Week 5; getting frustrated!! Not giving up, just not seeing the scale budge!

  • Today is week 5, day 4... and I am pushing hard. I keep hearing other members talk about their 10-20 lb weight loses and I feel like I'm doing something wrong!

    I am working really hard.. trying hard to push during workouts, running like a maniac and hitting my 9's, sometimes 10's ( I try like heck), and eating right.. but, I'm down 5 lbs. Now I know, 5 lbs is 5 lbs, but I'm just frustrated I'm not seeing the scale budge a bit more. A couple of weeks ago I was down 8lbs, now I fluctuate between 5 and 6. I started at 210 in a tight 14, now I can zipper my 12's (not quite ready for them yet though). I'm working out every day I should be, and I forced myself to take my free day last week out of the fear that if I didn't, I wouldn't be getting enough calories and would go into starvation mode. I occasionally miss a meal, but not all that often(school days mostly, it gets crazy being in class 10 hours). Most of the time I drink all of my water, even though it's still hard to get that much in.

    What are you thoughts on condiments?? I did make a stir-fry last week and used a little sauce, but not much and counted the carbs in it so my meal was balanced.

    I don't know. I feel like I'm doing something wrong and not seeing the results I'd like to see. I'm 5'6" and over 200.. shouldn't I be dropping some poundage here??


    Help.. please. :)

  • p.s. in the past week or two since I've been up a lb or two, my inches haven't changed much either. I'm started to get annoyed at the people who are on week 4, saying "the scale has ONLY gone down 15lbs".

  • p.p.s. lol. I'm really tempted to throw in some extra cardio... what are everyones thoughts on this?

  • megdanmak,

    Don't give in or give up! This is normal. I think week 5 was one of the hardest because after the initial weight loss, things "seem" to stop happening. But this is when you are losing all the marbelized fat in your muscles and tightening up. I didn't think anything was happening for weeks 5 through 6 or 7ish. I couldn't "see" changes, although I could definitely tell my arms and legs felt tighter. You have to push through even when you don't think things are happening. Follow the program as is and you WILL acheive results.  Some days I was sure things were improving and others I was convinced there was no change. But, I am finishing up week 11 and wow! Things are starting to happen fast. Every day I look thinner now! Just follow the program as is. I think it helps to take a free meal or have a few treats instead of an all out binge free day. I did that binge thing the first half and still got results but always felt discouraged come Monday and felt like the binge had set me back. Now I am limiting it to just what I really want and feel better afterwards. Some people will disagree with me, but I think you can use condiments in moderation when choosing healthier versions such as reduced sugar, fat, and sodium versions. I have been using them and acheiving great results. Just be sure you include it all in your carb/fat/protein count. Now that I am in the final week and a half, I have cut out the low fat cheese (except cottage cheese) and condiments other than mustard. But I used them up until last week.

    My thoughts on the cardio are this. For long term weight loss, you need to build the muscle. To much cardio prevents this. check out www.hussmanfitness.org. He goes into more detail about this. He says extra cardio can be helpful if fat loss is your primary goal but no more than 20 minutes of moderate cardio after your 20 minute HIT sessions and as long as energy levels are still good, you can add a 30-40 minute light to moderate cardio session on your free day. He suggest you do NOT do any more this.  The extra cardio will likely cause your muscle gains to be lower, but you should not lose muscle mass. If you are feeling ravinously hungry or energy dragging skip the extra cardio. There is a scientific reason the program was written as is. I feel it is better to follow the program as is and stick with it then start tweaking it and get burnt out, frustrated, or exhausted and quit. Just because a week or two goes by and you don't think your body is changing, does not mean it isn't changing. If you are creating the proper calorie deficit and hitting your 10s, you WILL see results by the end of the 12 weeks. Tell yourself that you will stay committed for 12 weeks even on the days you want to throw in the towel and think nothing is happening. Also check out the ladies success document about the 8 week miracle under the media folder. Sometimes the 8 week miracle doesn't arrive until a few weeks later, but often by the 8th week, the changes in your body will start becoming VERY noticable. Hang in there!

  • P.S. I also noticed the scale went up at week 5 and did not get back to where it was at week 4 until about 3 weeks later but I just kept pressing on and eventually the scale started going down again.

  • Follow the plan as written.  Don't tweak it; it is only week 5.  You are starting to trade muscle for fat, and may not see "the answers" on the scale.  There are people who complete this challenge without losing a single pound, but their body composition is totally different when they finish.  I'm not saying you won't lose weight, I am just saying be patient!  Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is the perfect body.  Most women see changes later than men.  I did not have a lot of weight to lose, but didn't see noticeable changes in my body until after week 8, and then really between weeks 10-12.  Hang in there, and keep doing what you are doing.  Do not get discouraged and DO NOT compare your progress with anyone else's.  You are building the best YOU that you can.  Do not incorporate extra HIIT cardio, but some steady state cardio on the side probably wouldn't hurt at all.  If you do too much cardio, you will start to burn the muscle you are trying so hard to build, and then you end up skinny fat.....

    Good luck!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I went through the same emotions after week 5. That Sunday, I was so bummed, as I did not see results. The next day I went to work and had 2 people tell me I looked like I was losing weight. That carried me through. Although I did not reach all of my goals, the challenge went great and I learned a lot about myself and living a healthy lifestyle. Starting challenge 2 on Monday! Keep pushing it will pay.

  • I always suggest in cases like this to put up a detailed meal list...   Then folks that are good with that type of thing will check to make sure everything looks good there.   So if you get a chance, write down EVERYTHING for a day or so.. what you eat, drink, toppings etc.. I can agree that about where you are is TOUGH...   It's after the 'honeymoon' part I felt..  That first 2 or 3 weeks where you are basically running on a 'high' from the shock / change to your system with the exercise.   Then it just felt like a brick wall!   STICK WITH IT... The changes WILL come if you are doing things by the book!    They really will..