Day 55 Photos Attached. How Am I Doing?

  • Hi everyone, was bored today so decided to take some pictures to see my progress. It's day 55 and I am weighing 219 lbs. When I started I weighed 242 so a loss in about 8 weeks of 23 lbs. My Body fat is now around 20 %. In the before picture it is 28.4 %.

    Think i'm doing Ok, just wanted to know what you guys thought, and if you think there is any way I could be improving. Still a full 4 weeks to go, and I most likely will have to do another challenge to get to my target weight of 200 lbs. 





    Above and below, December 3rd 2010 9 days before starting Body For Life weighing 242 lbs and 28% Fat






    Pictures taken today on day 55 below, weighing 220lbs and Body fat 20.3%








    Any help / advice would be really appreciated.


  • Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!  

    Very well done and don't stop - keep going!

  • Thank you Jules, i wasn't going to take any pictures until i was finished but i think i needed to see for myself if any progress was being made in a visual sense. I wear suits to work to people haven't noticed as much.

    Thank you for your kind support!

  • Hey Searcher

    For sure you are on the right track, congratulations you look great,another 4 weeks? wow! you keep going my man!!

  • WOW really awesome, I am impressed.

    I am hoping to start my first BFL in next couple of weeks and your results are really inspirational for me, thanks for posting it.

  • The Searcher can you please tell me what EAS supplements / products are you taking along with the frequency?

  • Searcher, you have really inspired me to take some photos as I'm wrapping up week 5.  I have another 7 weeks to go and have seen some great changes so far - the camera never lies!!!

    Keep going and please, please post your day 84 photos! You're really motivating me! :)

  • A 23 pound weight-loss is fantastic! Not only do you look phenomenal but you have made internal changes that will last a lifetime! Keep up the good work!

    I'm rooting for you!


  • Time to kick it into high gear!  Don't think about C2 yet, think about finishing C1 as strong as possible.  

    Grat work!

    Matthew McClelland

    2010 Grand Master Champion

  • OMG! You have made extreme changes! You look great! Keep it up! You look so much healthier.

  • You look great! That is some awesome progress. I am guessing you are fairly tall..

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • I can see some serious changes!  Awesome job - please keep going and finish what you have started with everything that you have - you can do this!  Keep believing that even bigger changes are coming in the upcoming weeks of challenge 1 and let that motivate you to go to another level.  Great job!

    One Life, Live Accordingly

  • Truly an inspiration! Wow!  Now I am really motivated!

  • Awesome progress!  I see it in your face... really I see a loss of inches everywhere!  You are looking great!

  • Hi Mustafa, thanks for the kind comments. They really help to keep the motivation up.

    As for supplements I drink a Myoplex every day as one of my 6 meals. Other than that all i take is a multi vitamin and a omega 3 6 9 tablet.