Vegetables and fruit?

  • Just wondering if I don't see certain  vegetables and fruit listed on the BFL list does that mean it is not allowed?? 

  • Yes and no...... some vegetables are considered a carb (ex;  corn).  

    As for fruit, try to stay away from the really "tropical" ones (pineapple, only 1/2 a banana is allowed, etc.).  I don't have the list with me.... berries ARE allowed (seems to me they are not on the list).

    If you are familiar with the glycemic index, you want to choose foods that are low on the index.

    I'm sure others will chime in.  Sorry I can't give you a more complete answer.

    Are there specific veggies/fruits that you are inquiring about?  I could give you a better answer.

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  • avacado??

  • On the site it's listed under healthy fats.

    Healthy Fats


    Sunflower seeds

    Pumpkin seeds

    Cold-water fish

    Natural peanut butter

    Low-fat cheese

    Low-sodium nuts

    Olives and olive oil

    Safflower oil

    Canola oil

    Sunflower oil

    Flax seed oil

  • Thanks Dburg30  :-)

  • Read Bill Phillips cook book Eating for Life. In it he talks about the importance of eating a variety of all healthy foods. There are too many to list! The Authorized Foods list is an example of some of the best and most common foods to use. A healthy diet includes a variety of fruits and vegetables...the more colors the better! By no means does it mean you cannot include other healthy fruits and vegetables in the RIGHT PORTION SIZE FOR YOU.  Also, as mentioned above, you have to be careful what you are considering a fruit or vegetable...avacados are more like nuts when it comes to fat content and corn is really a grain and has a lot more calories than say, leafy green veggies. After reading some posts about people avoiding fruit during the challenge, I emailed BFL champion and ACSM certified personal trainer, Emily Alvers. The following is what she had to say...

    "You are absolutely correct. There are plenty of foods not listed on the "authorized food list" that are perfectly fine to eat. It's impossible to fit them all! The more variety (and colors) the better in my opinion, and making sure to get fruits and veggies of all kinds is the goal. I definitely ate plums, kiwis, and other fruits during my challenge and still do today. Apples and berries are my top choice, only because they fill me up the most, contain so much fiber, and that's just what I like. As long as you stick to the palm/fist method and aren't eating endless amounts of fruit, you will absolutely have good results with those not listed. As a general rule, 1/2 cup - 1 cup fruit is adequate for most women as a portion size when in doubt.

    There is nothing bad about fruit...just practice moderation as you would with anything else. I don't get to crazy with restricting things from my diet, and I don't recommend that anyone who wants to make this "for life" do that either. I've seen too many people who restrict too much and then defeat themselves by trying to keep something up they can't maintain. Keep it simple!"

  • Can someone please go over the palm/fist method again? Should protein be the size of your palm and carbs the size of your fist? What about fruits and veggies, just stick to 1/2 - 1 cup? When it comes to things like yogurt, do you just eat the entire individual yogurt cup they sell in stores? I keep stressing about eating too much or too little, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Yogurt is one you need to make sure you dont get any with actual sugar or high fructose corn syrup added (I was surprised to find yogurt with HFCS in it.)

    Many will suggest greek yogurt and then add fresh fruit to that, I havent done that yet.  I eat the dannon lite and fit myself.  Think it has some artificial sweetener in it, which some people dont like either.

    I've looked at it more the shape would decide the method.  A potato is already 'fist shaped' where a chicken breast or certain steaks etc are more palm shaped.  

    Anymore I look and figure you what I need to consume to hit my carb / protein for the meal.  I started out about 270 5'10" male (well still a male and still 5'10" ;) ) but honestly I think I have smaller hands.  Never could palm a basketball etc etc.  And just when I shake hands etc my hands are smaller.  So when I checked my calories / carbs / protein I was low and had to add a little here and there to make up for it.  But it's a great easy way to get close enough many times.

  • Thanks dburg30. All that info is quite helpful. How do you feel about salt and Stevia in the Raw? I don't recall seeing anywhere that says either of things are within the BFL diet. Of course you probably want to stay away from salt in large quantities, but is just a sprinkle on some veggies ok? Also, I put a couple of packets of Stevia in the Raw on my greek yogurt, it helped the Plain flavor really taste better. I found a brand of Greek Yogurt that has all natural ingredients and NO HFCS and very low sugar like 6g? I think that's low? Also, I have felt like I haven't been hungry when it's time for my next meal, should I eat anyway, or wait? Do you think this means I am eating too much? At dinner tonight I ate 1 1/2 turkey meatballs (they were like the size of my fist), then I had probably 1/4 c of brown rice with some homemade salsa on top. I felt quite full at the end? Should I cut back, or is it ok to feel full? I didn't stuff myself, but I definitely felt satisfied.

    Sorry for all the questions, any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated!