• This is a tough subject to discuss but I just wanted to ask if anyone has had similar experience.

    I an 2 1/2 weeks in, I have lost 9lbs and am feeling really great. I have stuck to the book exactly and honestly have had NO cheats so far except  some Pizza and Ben and Jerry's on my Free days. 

    Only thing is, aside from feeling great, my usual 9.30 daily stop off at the men's room has ground to a stop. I guess any change in diet is going to have an effect on one's bowels but at the moment I am only needing to go about once every 3 - 4 days. Not sure if I like this? Is there anything I can take to make movements more regular?

    Sorry if you are reading this post while eating your lunch, I am trying to be as 'delicate' about the subject as I can. But hey! Everyone does it. Advice please.

  • Make sure you are getting at least two servings of veggies per day and PLENTY of water.   Also try and make sure you get extra veggies in addition to the two servings.  Are you taking in protein supplements?  If so it's even more important to get the extra water in.  It will take you a week or so to adjust to increased water but then you won't be "potty for life".

    Also are you taking any type of Omega 3 fish oil?  That could be part of the problem.  Make sure you are getting a healthy fat in every day.  Olive oil on a salad is fine as well, just a couple of teaspoons per day.

    All else fails add fiber capsules but be sure you drink plenty of water because that could make it worse if you don't get enough liquid.

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  • Hi Michelle. (Champster09)

    I have to say I am drinking over the required water amount, I drink 3 litres a day at least. I take omega 3 every morning in gel capsules and eat vegetables twice a day (peas, broccoli, spinach).

    I am taking Myoplex lite at least once a day and Myoplex Myopro Whey Protein to supplement a meal that is carb rich and protein low (like Oatmeal for breakfast).

    I think my fibre levels may be lower, however I am eating all 'brown' in my rice, wraps and pasta?

    I may look into some fibre supplements. Anyone with any experience of these??

  • Metamucil does the trick usually ;)...powder is most effective I find...

  •  When I did this challenge years ago i had the same problem, until I added ground flax seed into my oatmeal or shakes.  that worked for me!  almost too well, had to cut back.  It barely has any flavor so it doesn't change the taste of what you're eating.  It just looks like little brown specks in your food (which in oatmeal is unnoticeable)

  • Green leafy veggies, fruit & lots of water.  

    Iron will do that to you as well.  I had to go off my powdered Myoplex Lite, due to a health reason involving iron.  It has 40% daily allowance of iron.  If drinking more than one a day, that could also contribute.  As Optigirl says, flax meal is good; when my daughter gets "plugged up," I'll throw some on her oatmeal or cereal and it helps her out tremendously.  Fish oil/Omega 3's as well.  If you take them at night before bed, with lots of  water, it should get your bowels moving consistently in the mornings.  Good luck.  You will find what works for you.

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  • I take a tablespoon of flax seed oil every night and that seemed to help me.


  • Great advice. For me flax seed was effective. I buy grounded flax seed and add 1 tablespoon to my egg whites each morning. It also show's evidence of reducing the risk of heart disease, and other ailments. It contains soluable and insoluable fiber. A large 24 ounce bag costs about $12.00.

  • GNC has a great probiotic that works wonders.

  • Thanks everyone for all your kind answers and interest. I really appreciate it. I went out today and bought some ground flax seed and through a desert spoonful into my scrambled eggs. Tasted great and will continue to take every day. It really seems to be a Super Food!

    Thanks guys!!