Anyone use grips or hooks??

  • Just wondering if anyone uses grips or hooks, I'm lifting much heavier weights and my arms kill me, it feels as though my fingers are being pulled off and my elbows are stretching...then of course pain afterwards....been reading up on grips and/or hooks and they are supposed to help, not sure which to get though, am hoping for some insight before running out to buy...thanks in advance:)

  • I hurt my thumb after lifting heavy and my doctor told me to life with grips to ease the pressure on my joints. I bought grips at Dicks Sporting Goods and my pain is gone. I also use them for pull-ups.

  • I use Versa Grips and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.  It takes a couple of workouts to get used to them, but they really help.

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  • Hot footed it to Sports Authority last night and bought some grips, have upper body today so am excited to use them, hope they help.

    Going to try to get the Versa grips when I can, have heard good things about them, thanks lorig and champster! ;)

  • The only thing I use wrist wraps for is when I do dumbell squats. For my last couple of sets I don't my grip giving out before my legs have exhausted.

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