• Somewhere on this site I saw where after your 12 week challenge is complete, you rest.  Rest. Active Rest.  What if i "rest" too long???? What if I dont active rest hard enough?? What if Inever get back on my routine?? I am soo afraid of NOT getting my motivation back.  So many times I see, after the challenge, and after the rest, people dont come back...or have a hard time getting back on that horse...I am afraid to fall victim to that.  I mean, I feel like something has really changed in me.  But I still have that fear of allllll   the times before....where i got "comfortable".  How long do we rest?

  • Just take a week of active is called active for a reason. No eating bon-bons on the couch.  You can still go to the gym and do cardio, just not HIIT.  You can do push-ups, ab work, light weights, try some classes, go for walks, go hiking.  Try to stay focused on eating healthy.  Then, after that week, jump right back into your BFL lifestyle.  This is body for LIFE, so you will be fine!  When are you done?

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  • i actually finish my first 12 week challenge TOMORROW! eek!!  i am a little the past, i have had the tendancy to throw up my hands in victory...and then nada!...hmmm, i can do this.  Thanks!

  • Lisa -

    Active rest is when many people learn the most about themselves.  It's when old habits want to creep back up.  This is a great part of your transformation process, it's when you get to really prove that you've transformed.  Go easy on yourself and do enjoy something you've been missing.  Just keep up with the part of the routine that keep you going, be in journaling, reflection, whatever.  Also, check in and let us know. 

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  • You haven't worked this hard for 12 weeks to let it all go.  As Jessica says, go do something or eat something you've been wanting.  You don't even have to workout at all next week, but make sure you are able to get back on the saddle the following week.  How did your challenge go?  Will you be posting stats/pics??

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Lisa,

    Here is a post I wrote about my active rest. There is also a great article my micheal harris. Worth a read.

    Congrats on the end of your challenge!!! Can't wait to hear about your results.

  • great thread!  thx for the info!! i think i will active rest...two weeks...eek, maybe not....1 week.  is totally doable.  This will be the true test of my transformation...i know there has been a physical transformation...but have I mentally transformed my thought process....we shall see...

  • Basically it just means taking a breather from the gym  for a week. If you had any aches or pains this is great to let them heal. Remain active and do things you like.....cycling....swimming....hiking etc. Keep eating a clean healthy diet though. A week of undisciplined eating can really set back your progress. As we've heard many many times....."this is body for life not body for 12 weeks".

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  • im so embarrassed, but i posted pics....i have a LONG way to go, but am happy to see the changes that have been made after 12 weeks. :-/  

  • Lisadgreat1.....keep it are on the right road!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"