About to begin week 5




    Hey Guys I just want to encourage you all. I am a from Humble Texas and I started the challenge on March 7th. I started at 247 pounds and around 30% body fat. I was so tired and disgusted with my life, I was stuck in a rut.  That all changed when I recently went on a trip to India. The people are so poor and the government so corrupt. Seeing the conditions in which they live made me so thankful for everything I have and I actually felt guilty for not handling my resources better and that includes my ability to eat right  and be healthy. When I got back I realized how much we take for granted here in the U.S.  There is no better country in the world and we are blessed to be here. Also I realized that God created me to be a specific way when I reached 45 years old and this isn't it. I am very curious now to see what that looks like.

    I have been hammering away at this for four weeks and I am feeling stronger and people are beginning to notice. It is so important to stick to the diet and reach all of your tens. I am doing a little extra cardio and it is working well for me. That doesn't mean it's easy. It just means I have drawn a line in the sand and this is it. There is an old saying that says when you do what you have always done, you will be what you have always been. I'm tired of being the same and covering up all of the time. I'm ready to see what the real me looks like. Imagine being able to add your physical confidence to the gifts and talents you already have. Wow!!!

    One last thing....I had thirteen surgeries three years ago and for me to keep my lower leg, they had to take one of my lats. (back muscle) and put it on my leg. They said I might not walk right again and wouldn't be able to do my job properly again.

    I said whatever and now we have almost 400 students in two locations at my karate schools. I am a fourth degree black belt and I teach karate for a living.

    If I can do that.......We can do this!!!! 

    God has given us all unlimited potential......lets what that looks like!    Tripp


  • Congrats on making the change. I love your new world view outlook and your acknowledgment of the gluttony in the county. I use to say, "America is an eating disorder." but I am finding there are still a small percentage where that is not the case. I post a quote of the day on my blog and I was inspired by and used "When you do what you have always done, you will be what you have always been" today. It says it so simple and so power and I like it. I googled it to find the source and it came up as Tony Robbins but it sound more ancient .

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”