Thoughts on supplements like creatine and hmb?

  • I am new to this challenge. I am also new to supplements. I understand the need for protein supplements through out the day. However, I was wondering how those of you who have used creatine and hmb have felt they played a role in your success. I don't want to purchase something that might work or maybe helped. I would rather save the money than to throw it down the drain for hopes that it might help. Any suggestions? Also I have looked at the EAS website and their supplements seem very expensive. Are there other brands with reasonable quality that may work as well? Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • I'm on week 7 of my challenge and have been using protein powder, bars and shakes in addition to creatine and glutamine throughout.   The amount I am able to lift has increased steadily -- is it the creatine, the protein or just the fact that I lift regularly?   I have no idea.   The creatine seems cheap to me because you get so much of it -- one tub will last at least through the challenge.   The creatine certainly wasn't like a light going off where I suddenly had superhuman strength.   I guess I would have had to have done a challenge without it to see if there was a difference.

    The glutamine is a different story.   That has basically cured me of delayed onset muscle soreness and has been somewhat of a miracle IMO.   I wouldn't think of not taking that when doing weight lifting from now on.

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  • I think you will get a wide variety of responses here.  I have never used HMB so I can't comment on it.  The only time I have seen a benefit from creatine was the first time I used it in the late 90's.  Even after about 6-7 years of not using it I thought I would notice results, but nothing.  I have tried everything from the basic creatine to the more expensive products.  I tried it on my challenge mostly because it was fairly inexpensive and since I hadn't used creatine for so many years I thought I would notice results.  I stopped using it with around 5-6 weeks left in my challenge and didn't notice any drop in performance in the gym.

    If you have never used it before I would say give it a try just because it is a proven supplement and fairly inexpensive.  I have friends that have used creatine regularly for a number of years and notice results whenever they use it.  Everybody responds differently and you won't really know until you try it.

    Hope this helps.

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