What is with Egg whites only (or mostly)??

  • Good day all

    IS the Egg yellow bad for you??


    Why is it seperated and left out almost all over?


    I would say that is the core or source of the egg, and the white seems like nothingness, just something to fill up tummy space or keeping your oats pancake together? :-)



  • Ondier,

    The whites are pure protien and no fat. The fat is in the yolk. I  need at least 6 eggs to get the required protein and that equals a lot of yokes and far to much fat for me. Thankfully one can but cartons of egg whites. 1 cup of egg whites and I am good to go. I cook them into an omelette but they are pasturized. I have heard of people putting egg whites uncooked into shakes to up the protein.

    Hope this helps


  • Egg whites is one of the most complete proteins out there.  The egg yolks contain all the fat.  I buy Omega 3 fortified eggs, so I don't get the benefit of the fatty acids unless I eat the yolks occasionally.  A lot of people use 1 or 2 whole eggs and then add the remaining in egg whites to get to their protein portion.  Too many yolks would definately add a lot of fat to a program like this, which none of us need.

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  • Ok got.

    Thanks Orrin and BDMom for great advise. Will never look at an egg the same way again :-)

  • Actually, if you want to know the truth. Egg whites are an incomplete protein by themselves. They are complete with the yolk. As much protein that is in the white, the same amount of protein is in the yolk.

    The yolk is not bad for you, but what you are creating is a calorie deficit. So having 3-4 white and 1 whole egg would be ideal for a woman. 5-6 white, 1 whole for a man. Ballpark.

    Fat isn't bad for you, it's just double the calories. You lose body fat from the energy deficit.