Starting Monday May 16

  • Hey guys!!!  I am going to start tomorrow too!!!  I am a stay home mom to 3 kids...I need more energy and I need to feel better.  I hate buying clothes and want to be pumped and feel good the next time I buy a new bathing suit.  Let's DO THIS!

    My father in law just died on May 5th very unexpectedly and he was an obese man and even though we're not genetically related, I want to be fit and healthy like I used to be.  My sister in law is only 45 yrs old and is battling stage 4 breast cancer for 4 1/2 yrs and is struggling right now.  Her one oncologist suggested hospice but she still has the fight in her.  So, I do this for my family and I need to get healthier.  I am 42 and 30 lbs over weight...  life is too short and I gotta kick some ass.

    So, I look forward to getting to know you guys and sticking this out thru the course...

  • I had great results after doing BFL, when my oldest was born.  My youngest is now 7, and I have not got my body back yet.  

    I can't keep putting this off.  I know it works, I just need to do it!

    I'm excited to be on the journey with you guys.

  • jangel17, how old is your oldest son?  My oldest is 9 1/2 and my  youngest is 5 1/2.. . i havent gotten my body back either and now I am 30 lbs too heavy...  

  • I am starting today as well (05/16/2011.... I have made many attempts to start and only continued for like 10 days .. with very little success rate. This is really second (real challenege) I did it back in 2002 and in one month had great reults but I broke my toe and that ended. I am so geared up to do this ...... I would love to be apart of a group or find a buddy somewhere in Atlanta, GA or surrounding metro..

    "Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit"

    Vince Lombardi

  • Trying to get the information and I am starting today also.  That is the plan.  Not sure what I am doing but I will workout today and begin this challenge

  • Hi, I would like to start out with you guys today as well.  I am 36, a stay at home mom with 3 boys and am looking to loose 30lbs.  I got to work on taking my before pic today and am ready to be in shape for life.  This is my first time trying this program.  I hope it works!

  • This is my first go at the program.  I have already lost 38 pounds with cardio and  trying to eat healthy. I am hoping that I will really learn more about nutrition and intensity in exercise here.  I think it will take me about 3 rounds at BFL to get to where I need to go (I started out needing to lose 122 pounds).  I am off to a good start today as I was up at 5am doing my Upper body and it was great!  

  • Yes, I have a lot to lose too.  About 150.  I have been working from home at a desk and taking care of my daughter and just not paying attention to what I have been putting in my body and absolutely no exercise.  I am so ready for a change.  This program is really incredible, but it is gonna take me more than 12 weeks to get where I want to be as well.  But I AM going to get there!!!  I am so happy we are all here to support each other.

  • Day 1 for me as well... up for the challenge of doing these workouts with an back injury and a new foot one:)  Any suggestions?

  • My oldest is 11. I need to lose about 40lbs.  Isdeally 50, but that is not as much as a priority as how I look and feel, and how my clothes fit.

  • Happy Anniversary.  

  • Count me in too!  I started this morning with my upper body workout - it actually felt great!

    Spent some time yesterday prepping food for the week - brought EVERYTHING to work for lunches and snacks for the week (I hate dragging food around every day - LOL!)

    I turned 50 this year, and after years and years of yo-yo dieting am left with about 30 lbs extra on my very soft frame!  :(

    Of course I want to lose weight - but I definately need to build some muscle and strength just as bad!

    I look forward for teaming up with you ladies!

    Oh, and I'm getting married September's THAT for motivation?!?!?!?  It would be REALLY nice to actually LIKE the pictures that are taken!

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd - we're off!


  • Congrats to all of you starting today.  You may trip and you may stumble but keep your eyes on the prize and you'll do great!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • I’m in.  I officially started today, but a commitment this evening prevents me from doing a workout so I did the upper body workout last night.  Today is day one of eating.  I just turned 41 and I am glad to see other women around my age on this thread.  I have spent most of my life staying in shape just by generally being physically active.  An injury in a car accident a few years ago changed that.  It has been a struggle getting back into shape while dealing with all the rest of life’s stresses.  I am excited about the program.  Even though the workouts are intense I am glad that this program is less of a daily time commitment than some other programs I have tried.  Time to work out is one of my biggest enemies.  All the junk food at work is the other!

  • I'm in. I started today as well, but have already missed my workout this morning. Planning to get it in tonight. I have a goal to make it the full challange! This is one of the multiple starts I've done and am determined for it to be the last until day 85!