What did YOU do differently in C2?

  • Just out of curiosity, for those who have done multiple challenges, what did you change going from C1 to C2? did you do anything different? Did it stay the same? I'm not talking "tweaking" the challenge, more like adding supplements, changing your diet, realizing you should have been doing "b" when you were doing "a" ...etc.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I am in the middle of C2 (week 3 in fact).  I have added supplements and meal replacement shakes.  I take L-carnatine 15 to 30 minutes before a workout.  Immediately after, I take a EmercenC, glutamine (and and iron on M,W,F - that's just a me thing thought)  Then after an hour I take my regular vitamins along with CLA.  I only took regular fish oils during C1.  I take glutamine 3 times per day and CLA twice (can't quite afford to take it 3x).  In C1 I got sick 3 times!  So far, so good!

    Since life is busier now, I am taking a meal replacement (protein/carb) twice a day.  This really helps.  I notice more energy and focus.

    Also, this time I'm part of a group that all started at the same time here on the forum.  It's been so very encouraging and keeping me accountable.  I highly recommend it.

    And, I realize that my intensity levels really weren't were they should have been last time.  I'm taking Orrin's post on hitting 10's to heart.  I can already see the difference.

    That's it for now.  I'm assuming you're starting C2.  Congrats on finishing C1 and best wishes on C2!!!

    "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." - Robert Collier

  • Hi Bay,

    You know some of the nutritional changes I made for C2. I also switched from Betagen (now called Reload) to phosphogen elite (now called Push) as well as L-Glutamine and HMB. They made a HUGE difference for me and still do. The biggest thing though came from some words Champster shared:        C1 is like a crush, the excitement and newness can get you through. C2 is like a marriage, it takes COMMITMENT and DEDICATION. I held on to those words every day of C2 because I knew if I wanted to reach my goals and not coast through a challenge I would have to take my eating and training to a whole new level let nothing get in my way or derail me.

    I also took a lot of time during AR (I do recommend AR.) to reflect on C1 and made a list of all the things I did well and all the areas I could improve. I recognized my stumbling blocks (bread, alcohol, sugar and many others) and made a plan to overcome them and reach my goals.

    hope this helps a litte

    When do you finish C1? I am very excited for you!!!!!!

  • I really appreciate the responses! I am going to be taking the next two weeks to rethink on C1, there are a lot of things I plan on changing. Supplements for starters, I didnt' take any during this challenge. Diet is the big one. There is alot that needs to be changed. I've been thinking about the things I need to start weaning off of and those foods I need more of. I have been eating by the book and very clean BUT I rarely eat vegetables and I eat more cottage cheese and dairy than I should be. It's going to be an interesting and uncomfortable adjustment. :)

    I am finishing up C1 this Saturday, pictures as well! I'm so excited to have finished. I have some changes and losses, but not as much on the scale as I hoped. But I'm curious to see what changes are in the pictures. I never took body measurements or bodyfat measurements, so scale and clothing is all I have to go off of.