Starting Monday May 16

  • Anyone want to join me? This is the 2nd time I'm starting this. The first time I did AWESOME for the first week. Then life stepped in and all of a sudden started missing workouts and quit making my meals. I am determined this time. I have put up my goals on bathroom mirror and on the wall in front of my bed for those mornings where I don't want to work out. My daughter also drew me some inspirational pictures which are hilarious. One says, "Show your muscles, show your glutes! and its a pic of someone's backside. It is HILARIOUS. I want to finish this one just because of the pics my daughter took the time to draw. I want her to see that her mom can stick with some and can accomplish her goals! Any encouragement, and travels with me as I go on this journey would be awesome!


  • Hi ! I am starting on Monday too !! If you need a buddy I would love one! This is my first time and I'm still familiarizing myself with the program but I'm very excited ! :)

  • I am gearing up for Monday as well.  I definitely would like a mini support group.

  • I am starting on Monday too.  I did this about 7 years ago and lost a ton of weight.  Unfortunately life happened and I got married, had kids and I am now ready to get that body back, and keep it this time.  I need all the support I can get and I will be here if you need support as well.  We WILL get through this and onto leaner and better things. :)

  • I will start on monday for the very first time. It is very good we can support each other and this will keep me accountable :) I had kids a while back and am totally out of shape. Let's do it !

  • Those darn kids will get you every time! :)

  • Good luck everyone, we are only one week ahead of you!  See you at the end!

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • I'm starting with you all tomorrow. Let's make it a great 12 weeks!

  • Let's do this!  My second time.  It's such a "doable" program.  I did well first time but did not complete.  I am 45 years old and don't want to look like my mom at 65.  I am coming with the mind set of forever starts with today.  Just today.  I am such a reward eater I will have to watch my free day.  So ladies here we go....

  • I start Monday too!

  • You are right noonoo ! those darn kids !! I can't get the baby weight off ! My youngest is 7 months!

  • Me too & my baby is 12!

  • Hi

    I'd love to join your group!!

    I have my exercise ball dusted off!!

  • I'm thrilled so many are starting tmw !! I have a lot to learn and looking fwd to getting to know you guys !

    Msproducer- I laughed out loud...I think this is gonna be a fun 12 weeks :)

  • It will! Looking forward to it!