Excited but really scared!

  • I just registered today and I´m getting ready to start my challenge on October 11th, the day after my birthday.  I`ve seen the pictures and I´ve read the books so I´m very excited about the process and the ultimate results, but deep down inside I´m really afraid I could fail... Is it normal to feel that way in the planning stage?

  • Yes it is tatica. It's because many of us don't remember how to give to ourselves as we give to others. If you believe in yourself, trust in yourself and keep your promise to yourself you will do amazing things to tatica.

    I'm excited for you. :)

  • You CAN do this. "Begin with the end in mind" and be proactiv, meaning, work hard with the power of your mindset to keep your goal right there, alive, everyday. After all, you're doing this to achieve one, two, three, or dozens of goals. Look at them everyday, after you've written them down. What has helped me so much, so far (I just started week 4), is to use the BFL Journal/Log. It's a GREAT tool and keeps me organized and motivated! Good luck!!

  • I agree with Denise. Get yourself the tools to be successful. I finished 12 weeks this past Sunday and I've started on another round. I purchased the success journal both times; it is invaluable.

    Don't worry about failure. You're only going to fail if you don't get into the game! If you see yourself failing, you will more than likely fail. Visualize yourself as a winner. See yourself at the end of 12 weeks happier, healthier and mor energetic. Trust me. .. If you follow the plan, you will absolutely NOT fail!!

    Good luck to you in your new journey!

  • Thank you so much for your words. I know i can do it just like you and so many other have done in the past.  I´m actually considering starting sooner than planned. I´m soooo ready to go i can hardly wait!

  • Take that positive attitude and get to it!!