Have a body like Chris Krueger in 1 year

  • As I have stated already in a past post I am 295lbs and 40% bodyfat, im not sure how accurate that bf% reading is because it was done with my tanita scales which I have heard can be inaccurate, that chris Kruegar post has really inspired me so its my goal to do 4 back to back bodyforlife challenges to see if I can get to that type of conditioning, I was going to try this without the freeday but that unrealistic especially for a whole year so I will take it but try and not go overboard, do you think its possible for me to get a body like that after 4 back to back challenges?

  • IMO, I would just take each challenge day by day. Do not focus on a number for an end result, focus on health, well being, and lifestyle change. Fat loss will come with all those things...

  • I'm sure it is but I would not focus on that at all, I think you'd be setting yourself up for too much stress and maybe disappointment as we are all different and will get different results.

    Focus on you, go day by day and as said above make it a lifestyle change, not hoping you will be like someone else at the end of a challenge. Hit your 10's and enjoy your life as you get healthier! Best of luck:)

  • HI 6packmission,

    Wanting a lean hard body is a fantastic mission! In order to achieve that, it takes time, dedication, knowledge, planning, and drive. Read Body-For-Life over and over again. See the Body of Work video and get your mind ready to tackle your transformation. You have the power to be the best that you can. Chris Krueger is an inspiration but please realize that his transformation is based on his physiologically makeup, genetics, nutrition, and based on his his drive and determination. You my friend can win any battle you choose as long as you get the mind in tune with the body. You have to tap into your inner strength, dig deep, lift hard; you will be sore, tired, and you will stumble along the way. The journey will test your willpower and some days you will be climbing the walls with cravings; but your mind can accomplish anything. Take it one day and a time as snowdog said, and be the best YOU can be!

    Good luck!


  • Wow! very well put Lori...that says it all :)


  • 6pack,

    I think you could do anything you set your mind to and dedicate yourself to. With that being said, that is a tall order for anyone to accomplish.

    If you reach half of that level in a year it would be a wonderful accomplishment and you would definitely be better off mentally and physically. I try not to put timelines on things in such a manner to see failure. I would love to be in that shape, but will not limit myself to a year. As long as I continually make progress towards my goals, I will get there in due time.

    Once you get there, what would be your next goal to reach for? I say just do your best to live a healthy lifestyle day in and day out and you will be thrilled with your results.

    Good luck and keep us informed on your progress. I am rooting for you.

  • From the amazing stories of the wonderful people on this site, I know anyone can do it if they really go for it. Make sure to have the recommended 1-2 week break between every challenge to re-charge your body and rest your muscles. Also, make sure to have your free day. Work hard and play hard. All the best.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • 6 pack mission - Everyone here is sugar coating it telling you that you can do it and giving you support, WHICH IS GOOD, however I will not sugar coat. You want the truth, well here we go.

    1. First it's going to take that you stop posting in every thread about the duration od challenges to get to single digit bf%. I have seen 4 different threads of you talking about it over the last week and a half, yet in all 4 posts you state the same weight. Are you taking any action, or are you just dreaming of what it would be like?

    2. Don't get down about weighing 295, there is good news. When I was a fat lard ass the best part is that the FAT WILL INITALLY FLY OFF!!!! That's right, following the bfl nutrition I bet you will have weeks when you lose 5+ lbs. I had one week where I lost 8. Sure some was water, but who cares, it's going down regardless.

    3. Doing 2 challenges I went from 280 to 215. So can you.

    4. Don't ever look at it from 1 yr away. You have to take it slow and if that means from meal 1 to meal 2, then that is as slow as you take it.

    5. I really fine tuned my nutrition and finally got a grasp of the portion control and how to manipulate macros, this is why in my 2nd challenge I noticed even greater body composition changes. If you want help with your nutrition, email me I'll be more than happy to help you with it.

    6. When it comes to getting shredded. It's going to take a mentally tough person. There is only one way to get that lean, through the deficit. Some champs have taken the more cardio angle, some have taken the cut the food intake angle. It's all about the math equation. Now this is something you do not need concern yourself with, but I am telling you the truth so you can be prepared for when you start to get really lean.

    7. After your 2nd challenge especially, there should be no more mindset of doing a nuimber of challenges back to back. It should just be YOUR LIFE. Meaning, on M/W/F, you lift weights, on T/Th/S, you do cardio. And of course you have your nutrition down pat. It's a lifestyle, Broseph.

    It's more than a catchy slogan to sell a book, it really is a lifestyle. And it really does work and the only limitation is YOUR OWN MIND RIGHT NOW.

    So here it is. You can get to single digit bf% in 1 year. That doesnt mean going through the motions. It means your gonna have to fight, claw, push scratch and kick some ass to do it. Your gonna have to give every rep EVERYTHING YOU GOT! Same with nutrition. No extra food, or seconds ar any of that non sense.

    For most it's a 6 inch issue. Meaning those 6 inches between your ears is the issue. Once you get that on the right track, sky is the limit. Now go break some boundaries and I'll see you on the top.

    And don't forget.....Phillipians 4:13

    Get a theme song too, if you want more info go to my blog. It's in the profile

    Charlie Wigington

    2011 Body-for-LIFE Champion

  • Charlie, I for one am not sugary coating, as you say, anything at all.

    Wow, you really do have a way with words....very strange..

  • Charlie,

    I am a little confused by your title: 2011 Body-For-life Champion Charles Wigington. I thought the results for the winners will be announced January 2011? Were you selected as a winner?

  • snowdog - what is so strange?

    lori - I will be submitting final pictures in 2011.

  • Charlie, I am not going to get in to anything with you, in my opinion you are not a good person to be on this forum, yuo obviously have problems, nothing else to say, goodbye.

  • LOL. You are not going to get into anything with me, yet you want to throw a slanderous comment at me on the way out huh? Big person you are, well don;t take that literally too LOL

    Nothing I said above was out of line or false.

    Sure I may not be the cheerleader that the other millions of people are. I may not be what you want to hear. I may not come across in the manner that you like.


    No one wants to get out of their comfort zone. Well I am real and I shoot from the hip. If I don't set well with you, then by all means, don't listen.

    Everything I told 6 pack mission is 110% correct and honest. This guy is asking about John Berardi and now Chris Kreuger and then BFL, the guy just needs to pick one and go with it.

    The fact is snowdog, you do not like how I come across, and even though you are entitled to your opinion, that does not mean I am wrong. At the end of the day I am on everyone'e side in terms of getting lean, being healthy and getting a better life. I know exactly what I am talking about, I have transformed my body and several others. I even hold a BFL Class within my church for those in the area who want to transform.

    I never have any of these issues that I have on here on this forum. Could be miscommunication, real life in person is always different form a computer. However, you can judge how you want to. I get results and at the end of the day, that is what we all want. I guarantee you I am not as bad as you or anyone else perceive me to be. Without going into it, just email yummymommy and she will tell you.

    Charlie Wigington

    2011 Body-for-LIFE Champion

  • Charlie,

    Good luck with your submission. I hope all your dreams come true!

  • Ok, I DO NOT want to be brought into this but in short Charlie's bark is worse than his bite. I will admit I also felt a bit bitten by him at first but I contacted him and he was very helpful. I think a lot can get lost in cyber words as we can not hear tone etc.

    Everyone, please don't argue and fight on the forum. This kind of thing is NOT constructive. If you feel hurt by things Charlie has said, please email him directly do not do it here in the public forum. He is a nice guy and he can be very helpful. And Charlie...perhaps rephrase things and consider the feelings of the people you are responding to. Not everyone has "thick skin" and may be taken aback by your approach and tone.

    I have seen this kind of bantering on other sites and really do not want it here.

    We are all here to ask questions and give support to each other as we are going or have gone through the program already. I know people have been very helpful to me and I really admire some of those that have made remarkable transformations. You are inspirations and I look forward to being someone elses inspiration too.

    Let's keep the convo supportive and pleasant...even if it is not how we roll.