Starting January 31st

  • Im also feeling pretty exhausted this week after making my body actually do alot of physical work.

    For me to get 6 meals in if i start my day later i will cut down the in between time of the meals to 2 hours if needed and just have smaller meals.

    I think once a week to weigh yourself is pretty good.  If you do it more often you might get discuraged by not seeing a big change each day.

  • I did it again yesterday! No 6th meal.  Not on purpose, I just forgot and woke up this morning starving again.  

    I made the chicken fajitas though and they were great!  My kids even chowed down.  They had refried beans on theirs, I had black beans.

    I am so freakin' SORE still today from the lower body workout, even though I did cardio yesterday!  I'm soooo glad it's an upper body day!

    Good things happening from this:

    - I'm sleeping like the dead lately, which for me, a raging insomniac, has been awesome!

    - NO restless legs issues!  I've noticed this in the past that if I'm exercising regularly, my legs don't bother me.

    - more energy throughout the day.

    GOOD things are happening!

    Yes, I was in the Army for 11 years.  I got out a couple of years ago after my husband was critically wounded in Iraq and I had twins.  Too many family things to deal with to try to be active duty anymore!  I still work for the Army as a civilian but I actually work on an Air Force Base.  It's a nice change!  I think it may actually be warmer in Alaska right now than it is in the lower 48!!

  • DAY 5 WOO HOO!!!

    Had a few setbacks today but pushing through them and will salvage the rest of the day and make the day mine!!  My son got sent home from school yesterday with a fever and couldnt come back today either.  I left all my shakes and bars at work and had to improvise with my meal plan yesterday.  

    Ended up sleeping in with my son this morning and missed my morning workout and first 2 meals......BUT luckily it was an UBWO day and I still have my bowflex dumbbell set here at home....had to make an at home gym this morning and thought it wasnt the workout I wanted it was still a good workout and now I cant move my arms without shaking! LOL......just gonna have to move some of my meals around and make it work,  

    PLUS just found out that the week of the 14th I have training to go to and it will be "field conditions" so wont have a gym to work with and will have to figure out the eating plan since all we get out there is MRE's and if you have ever ate one of those you know that "nutrition" is not normally the forefront of these meals....just high calorie intake to sustain the constant activities we will be doing.  Oh well should be able to sneak a few bars and some protein powder into my bags! :)  Hope everyone is having a good day and keep up the good work.

    Sorry for the constant novels but I have found that using this thread to update my progress is definitely keeping me in check and feel like I would let down each and every person that reads this if I give into the cravings and urges!!

    Good note is that Super Bowl Sunday is on a cheat day WOO HOO!!!!!


  • Cindy-  

    I don't think it would be a big deal to make your cheat day and your rest day separate ! Do whatever is going to keep you going! good luck hun!

  • Hows life fellow BFL'ers??

    DAY 6--Got a late start today with my workout and first meals but no biggy got up and went to the gym and then started my meal plan...6 meals will take me till later in the day than planned but its the weekend so usually stay up a little later any way lol.

    NAILED my cardio goal to get 2 miles in my cardio before my cool down and hit yet another level 10 this session.  Was at 2.03 miles before my 20 minutes ended!!!  Yessss....another mental break thru.

    hope everyone else is doing well in their life changing cycle and cant wait to hear about the great week you have all had.

    Did my 1 week weigh-in this morning and down from 275 to 262 this week....still have TONS of work to do and cannot wait to watch the transformation that has yet to come.

  • Day 6 was pretty good.  I'm amazed at how much more energy I have already.  I used to spend Saturdays laying around on the couch with no energy to go anywhere.  Today we hit the mall and the grocery store.  I did 4 loads of laundry and swept, mopped and polished my floors.  I even squeezed in a little power nap while my kids were napping!

    I got up early and did my cardio before my kids got up.  You'll see me refer to them as "The Banditas".  I have almost 3 year old twin girls and they are little tornados I'll tell ya what!  The Banditas is my nickname for them.

    Yay for being done with week one!  I will weigh and do measurements in the morning!  Good job everyone for making it through the first week and enjoy SuperBowl Sunday!  I'm off to soak in my spa tub and read now that the girls are in bed!

  • Regarding separate free eating and free workout/rest day:

    I started my second challenge on Jan 17th and completed the first in August of last year.  I took my rest day (free workout day) on a different day than my free eating day whenever I needed to during my first challenge.  My husband and I did the challenge together, and our philosophy was that if it meant I could have a better workout on Sunday than I could on Tuesday, use Tuesday as the rest day and Sunday as a workout day.  In fact, I think that knowing I was going to fulfill my cravings later that day made me work even harder!  Best of luck!  You are all doing amazingly already!

  • Ok so I am really surprised by my weight loss this week and don't really know what to think about it. I didn't get to work out my last 3 days because of how bad my legs were. Honestly getting up and down the stairs and sitting down was horrible and my thigh muscles were swollen, I even had bruises on the back of my thighs wtf? lol. I am still pretty sore but doing better, next week I am for sure taking it down a notch :/  So anyways I started last week @ 128 lbs. and 29.5% body fat. So This morning I am 124.6 and 28.5% body fat. I hope I didn't lose any muscle!! I am just wondering does anyone know if the pounds lost match up with the body fat lost? I haven't seen 124 on the scale for almost 3 years so that feels pretty good! So I did push myself a little to hard and as a consequence missed 3 workouts but my progress is still there so I'm not going to beat myself up over it anymore!! Diet must really be the key to this thing!

    I hope everyone had an awesome first week! Now lets enjoy our free day (Go Steelers!!) and get ready to kick some ass tomorrow!!

  • Cheat day was awesome!!!  Not in the fact that I ate like a starving kid but that I found I didnt really want the foods that I thought I did.  Wife has been wanting some IHOP so we went there for breakfast and I get a big ole omlette with pancakes.....not even 1/2 way into the omlette I realized that I wasnt hungry any more so had few bites of the pancke and sent the rest back to the garbage can......cannot tell you the last time that I have left a plate with that much food on it EVER.  Usually I am picking off the leftovers from other plates AFTER finishing my plate off.  Was a great feeling and a huge confidence boost!!

    Funny because we brought the eating for life book in with us to IHOP and planned the weeks meals out and setup our shopping list. (was more interested in that than the food in front of me)

    Had a good time watching the Super Bowl and again found that I snacked on a few things but wasnt really "enjoying" the food I was eating.  Spent alot of time talking about the Body-for-life challenge and recruited 2 of the couples that were there at the party.  So it looks like I will be doing a 14 week challenge.  They are getting the books and taking this week to get ready to start on 14 Feb. So told them I would extend out and press on with them even after I finish up.

    Was a great feeling to be sitting there talking about a program that I have already felt changes in such a short amount of time.

    Probably going to be skipping my lower body workout in the morning since our work section has a skiing trip planned and being that it is my first time ever to go skiing Im not sure going out there with jello legs would be too safe!!   I am sure I will get a good workout and if not then will hit the gym up after the trip.

    Good luck to everyone out there and lets get ready for week 2!!  

  • Good job y'all on your week one successes!!  I too had some success and even a few compliments from the ladies at church about how I'm slimming down!  WHOOHOOO!!!  I lost 3lbs, 2inches in my waist, 1inch in my hips and 2% bodyfat!  I'm very, very pleased with that and it makes me even more motivated to keep on truckin'!

    Free day was pretty good.  I too found that I didn't really want to eat a bunch of crap!  The two biggest "cheat" things I had were a super big latte from Starbucks on my way to church, which I still got with nonfat milk and sugar free vanilla, and BEER!  I had like 4 beers while watching the SuperBowl and slept really, really hard!  

    I am feeling a bit of a food hangover so to speak today.  Because I ate more "snacky" carb things than I have in about a month, I am so PUFFY!  My hands and my face.  I'm sure it's partially from the beer too.  Definitely need to flush my system with some water.  I am very pleased with this weeks success!  On to week 2 we go!

  • Awesome you guys!! Wow I chowed down yesterday :) Not bad though just the right amount to get it out of my system! I surprisingly did not drink alcohol yesterday although I did drink a couple sodas. I am so ready for week 2! Especially now that i can actually walk comfortably lol but still I am doing upper body today!  Good luck everyone :)

  • WELL....Not such good news today.  Went skiing for the first time in my life and we didnt know the layout of the place and ended up on the wrong ski lift that took us up the "intermediate" slope......(intermediate I'm not!! lol)  Long story short I bit it pretty hard and messed my shoulder up pretty bad.....scary feeling being that it feels the same way that my other shoulder did right before surgery.  So gotta get to the doc in the morning and hope he says its sprained or something that wont hold me up too long.

    Guess I am stuck riding the bike tomorrow for cardio and my UBWO will be changed up significantly.  

    Hope all is going well with everyone else...

  • Awww that stinks about the skiing accident!! Just remember, something like 80% of the programs success is what you eat!

    Doing so far, so good in week 2, I think I saw the beginning of an Ab muscle this morning! It's been awhile since those were uncovered.

    The fact that we such results so fast seriously keeps me motivated to keep going! Hope everyone is having a good week 2!

  • Wheres all the updates?? Curious how everyone is doing!! lol

    Well the doc said it is just a sprained AC joint and should be good to go after some R&R.  Doesnt really work into this challenge but I am trying to make the best of it.  Havent been able to get to the gym this week after the injury and more than likely going to take the docs advice to give it a week before going crazy again!! lol.

    Still sticking to the eating plans and checked myself this morning and still maintaining my loss this week BUT cannot get too upset since I havnt been to the gym either.  

    My wife and 2 other couples are starting the challenge on the 14th so I am going to be on a 14 week challenge which cant hurt especially after the craziness that happened this week.  

    Hope everyone it doing well!!!

  • dskel1122- As long as your keeping your weight without the exercise is pretty good! And 14 weeks cant be a bad thing at all.

    So far my week 2 has been going really great! The first week i was too sore i just think my muscles just needed to get used to working out.  Pushed myself pretty hard this week and am feeling really good about all workouts and cardio.  Ive been doing really good with the eating also by making meals about 4 times a week in large amounts and freezing them for meals during the week.  I am down one notch on my belt this morning so i know its working!

    Hope everyone else is doing good and keeping it up!