Another don't trust the scale story

  • I was at the gym this morning and a lady that worked there goes, "Wow! You've really lossed a lot of weight." While I did lose 11 pounds of scale weight during my challenge, the last time this lady had seen me was when I was at my normal weight...which was only a pound or two heavier than I am now. Because of the muscle gain, she thought I looked much smaller, but in reality the scale was only down 1 pound. Not only does this show how the scale is not the best indicator of progress when on a program like BFL, it also shows how women can gain muscle and still get smaller. So ladies, throw your scales away (at least for a few weeks) and don't be afraid to lift heavy.

  • Great point marathonmama the scale is for traditional diets that turn you into a smaller fatter you. the BFL program is about true change which includes adding and subtraction of wanted (muscle and tone) and subtraction of not wanted (Fat).