I need to do this!

  • I fell off the wagon!  I made it into week 4 then life got in the way and next it was a knee injury.  I ordered the Champions book and the Success Journal and plan on working with both of them this time around. They arrived last week.   Hoping to find a new me inside!  Day 1 is Sunday and I expect my biggest challenge will be missing my nightly glass of wine.  I teach middle school and have used the stress of teenagers as an excuse for that nightly glass.  Time to change that!  I'm interested in finding someone who is also in my "boat" so that we can do this together.  I made the chocolate protein muffins and the protein pancakes the other day, they are in the freezer ready for me to pull out when I need them,  Anyone have any approved meal ideas?  I thought of making a bunch of soup to freeze for my lunches, any ideas?  Also, any ideas on being successful?  I'm really good at knowing what to do and telling people what to do, I just don't walk the talk!

  • Congratulations on your decision to live a healthy lifestyle. It's great that you have taken the time to prepare meals ahead of time and freeze them. That is the first piece of advice I would give to a bfler.....plan plan plan.....prepare prepare prepare!!!! I do this all the time. When I make protein pancakes  I will make at least a dozen at a time then freeze them in ziploc baggies. Whenever I barbeque chicken breasts I do the same. Cooking in bulk is so so important. I have found that carbohydrates are easy to find but the protein is more time consuming to prepare. I also drink 2 protein shakes a day (always one after my workout) and so this just leaves 4 other meals to worry about. One more thing.....find 2 or 3 protein/carb combinations that you really like and eat them most days. There is nothing wrong with eathing the same thing day after day. If YOU like it.....eat it. Hope this helps. All the best.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Thanks for the advice and encouragement!  How do you make your protein shakes?  I do like protein powder with yogurt.  Thinking about soups!

  • I make a protein shake with 1/2 c. skim milk, 1/2 c. lowfat vanilla yogurt, 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder, 1T PB2 powdered peanut butter and enough ice to make it a milkshake consistency. My daughter likes hers with chocolate protein powder.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • I had started the program in October, but fell off the wagon beginning of November. I had made it 4 weeks and had already lost 10llbs! (I'm 5'7 at 178) But unfortunately, after I fell off, I had the hardest time getting back on, and before I knew it it had been 3 weeks. (Yikes.)

    My best advice to you is to plan ahead, all the time, every day. Know where you'll be, and if surprises come up, have a backup plan. Do not be like me and beat yourself up for messing up, and then quiting in result of that. Know what you're doing, know that it works, and keep on going! You're going to feel amazing 12 weeks from now. :]

    I am starting over this upcomming sunday... Hoping to get through the holidays smoothly!

    As for meals, make sure you have lots of tupperwear :)  Set aside individual meals for your week in tupperwear containers to make sure you have food when you need it fast! As for protein shakes, I like 2 scoops of vanilla whey protein with mixed frozen berries and vanilla yogurt... yumm!!

    Best of luck to you. Remember you can to it! [ :


  • I make an awesome Chocolate peanut butter protein shake.

    *12 ounces of water

    *4 ice cubes

    *1 tablespoon natural peanut butter

    *1 tablespoon whipped cream (optional)

    *2 scoops of chocolate protein powder

    I have this one on my "free day"

    *12 ounces of skim milk

    *4-8 girl scout mint cookies

    *4 ice cubes

    *1-2 scoops of chocolate protein powder

  • Thanks everyone for the recipes!  Tracey- tomorrow is my Day 1 and I'm looking forward to it.  I don't have the best track record so my husband is apprehensive but promises to help me.  I am having my last true free time tonight wine and cheese with a girlfriend who is an avid runner.  I will be looking to  her for support in my journey.  I plan on using the Success Journal throughout and pictures with measurements every 4 weeks.  I have to be very careful about my portions, I think this is why I did not lose any weight for those 4 weeks that I was on.  Also, my free day was completely free!  I ate anything and everything not to mention wine!!!  This time I have to do it right!  I only really want to lose about 20 and 2 pant sizes but more would be even better!  30 would put me at my pre-pregnancy weight 18 years ago!  

    Anyone have good exercises for the hamstrings?  I like dead-lifts, hate lunges, and can't do the machine that requires you to lay down on your belly and pull the weights up to your rear.  Pulled a muscle doing that.  Most of my weight is around my mid-section, mid-thighs to breasts.  Best cardio for that area?

  • Don't forget that as your body composition moves from fat to muscle you may not drop weight even though you drop inches. Don't rely on the scale for positive reinforcement.

    You can choose any cardio to burn fat so long as you apply the HIIT technique. Where it comes off your body first varies by person. Be patient.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Thanks.  I must remember not to worry about the scale!

  • If you commit I'm sure you'll make it!! And like Saralynn said, it's not all scale weight, you may be in better shape than you were 18 years ago but weigh more due to muscle. Focus on your inches :))

    And that's great your husband is going to support you through this! My family does not feel the same way unfortunately. (They love their food... and they love to eat out, A LOT. I've tried to get them to do this with me, but none of them will commit to it... which I tend to blame for my failure each time i try)

    In my opinion, best cardio for your mid section is running, as it works you from your core. Swimming is outstanding, but I lost much more weight on the cross country team than on the swim team in highschool. Swimming is a great toning cardio excersize though :)

  • I do agree that running is the best for the midsection so I'm going to try that again hoping for no injuries.  Hubby is supportive although he is thin and therefore won't follow the program with me even though he could build muscle.  It does make it hard still because I'm on my own but I want this!  I just need to stay focused and commit to this.  I like the support that is given through the forums and plan to come here a lot to help me keep going.  

    Today is Day 1!  

  • Congrats on Day 1!  I taught adults the last 4 years at a tech college part time while working another full time job and would always use the excuse that I was too stressed and tired to plan and work out and eat right.  Well you know how the beginning of the semester everyone shows up for class, but as time goes, they start skipping and you hear excuses every day from your students.

    tracy - As for family, mine too eats unhealthy and I have to cook all those meals.  I used to blame them too for my bad habits, like getting mad at them for eating that stuff in front of me.  

    One day I came to realize that I was making excuses just like my students.  I can't control 100% what my family is going to put in their mouths, nor can I make THEM accountable for me losing control and diving into what they're having. I also couldn't make them do it with me, it would justlead ot resentment if they weren't ready.

    So now i"m in my 4th week and I often tell myself NO EXCUSES!  Even when I'm making all sorts of fatty junky food and desserts for others, doesn't mean I have to eat it too.

  • I agree with saralynn......put the scale away. The scale cannot tell the difference between fat and muscle. BFL is NOT a weightloss program.....it's a FATLOSS program. My last challenge I weighed myself on day 1 and not again till day 84. Let your pants and belts be your guide."PANTS AND BELTS TELL THE TRUTH". Stepping on the scale and not being as light as you think you should be can be really depressing but your body is still undergoing positive changes. The program works......just work the program.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Hello everybody. I am starting the transformation tomorrow! I have thought of starting BFL many times before and came up with excuses of why not to. This has been something I have done my whole life when it comes to working out. I have read all of the posts and I am ready to get started. I cant wait to start this and finally be serious about it. There seems to be a great deal of support through the forum so I am definitely going to use this for motivation!

  • Hi Friends!  Count me in!  I did 3 challenges last year with great results (70 lb)   I have been off the program for about a year and the weight has creeped back on.  It's devastating.  But I know the program works and I can do it long term. It's just a lifestyle choice (which I have obviously chosen not to follow lately) .  I need to re-lose about 35 lbs so it's going to be more of a mental struggle than an actual physical struggle.   I have all the tricks and tools, and I have to be honest when I say that if I am not sharing with and helping others, I lose my focus.  So. . . I'm going to try to be active on this site to see what kind of new progress I can make and if I can help and support anyone.  I have been trying to restart for weeks and weeks without success.  Finally I have had 2 clean days, but for my wicked diet pepsi which I shall try to wean myself from once again.  

    My BFL tips of the day:  Get some styrofoam to-go boxes and disposable 1 cup containers with lids from Gordon Foods. I am on the go so much, I cannot stop to find tupperware and the right lid, and then remember to wash it out and bring it home,  So, sorry landfill, I have to do what works for me.   I pack a salad with salmon, a few walnuts and strawberries just about every day because it's the perfect meal and I don't have to think.  I sprinkle a few crumbles of blue cheese on it once in a while to make it interesting and more yummy.   Find a few meals you really like and make them your staples!

    Oh hey I noticed something really cool today  - I am on the BFL website home page! It's the video showing champions weekend 2009.  I'm in the group with the BFL Race for the Cure Team, and in the background on another shot.  Woohoo I feel famous!  Maybe someday I can be the main focus of the shot as a champion!

    Sorrry such as long post.  Long story short, I just had 2 clean days (although I missed my UBWO due to work).  I think I am ready to focus again and live the BFL lifestyle.  I was so happy when everything in my closet either fit or was big!