4-Week Results!

  • So today is the beginning of week 5 for me and here are my results so far yay!

    Week 1:

    Height 5'4"

    Starting Weight: 163

    Body Fat: 33.1%

    Beginning of Week 5:

    Weight: 154.4

    Body Fat: 31%

    I had a very very tough beginning of week 3, my fiance was on vacation and I gave in several times to many temptations! But luckily I found support in so many of you here and forgave myself and moved on! Needless to say I'm so happy with my results so far and this gives me so much motivation to keep pushing forward :)




  • Awesome!  Keep it up!!

  • Thank you so much dburg!

  • Great job!  I just finished week 4-started 2/7!  My results are not as good as yours but I'm still hopeful!  Looking forward to week 8 stats!  :)  


  • Those are great stats - great job! and the next 4-weeks will require some extra focus, but the rewards of that extra focus will be worth it. Moxie your stats may not be as good in numbers, but it sounds like you are looking beyond those which is awesome. Keep after it, both of you - I will be looking for that 8-week update.

  • Fantastic progress Evasmommy!  Good for you forgiving yourself for the cheats and moving onward!  

    Susan Berna

    2010 Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion

  • You're making some real progress. keep up the great effort!!

  • You give us all hope and motivation to go forward who just started! Yaaaay for you! !

  • Thank you so much dburg, Moxie, Jim, BFL Sue, and WPBill and Georgia and to all of you for all your amazing continued support!

    Moxiekidsmom, the important thing is that you are still pushing forward and no matter what the end result may be you will be in a better place! I think that's what I'm finally starting to realize after being on this program for a month! My first months numbers are good but I'm sure at one point or another I will hit some kind of a plateau and will have to work so much harder, but it doesn't matter what the end result is because I know I will be several lbs lighter and most importantly healthier and happier! Like all of you have been here to support me I am 100% here for you!

    GeorgiaofSweden, you can do it! Thank you for those kind words, I have received so much motivation and hope from all of the wonderful people on the BFL Forum, they have been my support system and they have pushed me through some hard times in the first month! I am so grateful to all of you!

    I have to say that for the first time in years, I finally feel like I am gaining control over my body and my bad eating habits.I feel mentally renewed, lol!

    To anyone who is having a hard time, just know that you can push past this, you won't be disappointed with the end result! We ourselves, are our biggest obstacle! For me it was such an accomplishment to beat my mind, because that is what always hindered my progress in the past, my mind would always tell me, NO you need this, no you want this piece of garbage in your mouth! With the help of  so many of you here I forgave myself, fought past it, and I feel like I won a huge victory! Now I feel like I can finally stand up for myself and just say no to the one thing that gets in the way the most, and that's myself! I'm sure these next two months won't be easy, but I know that I can always turn to the amazing support system here and I can get past anything!

  • Thanks for that post!  The last paragraph really does sum it up.  We can be our own worst enemies, BUT we can also be our own biggest ally!