The Cost of Beginning

  •    I am 30 years old, 5'10" tall and weight 185 pounds

     I am looking into getting a decent dumbbell and weight training bench, but could use some tips on where to go and what to look for.

    My biggest problem will be getting up early and also getting all my meals and snacks organized 6 days a week. I don't really want to rely on having to buy expensive kits to simply have a snack three times a day.

       On top of snacks I need to find decent meals that work with my work schedule, I work Mon - Fri and have plenty of breaks throughout the day.

     I am an expert at procrastinating, AND I find it hard to even believe I have the willpower to really change myself... I have never been in great shape, but turning 30 has been a bit of a wake up call for me.

    I appreciate any advice and tips that are given, this is brief only because I typed an extended one before only to foolishly close the tab because I was trying to look up weights and such to purchase lol


    Besides wanting to be in good shape for myself, I will be going on a beach trip in July and want to look GREAT!

  • Your past disappointments are no predictor of your future successes. I would suggest that you put your procrastination mode behind you and commit to making a change on two fronts; believe in yourself and commit to the program fully. In order to work hard you need to plan. Clean out your fridge, go grocery shopping and think about your meals. The body for Life authorized food does not call for anything expensive. You can prepare your meals ahead of time and take them to work. Millions before you have done this and so can you.

    Here is a list of authorized foods.

    Here are some recipes for snacks-

    In reference to purchasing workout equipment, have you considered joining a gym instead? A typical membership costs only $10.00-$25.00 a month and having other fitness minded people around can be motivating and keep you accountable. If not, consider checking out craigslist for used equipment. I am not an expert on suggesting particular equipment but check out Target or Dicks Sporting Goods and see their selection.

    Best of luck,


  • Lori nails it, as usual. I'll second that your local Craigslist can be a source for very affordable equipment, usually much cheaper than retail, and lots of times the gear is basically unused.

    Good luck, & get busy with it! :)

  • I was glad to see some replies so quickly, and am glad to have any advice.

      That grocery list will help me, but I almost feel like I will need some sort of cook book :P Being a single guy I guess I just never felt the need to plan ahead with my meals, I always just took something out of the freezer then popped it in the oven. I am glad to know the site has some recipe I can use though.

      There were some good snack ideas, I hope to make some of the meatballs just to try at some point. But a lot of the snacks for the 3 other times I would need to eat seem to be this myoplex stuff that is sold through the site. I am not sure if it is definitely something I will need since I am trying to convert the 20 pounds of fat resting on my stomach into some muscles.

        As for the equipment, there is a small gym located in the apartment building I live in, and I plan on using the aerobic equipment they have for the 20min 3 times a week. But they only weights they have are on a large complicated looking  machine. I could do some of the weight training on it, but I would feel more comfortable having some weights in my own place.

      That way I can roll out of bed and pick up the weights with no excuses why I cannot do the workout today. My fridge is fairly empty, and I will really need to look at what I will make and eat for the weeks ahead. Its vain I know, but looking good really does lead to feeling good about yourself :P

  • Here are some recipes to try.

    Also, I make eggs everyday, sometimes twice a day. You can make an omlette with red peppers, onions and have oatmeal. Bake Salmon or Haddock with brown rice and veggies. Natural peanut butter and jelly on rice cakes. Just a few ideas..

    Best of luck!!


  • Also, you don't have to buy Myoplex off the site.  They sell it at most grocery stores, Walmart, etc.  It is quick to prepare & tastes good as a shake!  Good Luck!

  • Used dumbbells usually sell for about $0.30 - $0.50 per lb - there are some businesses that specialize in buying and reselling sporting goods, and they may have some benches in addition to the dumbbells.  The fitness club I joined only charges $15 a month- it's no frills, but has exactly what you need to do BFL - weight machines, free weights, and aerobic (treadmill & elliptical) equipment.  Find one without the luxury items like hot tubs, saunas, and swimming pool and you should get a better price...


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  • PBJ on Rice Cakes, sounds very intresting.

  • Supplements like protein shakes are really not that expensive when compared against the cost of say chicken.  The initial cost of the supplement might be a little high but remember inside the container is many many many replacement meals.  

    This also adds a huge amount of flexibility and help you stay on target to prevent emergency bad food choices.

    Besides nothing better then an serving of fruit before a lifting session followed up by a nice cold shake.


  • I have set the 31st of this month as my start day. I realize I am not one to simply change everything I am doing all at once, so I am  trying to work into things in the weeks up tot the day.

      I purchased some Myoplex drinks from a nearby CVS, so I will have a few of those ready for when I start. Next is getting equipment and writing out my meal plans. I also have to get use to getting up VERY early, and for a person like me who is a night owl this will be the most difficult change of all.

       So I am trying to get to bed earlier, I tend to stay up till midnight and roll out of bed around 6:45am then grab coffee then lurch out to my car and off to be at work by 7:30am

       I have set 5:30am as my wake up time, roll over and pick up my weights or head down the hall for a quick 20min jog on the treadmill if its an aerobic day. After that it should be around 6:20am, a quick shower and breakfast and I should still have time to relax and sip my coffee before heading out the door around 7am

        I was wondering about the one day off, do you simply no worry about BFL that day, no workout or meal plans or anything? It sounds almost to good to be true lol, though I will be getting my meals for the next week set up on that day.

  • Update: Purchased some dumbbell weights today, I like to think I am slowly creeping my way over the abyss :P They are only 30 pounds of weights but I feel like its a good start.

  • Start Today!!!!! don't wait, you will regret it later.... Just Do It! and yes free day u forget about BFL, no workout, eat what you wish... for a cookbook get the eating for life book!

    I swear it sounds like you are making too many excuses... I'm single I don't have weights etc...

  •    As I mentioned I am an expert at procrastinating. However I know I will not be able to simply start doing all these changes right away, I need to ease into it. Waking up early, shopping for the right foods, using the weights and the gym down the hall all a lot of major changes for me.

       I want to be sure I am ready to do this so I have no more excuses for myself once I start :)

  • It's one thing to ease in and another to not know when you will start.  Many have to ease in once on contest because they don't yet know how to cook healthy meals, find their intensity levels and do the schedule.  Go ahead and ease, but set a finite start date to be accountable to you that you'll do it.  Otherwise it's always the "next Monday" thing. 

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  • I see you set the 31st as your start date. That's fine. Circle it on the calendar, then circle April 24, your finishing date. Commit to the full twelve weeks, and cross off each day in between if that will help you.

    Good luck and we'll see you at the finish line.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.