very challenging week coming up - any advise on how to handle

  •  Hello - i am dreading the upcoming weekend and following few days. Here is what will be happening - Halloween parties, a gala and my B-day. I will be surrounded by amazing food!!!! Any advise on how to handle this will be so appreciated!

  • I'm also facing kind of the same thing this weekend. Saturday night we have a big family gathering and of course Sunday is football all day along with Halloween at night. My plan is to get up  Saturday and do my cardio.....then eat clean all day until company shows up Saturday evening.... then I will just simply enjoy the food and company. Then  Sunday will be my normal free day and as my wife and I hand out candy at night if I have a few treats I won't make a big deal about it.  But the key is.....Monday morning I will get right back on track. Do your best to formulate some type of plan. All the best.

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  • crimgirl,

    Only 5% of the people who start BFL finish all 12 weeks. BFL is not easy. Those who finish do so with grit, determination and a focused resolve to change their lives.  You have the strength to stick with the plan. Food doesn't controll you you controll the food. There is an entry in the BFL success journal that I love. It goes something like this: When you chose not to eat junk food you are not saying no. You are saying YES! YES! to a new you! YES to a new and better body! YES to a new and better life!

    The funny thing about food I once thought was amazing is now having ate clean for 6 months those "amazing" foods are only amazing to my brain. Once I eat them I feel sick, sluggish and slothful.

    For sure pick one of those days to be your free day and enjoy it without guilt ot regret. You could save some candy or cake for the following free day if you want. If you revisit your goals and resons for wanting to accomplish those goals it helps keep persepective on what is a priority to you in your life; what will take you closer to the goals you passionately want to acheive and will take you  further away.

    You can do this! You are strong! Stonger than candy, stronger than cake, strong enough to stick to your plan and finish the last few  weeks and reap the rewards of all your hard work and dedication.


  • Here's the thing...   Think of food as fuel.  It's not "amazing food" because someone prepares it in a fanciful way.  Be very selective of what you choose to put in to your body.  

    If it's free day, enjoy yourself within reason, don't just eat it because it's a party and everyone expects you to eat it.  

    Have a protein shake before leaving your home and you'll be surprised at how many people will not even notice if you aren't eating.

    And please make your birthday free day.  Everyone is most special on the day that they were born.  Enjoy the celebration.

    This is the part of learning "for-Life".  It's a process of making the right choices over time.  Once you realize how empowering making the better choices is, it gets easier and easier to manage.

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