Still an achievement even if freedays are binge fests

  • i'm C1W4D1 and I went into this thinking "thank god for at least 1 day to eat whatever i want to". and with Easter I had planned on taking FULL advantage of it. BUT the very first free day I got I felt "gross" after eating my old way. Don't get me wrong I did eat out and get some Easter candy but I'm freezing MOST of the choclate candy for another free day.....

  • I know that for me, I wouldn't be able to get through the week knowing that I couldn't have a "binge fest" on my free days. But, I have noticed that I eat less and less on my free days- I still get what I want, but I am becoming more accustomed smaller portions. If you can do it, though, binge away I say, but make sure you eat perfectly perfect throughout the week and continue rigorous exercise.

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • I hate the word binge! Here's why...this past Sunday I did just that...I binged. I ate like a pig. I ate like there wouldn't ever be fun food in front of me again. I stayed up late to take full advantage of my free day. I was out of control. Monday I felt like I drank 2 cases of beer. That is an all out mental game I hate that I randomly play with myself. Everytime I do that it takes me days to regroup. I put back on every pound that I had lost that week. Now I will spend 2 weeks losing the same amount of weight I actually lost in 1 week. Hellllloooooo? Smart? NOT!

    On the other hand, there are free days that I don't focus on BFL at all, however, I don't purposely focus on eating every crappy thing in site. I just remove the structure and make the best choices I can. Those days I can live with.

    Free day without ANY crap...probably not for me!! That isn't real for me. Life is always going to be in front of me. I can't take a protein shake and fruit to every wedding, family reunion and work luncheon that I go to. I will have times when real life happens. I will need to make the best choices that I can when those situations arise.

    I am sure I won't "BINGE" for the next 3-4 Sundays. I still feel like I have a hangover. Likely I will make that same stupid mistake quite a few more times before I realize that I am not going to die without a cheeseburger this week.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • I did cheat on the cheat day, but, but was still conservative with the portions.

    Don't want to make myself sick, or have a rough night. haha

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • LOL Renee, nice.


    Sadly, I don't even think about controlling myself on free day.  I take full advantage and I don't even really wish I could control it, I like it for what is and it also serves as a nice reminder of why I want to sustain my BFL.


    To each their own.

  • In my humble experience, there is a huge difference between a binge and having free day.

    Binges are behavior related and can usually be followed back to something, be it emotional or stress related, going on that would make an otherwise structured person become a total train wreck.

    I struggle to believe that one person who posts on this site saying that they binge on free day WANTS to do that.  

    It's not the same as enjoying free day to the fullest.  It's an uncharacteristic behavior that if allowed to can totally wreak havoc on unsuspecting folks struggling with food issues.  It creates feelings of shame and guilt along with the hangover symptoms mentioned by Renee.  It can also take a little while to admit to yourself that it's what's happening in the name of free day.

    Just my two cents and personal experience.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Absolutely!! My first challenge when I was 44 years old gave me great results! My profile pic is me at the end of that first challenge. This is kind of funny  when I think about it but my free days were wild. If my free day was on Saturday, Friday night I would have the kitchen table stocked up with name it. I'd go to bed that night and could hardly wait for morning to come so I could start pigging out. I still had fantastic results. I am currently on another challenge now (50 yrs. old) and my free days have somewhat tamed down but I still eat whatever I want whenever I want on that one day. It's a mental break as well as a physical break from the weekly routine. Hope this helps.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Great post Renee!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • It is funny Champster09,  Its nice to know its there and I can be mindless that day.  Like finishing my kids mac and cheese.  But now I can say I don't set out to eat like its my last meal.  Free day will come around again and I do want to have a nice meal like maybe something in the "eating for life book".  Clean eating can be yummy too.

  • I have started using the eating for life book now that I have finished my challenge, and every meal I have had from it has been very good.

    I especially like the hawaiian pita pizza.