Starting January 31st

  • Works for me!!  Day 2 went well as far as working out and eating.  I'm suffering from a headache, I went to the chiropractor and we talked about that part of it might be from a sugar withdrawal!  I never even thought about that!  I made a yummy chicken chili in my crockpot.  I didn't eat my sixth meal, HUGE mistake!  I woke up this morning STARVING with a headache of course.  It's so freakin' cold (okay, cold for Texas!)  I didn't want to get up this morning!  I'll have to get my workout in at lunchtime.  The power went out while I was getting ready for work, I have no idea what we are having for dinner.  I have some poor planning today!!  I can get through it, it'll be fine!

  • Hey there. I also started on the 31st.  So far so good I bought the body for life journal which is a very good buy!  It helps with everything as in food planning for each day and for the workouts it just makes it alot easier.  On day 3 now and still doing good and staying motivated except that my upper body is very very sore still from monday.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

  • Shelle--Heard about all the snow....weird thing is that it is colder and you guys are getting more snow in Texas than we are up here in ALASKA!!  Also, not sure if you have the Eating-for-life book....definitely worth the $$.  Had the Chicken Enchiladas last night and they were excellent!! Chicken fajitas tonight!!

    Having a hard time getting my "levels" down on weight training workouts.  Problem I have is I know what I "used" to lift before I stopped and my brain isnt comprehending that you get weaker when you dont work out, or maybe its ego?!? LOL.  Did lower body today and had to cut some of the workout.....pushed a little too hard got real dizzy and nauseous not a fun way to start the day off.  Chalk it up to experience and press on!

    crum0202--understand the soreness...I didnt realize getting ready in the mornings involved so much upper body!! lol.  BUT the good news is that you are sore cause you are working!!  Cant say that I have been sore before after sitting on the couch and eating like crap all day!!!

    DAY 3....gonna be a good day!  Good Luck to all...

  • Yeah after starting to workout hard after doing pretty much nothing at all for months is a wake up call to how much strength i have lost. But i keep reminding myself that its not the weight that im lifting that matters its just the fact that im working out the muscle correctly.  And yes feeling sore is way better than not feeling sore!

  • Michelle,

    I also started my Challenge January 31! Good luck to you. :D


  • I just downloaded the starter kit!!!  I've started the challenge in the past and didn't make it through the 12 weeks!!  I'm planning to start next Monday ... so I'm trying to prepare myself for success this time!!  Am I suppose to get my body fat % measured?  I don't even own a scale ... advice please?

  • A scale would be a good thing to get.  I plan on doing a weekly weigh in.  Also you might want to get your measurements like your arms, legs, waist and chest sizes to compare with your after 12 week sizes.

  • Hey everyone! Speaking of being sore WOW! I completely overworked myself on my first 2 workouts. My arms are still sore from monday, and after yesterdays workout I can barely walk! I think I was so afraid of being lazy/taking it easy that I pushed way too hard and now as a consequence I am not going to be able to do my cardio today :( I'm not going to let myself be dissapointed because this only means that I was pushing with everything I have inside of me! So I do feel good :)

    Shelle- I feel you on the sugar withdrawals!! I have been feeling lightheaded, nauseated, etc...  Before I started the challenge I was eating a lot healthier and swimming for a month. It has taken me that time to realize I was a food addict. Mainly carbs and sugar. Also have learned that I use bad foods to comfort myself, and I have been in denial about that! At least now I know so it makes me stronger to make the better decisions! I hope everyone has a great 4th day!!

    p.s. does anyone know where i can get body fat calipars and how much they cost?

  • You can get body fat calipers at GNC or any sporting good store.  I don't think they'd be more than like $20.  I did mine by taping my measurements and doing the Army body fat calculator, but that's just because I don't have calipers and I was in the Army forever so I'm used to that.  It's probably not that accurate!

    Day 3 went well, I totally kicked my own butt with the lower body workout!  I was totally unmotivated yesterday but once I got started it was pretty good.  I am so stinkin' SORE today!  I thought there was no way I could do my cardio, but I just got on the treadclimber and started slow.  As I warmed up and loosened up the muscles it felt okay and I got through it!

    Do some sort of cardio even if you are sore!  You'll feel better even if it's just a walk!  I'm feeling better already, I can't wait to say I finished week one and do my measurements!  Pretty psyched that rest/eat day is Superbowl Sunday too!

  • Sorness seems to be the common word here and that is a GREAT THING!!....I definitely am feeling the effects of it but it is a good feeling cause I know its because I have been working hard and that the work will in time pay itself off.

    100% agree with you Shelle on the cardio even if you are sore.....gotta get those muscles moving and warmed up!!!

    Cardio started this morning with a groan and moan but once I got into it I felt better and had a blast...(exercise being fun? hmm never had that feeling before! lol)  Thought that the 20 minute cardio wouldnt be a problem but you throw that HIIT in there and it changes the whole world.  Cardio was good today....felt like I broke through that mental block and found a NEW level 10.  What are you guys doing for your cardio???  Im sticking to the treadmill for now since it has less room for me to slow it down.

    My breakdown today was (in MPH)

    Level 5- 4.5

    Level 6-9 went from 5.0 to 6.5 in .5 increments.

    Level 10 @ 7MPH but 30 seconds into it my mind took over and pushed up to 7.5 and increased incline to 1%.  So now I know I can do more I will be increasing all off my levels by .5 with a goal of finishing 2 miles in the time frame (without cool down).  Today went 1.93mi which accounts for a 2 minute cool down at end @ 3.5.

    Was getting ready this morning after an awesome breakfast of scrambled egg whites with chopped green onions and slice of deli turkey on a piece of whole wheat bread and saw the dreaded weight scale out of the corner of my eye.  So gave it a ride......

    Weighed in at 275 on Sunday night before starting the challenge and the scale might broken but it now reads 264!!!!  I know there is the initial massive drop that most people have and definitely do not expect those numbers each week but was encouraging to see that number.....started the day off right

    Sorry for the novel but have had alot of good changes going on and wanted to share.....

    ALSO my wife decided to start her challenge on 7 Feb (she is already eating the meal plan but going to start the weight training next week)  PLUS another couple that we are very good friends with are mulling the idea over.  (Cooked the baked chicken parmesean for all of us last night and having the fajitas tonight; maybe I can buy em over with healthy food?? LOL).


  • Shelle- I think that army body fat calculator is pretty accurate, it sounds about right to me, i might try the calipers we will see.

    Dskel- That is awesome! 11 pounds in less than 4 days! Your body must feel alot better with all that junk out of it!

    Trust me guys if I was just sore I would be doing cardio, but I am not exaggerating, I can barely get up and down my stairs, and do normal household chores. Even trying to sit down is excruciating. I am following a different plan that is similar to bodyforlife, and my brother is a personal trainer and he told me I did way too much. So I am not just making excuses here, I am really banged up! lol I'm gonna get a good stretch in and see where that takes me.

  • I hear ya SexiMama!  It hurts to sit on the toilet!!  I'm just sharing that cause it's funny :)

    I've lost 3lbs this week already too, but for some reason I'm wicked hungry today! I'm trying to munch baby carrots and almonds to curb the starve!

  • I haven't weighed myself yet. I usually do it once a week, however i am trying to hold off for 2 weeks. Carrots are awesome for that!!!

  • SexiMama--never wanted to hint that you were making excuses; hope you didnt take it that way.  Hope all goes well with the soreness.......back when I was lifting regularly and playing football my best friends after really insane lifting days were the sauna and hot epson salt baths!  Not a doc or anything but that was a huge help with me.

    Shelle--congrats on the loss....previous post said you were in the Army?  Awesome...thanks for the service.  I am Active Duty in Air Force up here in chilly Alaska!!

  • HI everyone ~  I also started on the 31st as some of you did.  I am feeling really exhausted!!  I've been doing good so far but I also have a hard time eating so late, but then if I don't then I can't get 6 meals in.  

    Shelle ~ I did the same thing you did and only had 5 meals yesterday and was starving this morning. Great job on loosing 3 lbs already!!  

    Dskl - WOW, 11 lbs that's awesome ~ congrats!

    SexiMama ~ You are definately not alone!!  I am so sore from doing legs yesterday that I cringe whenever I have to stand up to go to the bathroom!

    I'm afraid to weigh myself, maybe I will once a week.  What are you guys doing?  Also, do you think it's bad to split up your free day and have one day be a "free workout day" and one day be a "free food day" - I would have to wake up one morning a week at 4AM to get a workout in but that's not the day I want to make my "free food day" becasue I'm working.  Sorry if that's totally confusing!!