Starting Monday May 16

  • It felt great to start Day 1 of the Challenge today. For my upper body exercise, I attended a Muscle Challenge class at the gym. We do the same workout as described in the book with dumbbells, so I did that. My friend told me to change it up though, so I may do that on Friday. I just love that class and at least try to go once a week. I've pre-planned my meals for the day. Breakfast: Gluten free blueberry muffin & turkey sausage (I know the muffins aren't exactly on the plan), AM snack: cottage cheese & yogurt, Lunch: Grilled chicken breast, yams, green beans, Mid Snack: Chocolate shake with strawberries, Dinner: 4 oz. tuna & salad, PM Snack: Vanilla shake. What's on your meal plan today? The site has good recipes that I will try. I'm not big on eggs & like to change it up.

  • Hi guys ! Hope everyone had a great first day. So far things are going fine..I like the fact that you posted your menu msproducer. I will add to your list:

    Meal 1: sushi on brown rice and carrots

    Meal 2: protein shake with berries

    Meal 3: protein bar

    Meal 4: Soy burger, angel hair pasta, veggies

    Meal 5: Cottage cheese and a pear

    I did 25 mins of cardio today.

    So far off to a decent start...hope you guys are doing well too :)

  • Wow! so Day 1 is over and on to Day 2:) This is awesome how many people are starting this together. Any time you want to eat that donut or miss that workout, hurry up and sign up here and read all the replies:) If that doesn't get you motivated then nothing will! Today for me was A-ok. I started out late but it ended up good and I had an awesome workout. I'm dreading and looking forward to the cardio tomorrow. On one hand I know it is the fryer for my fat but on the other hand, ITS' HARD AND IT HURTS. LOL.. Good jog everyone that did today and keep up the comments!

  • ewww. you had sushi for breakfast?  LOL

  • I only made it thru 4 meals today.  I ate every 2-3 hrs and portions strictly by the book.  I am not hungry enough to eat any more for the day.  For those of you who went thru this before, is it a safe assumption that (1) my appetite will increase as I get further into the program? and (2) that if it doesn’t that I will be OK nutrition/calorie wise etc as long as I eat as much as I can?

    I looked online today at inexpensive weight benches.  The exercise options are too limiting without one.  Does anyone have comments on the Arm Curl Accessory Pad aka Preacher Pad?  The brief product description says it is good for isolating the biceps.  Does anyone recommend or not recommend using the pad?


  • Nice menu runnergirl!

  • Thanks msproducer ! :) I noticed we both had a chocolate and strawberry shake today :) I had that for the first time and loved it ! I used the choc EAS one and added 1 T of unsweetened cocoa and strawberries, and 1/2 cup of unsweetened almond was really yummy ! Oh, I also was gonna mention about the eggs..have u ever tried the flavored eggbeaters ? they have this southwestern flavor that is really good. In fact, I just saw a recipe on this site that has half of an english muffin mixed with southwestern eggs, etc..

    Adrienne-Hehe, i ate my first meal close to lunch ! I held off eating so I could get the cardio in and it got late and went to the grocery store to stalk up for the week got sushi at the grocery store !! But hey, in Japan they eat sushi for breakfast !! But I agree...couldn't do that... I can see with your sarcasm that we are going to get along just fine ! :)

  • Wow! I like your shake better than mine. I will have to try the cocoa. When I looked online at the 1st week grocery list, I saw approved foods that weren't listed in the book or on the food list. That's a relief, because it gives you more options. I haven't tried the flavored eggbeaters. I will look into that.

    I like sushi with brown rice also. Well, Day 1 went well. I'm eating less and not hungry. I've made my mind up not to focus on the food, but on the end results!

  • Did the 20 Minute Cardio this morning - feel great!

    The chart/diagram on the site here is MUCH better than the one in the book!

    I saved the image to my computer and printed a couple copies to work with.

    Here's how I plotted mine out last nite for the treadmill this morning:


    Now for those of you who are runners or joggers, these speeds might look whimpy, but for a newbie they worked out just about right!

    Didn't hit a "10", but certainly 8's and 9's - and I didn't "hold on" once! - LOL!

    And I'm adding my picture to my profile - I find it much easier to remember who's who when I can put a face to a name, so please do so too!

    Day Two underway!


  • I've also started on Monday. It's my second time, though the first time I couldn't complete it. But now things are harder, I have a 6-month old baby and about 20lbs of pregnancy weight that I need to loose. So I have lots more motivation now.

  • Great job Sandy!


  • Anyone struggling with food choices should check out this link:

    Halfway down the page, there's links to various past winners meal plans (some are blank).  But check them out, gave me some good ideas, and it obviously worked for them!


    (And thanks Sharon!)

  • Anyone struggling with food choices should check out this link:

    Halfway down the page, there's links to various past winners meal plans (some are blank).  But check them out, gave me some good ideas, and it obviously worked for them!


    (And thanks Sharon!)

  • Yeah, the meal plans are helpful. I'm looking forward to planning my next grocery list with some of these recipes!

  • Cool!  But I didn't really mean the "recipes" - LOL!

    I meant you can see exactly what "Suzy Q" (a past winner) ate for breakfast, snacks, lunches, etc..... MOST of them don't require recipes...

    But let us know if you find a particularly yummy recipe - the only ones I'd be interested in would be dinner ones - and I'm REAL picky!  :p