All Ntural Peanut Butter

  • Hi,

    I;m a first timer (today is my first day, actually!) and I was wondering if anyone could help me understand where and when all natural peanut butter is used, as it is considered a healthy fat. Can I incorporate it into an all ready balanced meal? How often?


    Thank you!

  • The all natural seems to have more fat.. not sure if that means good fat or bad... the reduced fat is supposed to be bad for you.

    Anyone else? what do you recommend, is there a BFL brand that you like?

  • Natural peanut butter that reads on the label ingredients "just peanuts" is what BFL is referring to. Yes it has a large amount of fat but the fat in the Natural peanut butter is fine and natural.

    I try to stay away from the nat pb as a fat for two reasons:

    1. I believe there are better fat sources

    2. I would eat the entire jar and bfl is all about portion

    But on a serious note, some people will have a tbsp with an apple or something like that...

  • The fat in natural PB isn't great.  There's more bad fat than good and the good isn't what you need most.  It's Omega 6 and you really need Omega 3.  To have some on occasion is okay, in very strict moderation.  There are better fat sources.

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Nothing wrong with PB at all. I have eaten 1 tbsp a day with my oats and it never stopped me from getting lean. Oh and there isn't any bad fat in PB. If you really wanted yo could add flaxseed to PB for Omega 3.

  • Although technically authorized, there's no question PB has bad fat in it.  Flaxseed to PB still wouldn't give you the fat you need, which is Omega 3 in the form of EPA.  Flax is ALA.  PB is okay sometimes and no, won't kill your challenge, but it's not a best option.  

    Mike Harris had a great blog on PB.  Let me see if I can find it.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • What do most people want to do that join BFL? They wanna lose body fat.

    Do most people like PB? Yes

    Can you eat PB daily and still get in the best shape of your life? Yes.

    People don't care about EPA, ALA, about someone's blog on PB.  

    People wanna enjoy the foods like they and enjoy life in the best shape possible.

    Your desire to be a know it all and always have an answer for every little thing, is annoying.

    Skabadi stated a newcomer and wants to know if he/she can eat it daily and how much as part of a balanced food intake.

    So to answer your question, yes you can. Enjoy.

  • Charlie!!!!

    They need to care about ALA.  You give bad information.  95% of Americans are deficient in healthy fat and PB will NOT help. 

    People here do care about Mike Harris's blogs.  He is a BFL legend. 

    I know a lot about this topic and post when I can help, unlike you, who posts on everything, even when you clearly lack the proper information.

    PB is not part of a balanced food intake.  You can have it sometimes.  If you have a tablespoon per day it won't necessarily hurt, but it won't help.  Have things that help you instead. 


    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • legend? LOL maybe in your mind.

    I never once said anything about not taking in healthy fat. And I never gave bad info. I simply answered her question.

    Now what does everyone wanna do? Get lean.

    So Jessica, what's your body fat %?

  • Charlie:

    You are rude and angry person.  This will be the last time we communicate. 

    I don't know my body fat % because my bod pod is scheduled for my end date.  You knew that because you've asked before, which is really a snide way of saying that if mine is higher that I must not know what I'm talking about.  I have facts to back up what I say and yes, I got heavy, even with all that good information.  I was 12.1% body fat, not that it matters.  Then I hit a pedestrian in a horrible and tragic accident and got very heavy after a long bout of depression.  I am 4'11" and got to 189, yes, even with all my good information.  Is any of this the point?  No. 

    You answered the question WRONG.  Natural PB has over 20% saturated fat.  You said it had no bad fat.  You are putting up a paper tiger by now saying that I said you never once said anything about not taking in healthy fat.  You then suggested flax for Omega 3.  That won't really help.  ALA only converts to what you need at a rate of 2.7%.  How much flax would it take to get what you need, Charlie?

    You are not helping people get lean.  I will think the best of you and assume you want them to and just don't know how. You give bad information and worse, are so insecure that you fail to learn good along the way by collaborating with people.  Instead you want to fight and just plain cause drama.  Just because someone offers different or differing points of view, information or opinions does not give you the right to be nasty.  You harm people here and I will not be part of it one moment longer.

    You know who knew how to help?  Mike Harris and NEVER disrespect him again.  He is a legend to us all, the ones who have been here, who have made this work and who have benefited from all his wisdom, kindness, generosity and patience.  He was a true Champion, in every sense of the word.  Over 6000 copies of his ladies success document have been sent.  Has that many of 1 of your posts been forwarded to help people?  That's just 1 post.  Mike helps thousands of people.  How dare you?

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • what's funny is that you think saturated fat is bad fat.

    It doesnt matter what you think. It matters what results people get. Bottom line.

  • Skabadi - an alternate way to enjoy peanut butter without as much fat is to buy a powdered peanut butter or peanut butter flour, such as PB2, Common Good Foods, Fitnutz or Southern Grace Farms. The dehydration process also removes most of the fat.

    Used in moderation as an occasional flavoring, rather than as a protein, should satisfy both your taste buds and the dietary requirements of BFL.

    Welcome and best wishes for a successful challenge.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • You can order great peanut butter that will allow you to splurge here

  • I'll add that if you have peanut butter cravings, the myoplex chocolate peanut butter bar is unreal.   It's like eating a snickers bar.   Now I crave the bars not peanut butter or chocolate.

  • I have a Tablespoon of PB (freshly ground additives) everyday...either on an apple or in my protein shake...losing a consistent 2-3lbs a week and am getting stronger. Moderation is the key..if you want that Tablespoon have it or you will end up on a binge and eat the whole container.  Life and good health is NOT about is about enjoyment of all moderation. Good luck!