but the link to meal plans is excellent.  

    I have to lose about 20 lbs mainly the flab in the problem areas(tummy etc). Have 2 kids aged 6 and 2.

  • Hey guys...I have a question ~ for the weight lifting... how many exercises do I choose for the lower body?  In the description it says pick any two for the upper body but doesnt address how many for the lower?  

    Did cardio this morning...but didnt use the HIIT program...was too nerved.  Will do that on thursday...

    Hey fababs...totally hear ya about the tummy!  I have 3 kids and the way I look you would think i was 3 months prego! seriously...

    how many lbs do you need to lose?

  • MB get fit - you need to pick two exercises for each MUSCLE group of the upper body (back, shoulders, triceps and biceps) and two exercises for each muscle group of the lower body (quads, hamstrings and calves) in addition to two for the abdominals on the lower body day...

  • Sandy,

    Some of the winners did list recipes for certain meals. For instance, Sylvia B. posted her smoothie recipe for breakfast which consisted of 1/2 cup dry oatmeal, 1 cup water, two scoops vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, and Splenda. I've never had a smoothie with oatmeal, so it's interesting to see some of the variations.

  • Oh, okay - I just saw there was a link specifically to recipes on the link I provided, and wanted to make sure you were clicking thru to what I thought was so helpful.

    Ya know, sometimes as we try to plan out our food (which I believe is critical!) - we over think it!  A mid-morning snack of yogurt and a HB egg!

    (I'm not big on smoothies - but I do have one Myoplex shake for my afternoon snack...)

    Winding down DAY 2 - looking forward to the lower body work out tomorrow morning!  Hope everyone is doing well!

  • Good evening BFL friends !! Hope you guys had a great day. Sorry I'm late checking in, but I'm able to see alot of messages from my blackberry :)

    So just wanted to respond to the question about running, sorry cannot find who asked the question on this thread...I am currently training for a marathon. I have not run one as of yet. I ran my first 5k a few weeks ago and have a 10k in October. It's my goal to one day run for the Boston marathon or some big race. I have alot of work to do before then ! I never thought i would enjoy running but i'm starting to get hooked !! I have to force myself to stop at 25 minutes as i want to keep running as long as i can to train for my race. i got some advice to use one day to run for distance and the other days to just stick to the 20 min cardio rule.  not sure how this will impact my results or my race (?)

    I have two boys, one that is 3 and one that is 7 months old. I gained about 65 pounds with my first pregnancy and 25 with my second. I was able to lose all of the weight with the second but still carrying about 20 from the first. If I could lose even 15 or 20 I would be a very happy woman. My goal is to decrease my body fat percentage, increase strength and cardiovascular endurance, drop at least 15 pounds, and fit into my size 10 jeans :) I feel like my biggest enemy is the scale ! I am addicted to jumping on it daily and seemed to get bummed when I don't see a loss despite lots of effort.

    I noticed we have alot of positive energy on this thread. I think support is the key. I'm so happy to see it here. I'm wondering if maybe we should have a daily separate thread so that we can keep track of the messages (?) Like tomorrow would be day 3 bfl challenge...anyway just a thought. If I remember I'm going to post tmw morning and see if I can start a daily inspirational thread for us to stay connected.

    Anyway, got to get the kids going  on night routine...hope you guys have a good night !

  • I think it would be easier to just keep the same thread rather than trying to find the new one each day? I get the emails on my bb too so I read them during the day then try to jump on here at night. So I have an interesting story and it may be a little TMI but since we are all going to be together for the next 12 weeks I expect alot of TMI to come out.  :)

    I woke up an hour late this morning. I had just told myself (in my head of course) that I could make it up in the afternoon rather than go to the gym in the morning. Woke up late and didn't feel good. Just as I thought that, my husband pipes up from the other side of the bed and says, babe just go the gym right now I'll take Bre to the bus. That was something major because he NEVER offers to take our daughter to the bus stop. I know, right now you probably think wow! what a nice guy. I think its more he's sick of me moping around depressed from not working out and tired of me waddling around the house and I'm not even pregnant. Haven't been for over a year. So I think he was helping himself out more than me:)

    So I get to the gym and I start cardio- for me that's running. Im hitting my stride and CRAP- no pun intended. I have to go. I keep telling myself to ignore it, but it gets worse. So 10 mins in to the workout. I have to stop. First of all, let me say, I have the biggest phobia about going to the bathroom in the public and this is my biggest fear. I go in there and what I'm so proud of is I finally realized that EVERYONE DOES IT!!!!  I just feel sorry for the person that does it behind me and I finished my business and went back to working out. So I'm excited to say that I have overcome (at least for today) a major phobia of mine and we are only on day 2. Can't wait to see what the other days will bring. Maybe I will get over my phobia of being naked in public  and finally stop dreaming about going to work naked???

    To Runner girl= Believe it or not, if you do the treadmill for your cardio portion and every week you increase the speed on the treadmill, you will seriously start to see a serious difference in your endurance. About 3 weeks into Body for Life previously I was able to run 2 miles and I have NEVER in my life ran two miles before. One of my goals at the end of this 12 weeks is to run a 5k. So kudos to you for doing your first one..

  • Hi everyone!  My husband and I both started our very first challenge on Monday as well. I am a 28yr old mom to 4yr old and 3yr old boys. I am looking to lose at least 20lbs and get some more energy.  I am having some challenges with the meal choices-  I am a BIG texture eater, so cottage cheese, yogurt, and the shakes are not my forte!  Can you guys share your options for mid day snacks?!  Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner seem easier to fix- I guess since that is what we are "use to."  But I soooo need some snack ideas.  Also- drinks. I really dislike water- before this I NEVER drank water- only sweet tea and soda--- and really dont like artificial sweetners- ideas?  So glad this chat is here to share ideas and lend support- Lord knows I will need it!!!

  • You can check the link below for several snack options. At first I thought we were limited in snack options, until I saw this. You definitely want to have one of the EAS products while on the challenge like the bars, ready to drink shakes, or make your own with the protein powder. I mix cottage cheese in with my yogurt and that's not as bad. I have a shake everyday, and for my evening snack I ate a pear.

  • I had a pretty good workout from home today. I didn't feel likke going to the gym. I did squats, lunges, dumbbell deadlifts with my 10lb weights, calf raises, and ab workout this morning. Now, I'm planning my grocery list for the upcoming week.

    Have a great day everyone! :)

  • Hi BFLers,

    Did or tried to do UBWO this morning. I have never lifted weights before (don't laugh) and all I could lift was 5 lbs and barely able to manage10 lbs! How do I complete the set with only 2 weights?

    More importantly how do I increase the upper body strength?


  • msproducer - are you following the weight training in the progam?  You need to increase weights in each workout for each muscle to get good results.....

    fababs - can you pick up a cheap set of 3 lb weights anywhere - check with your friends/neighbors - more than a couple people have those collecting dust in their closet - LOL!  And you "build" strength by "doing it".  If you do 3, 5 and 10 lbs thru the series of workouts, soon enough you'll be saying "....I think I need to increase my weight"!  :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  • Hi Gals and Guys,

    I'm starting my second challenge!  Did my first from November-February with great results. (my pictures are under the picture section) Then life and a Masters program finale for my husband hit and I gained 10 lbs back.  :(  Now he and I are doing this challenge together!  So excited!!!

    Took a free meal yesterday (will skip this Sunday's Free day) because it was our seventh wedding anniversary.  Was great to get out and we even spent the night without kids for the first time!  Have made all the workouts so far...uppers very sore! Good sore!

    My Goals:

    Lose 30 lbs (175 going to 145)

    Gain muscle Definition

    LOSE BABY BELLY!  (currently 6 months since baby was born)

    Excited to be on this journey with you all.  Will try to write often.  :)


    - Ladynoelle

    "You have to want to change more than you want to stay the same."

  • I just started today and would love to have some support to keep me accountable. Plus knowing others are going through the same highs and lows helps.

    My son is supportative but doesn't understand that it doesn't come off as easily for me as it does for him.

    I am excited too after seeing the before and after pictures! We can do this together!

  • To Sandelio,  Thank you for posting the intensity level...that helps me alot!!!