enough is enough

  • I have had enough of my current situation , I have procrastinated for way too long. I am 300lbs 45% bodyfat and on the way to a heart attack or diabeties if I dont change my lifestyle, at 32 I am living such an unhealthy lifestyle, I drink alcohol and eat junk food everyday so much so that im lucky I havent developed a serious health condition already, I also know that   the more unhealthy I have become the more my personality has been affected , I have been a negetive person for too long and some of you have witnessed it from some of my posts

    Bodyforlife is the best program out for anyone to get in shape because its the simplest  in design, you dont need special equipment or special foods, I am going to offically start my challenge next monday the 7th of febuary because im going to get my before photos taken this weekend and post them on this site, however im still going to eat healthy and start working out tomorrow to get myself back in the groove and im going to follow it exactly as outlined, wiesh me luck

  • Wow, I could have posted this verbatim.

    Same exact situation, beer and junk food. 300+ pounds except I'm 36. I'm also starting on Feb. 7 so I'll be chugging along with you at the exact same time. Let's try to stay motivated, I now I'm tired of looking and feeling this way too.

    Good luck to you and I'll be watching and posting my progress as well.

  • Thanks Matt

    Best of luck in your challenge also

    I dont expect to win everyone over straight away but im so determined to do this

  • there is thread recently started called, "2-7-11 THIS IS NO DRILL".  You should come to it to stay accountable!!  I will be starting C2 on that date also.

  • Why not start tonight??

  • Proud of you 6packmission!!!!  You can do it.  Believe me... just the act of making a decision and taking action immedately can transform your attitude about yourself because you KNOW you are DOING something about what's bugging you.  You have all my support!!!

  • I say YEs you can do it. We all can if we work at it and I think a big help for me last time was the support of the community here. Good Luck! Take each day a day at a time.

  • just got the above taken for the big start tomorrow, God I look awful

  • Hello again, 6-pack.  Come join us at 2-7-11 "This is No Drill" for a fresh start.  We have a nice-sized group there, and ground rules of no personal attacks.  It's time you right-sized your body - I know your heart is in the right place!


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • 6packmission,

    The past is not a predictor of the future if you change what has not been working.  I know that if you live the body for life lifestyle one day at a time, you can transform your body and achieve your goals.  Trust yourself and know that by focusing on making the right decisions today, you are building the tomorrow that you want.  The fitness will come, the self-confidence will come, and what seems impossible now will become possible.  One day at a time, I know you can do this.

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  • Don't dig your grave with your own fork and knife! You are worthy of the change, invest in yourself. Procrastinators only make empty promises. Start today. Believe in yourself!

    1) Clean your fridge. Throw away the junk, if it's there you will eat it.

    2) Make a grocery list and plan your meals.

    3) Write out your workout for the enitre week.

    4) Plan how you will deal with your cravings when they set-in. Go for a walk, start a journal or go on this thread and seek out assistance.

    5) Go to the store and buy a pair of jeans that you would love to fit into. Be realistic but buy something that brings a smile to your face. Take some time everyday to look at them and visualize yourself wearing em.

    Make it happen!


  • Listen to Lori she always gives great advice!

    I am just wrapping up week 5 (free day tomorrow) and have procrastinated about starting my first challenge for so long.  I can say at day 34, BFL WORKS!!!  I am steadily losing the flab and gaining muscle.  All the very best of luck!

  • Get out your calendar and circle May 8 - that is your Day 84. Cross of each day in between if it helps you stay committed to the program.

    Start thinking positively. Instead of "God, I look awful," try, "Well, I can see I've got room for improvement over the next 12 weeks, so let's get to it!" Seriously. I've heard it said that this program is 80% kitchen and 20% gym. Unfortunately, that leaves out the other half, which is attitude!

    I'm glad you plan to follow the plan exactly as outlined. It really does take a lot of pressure off doing it by the book. It also helps to be accountable to a group, such as the one Jacium recommended to you.

    Take care and best wishes over the next 12 weeks. I'm really glad you decided to take the plunge.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • May 8th is actually the day before my 33rd birthday

    I have alot of myoplex diet at home , at 300lbs im not sure if 1 myoplex lite is enough for a meal for me as each shake has 20g of carbs and 25g of protein, I was thinking of taking 2 each time and when they are gone go with myoplex original