Protein shakes before, after or during a lifting workout? Ratios?

  • I was wondering what you all thought of drinking a protein/carb shake before or even during lifting & then having one directly afterwards as well. I know to wait an hour after the workout to eat a well balanced (authorized) solid food meal, but I noticed on the meal plans that several Champions sandwich their lifting with shakes before & after. 

    One of my goals is to increase chest size & I am certainly getting enough cardio with boxing a few times a week & interval training like running or the stationary bike, so I don't think the extra calories are an issue.

    I assume this is OK or it wouldn't be on their meal plans but  a discussion about ratios & timing would be extremely helpful. Should it be just a protein shake before & then 1:1 or even 2:1 carbs:protein afterwards?  I have heard if the goal is size having a 2:1 heavy on carbs shake after is a good way to go.






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