The wake-up call in my closet

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    Cleaning out my closet I found a bin with summer clothes hidden for years.

    Ahha I said, here is the dress I've been looking for and  oh yeah that top and those 2 skirts I wore to the Xmas parties!

    I held the unstretched skirt to my body and was just astounded?

    How the heck did I ever fit into this tiny skirt.

    Next I held up the crochet  midriff top which looked like it fit a teenager.

    Maybe I had washed it and it shrunk?

    Lastly a cute, flirty skirt that I wore at our 25 Anniversary bout 12 years. ago,,,,sad thing is I recall looking at the photo and remarking how big I look.

    I'm sure we can all relate to those moments, thinking you needed to drop those last 10 lbs when in fact you were gorgeous.

    Its like I don't even know this fat person I've become.

    I am terribly embarrased to be seen especially by an old friend, horrors!!

    Family get togethers are soo uncomfortable for me as I know what there thinking.

    So, I have hung up the dress and skirt where I can see it in hopes it'll motivate me.

    Can anyone identfy w me?

  • Oh yes, you are not alone!

    I only buy beautiful clothes in a certain size otherwise I don't feel worth of wearing them.

    I have an incredible red dress which I haven't worn in 4 years because I steadily gained weight. Whenever I wore it I would get hit on left right and centre, and felt so sexy and glamorous in it.  Now it's at the back of my wardrobe gathering dust *sigh*.

    The good news is thanks to BFL I am only 2 dress sizes away from wearing it again rather than 3, and I know that I can achieve that in two challenges.  

    Here's a question for those who have dropped a size... I have another 6 weeks left and am almost certain I will drop another dress size.  I refuse to buy any clothes to fit my new body in the meantime as it's expensive and I am so determined to get into a UK 12/ US 8 by day 84 that I don't think it's worth it.  Has anyone else been in this position?

  • Yes, I defintely can and i thank you so much for being so honest.. That's where I'm at; I started the challenge last week and so far so good.  Thank you again

  • Kitty 33, your post made me laugh and sad at the same time.  Yes I have pulled that same skirt up and that same top and wondered the same thing......did this shrink?  And your post reminded me of a cute summer top and leather skirt I have in the back of my closet.  Its coming back out!!!   So thank you much for your post and the shared difficulties, and laughter at ones self.  So lets get into those outfits again, and feel good in them again!!  

  • Hi

    Thank-you ladies for your input.

    As my husband likes to say "were all alike"

    Lets say in touch during the challange.

  • Yeppers!

    You can do it Kitty!  One Day At A Time!  The sooner you get started,  the better ;)


  • Sometimes even small changes can make big differences in speeding up your weight loss.  

    Simple things like taking away cream or milk from your coffee?  Maybe eating a half of grapefruit at the start of breakfast...  as grapefruit has helped me to drop weight faster.  I have been eating (2) halves daily.  

    Getting in more activity before breakfast?  

    Small changes that have made a difference in my program.


  • Oh heck yeah I've been there!!  Half my closet is a wake up call!

    I've completed two weeks of the challenge and already am feeling better about my closet!

    I too, refuse to buy any new clothes until I have completed at least one challenge!

    Good luck everyone!

  • I thought I was ready to begin my challange 2 weeks ago but realized I wasn't.

    Just seem to keep eating too damn much.

    I look at the suggestive menus and see I am still overeating.

    So, after my last fling today (after all it is Valentines Day) I will set my alarm for 7AM and get to the gym.

    I will copy and print out menus and stick to them.

    I will no longer buy 1x clothing.

    I will begin a new post tomorrow titled ~ Post  Valentines Challange.~.hope we can all gather there.

  • For me it's been going the other way I keep cleaning out my closet since all my clothes are too big now... I got rid of my last size 38 pants last night! I'm never going back!!

  • I expect to be doing the same in 12 weeks...except I'll be burning my big ole 38DDD bras!!  LOL

  • Sorry I'm not too familiar with boobies but does that mean your cup size will go down or the 38 or both? how does it work??

  • My boobs are also getting smaller... :( *sigh*

    From an nice C cup @HASAM that is the actual boob size, to a B and my back has gone from a 36 to a 34.  Its the only place I'm NOT happy about losing it.

  • I think that as time goes on you will find that you "rediscover" many former garments in your closet that now fit or even  are looser than they were long ago. It's a nice side benefit from the exercise and eating properly....a perk if you will..  . WPBILL

  • Hi

    Just to let you all know I began my new thread "post Valentines challange"

    Hope you all will participate and motivate each other!!