I'm starting the Challenge..Anyone want to buddy up? Need Support!

  •   Hello everyone in BFL world! I'm thrilled to say I'm starting my challenge! Since it's Friday I'm going to get a gym membership and use this afternoon and weekend to try out the excercises, get meal plans going, get nutritious healthy foods, and possibly talk to a trainer about correctly doing the excericises.

      I have been battling with my weight since the birth of my son in 2005. I have been as small as a size 4 and as large as a size 14 (which is where I am now). I'm dealing with a lot a stressful things in my life and food has been what I turn to for comfort. I enjoy excercies and live in a place where pretty much everyone is into fitness.

      I want to make a lifestyle change by doing the challenge, and maintain it by doing the activities I love like cross-country skiing, mountain biking, backcountry snowboarding, and hiking.

      I'm really hoping I can find a buddy to do the challenge with. I think having the support will help me stay focused. Let me know if anyone is starting the challenge Monday 9/6.


  • Awesome! I am starting today-I have done BFL before, about 3 years ago after gaining baby weight from my son.  I was about a size 8 before him and was a 14 afterwards.  My first round 3 summers ago, I went down to a size 1, which was unbelievable and completely exhilerating.  2 years ago I went back to work, at a DESK:( which has limited my daily movement to zero.  I just got caught up in the busy days of being an executive and trying to raise my 3 kids and be a good wife and kind of forgot about me.  I love to be outside, skurf and kneeboard, skate and to run.  I also love music- can't work out without it!

    I really want to get ME back  so I decided to do this again plus I really don't want to throw away all the sweet clothes I have in my closet;)

    I went back up to a size 8 almost 10 and I am only 5'1 so this just doesnt work for me.  I would love to have a friend on here! I am doing the same as you, using this weekend to adjust to the diet and exercise and really starting Hardcore on Monday. Great job for starting, you can do it!  Believe me;) Hope to hear from you soon-

  • Hi Lady Jules! So glad to hear from someone! Just got my gym membership and it wasn't as much $$ as I thought! I also got a binder ready with daily progress reports for the first 4 weeks. That way I can monitor my eating for life, and daily exercise.

     Can't express how Happy I am to have a "buddy" to chat about the BFL challenge with! I also work a desk job and my son just started kindergarten. I'm going to try and get my work-outs done in the early a.m. before he goes to school and I need to be at work, I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

     I'm trying to stay positive, strong and focused while not putting myself down about the way I look. It's hard but I printed and cut out some  before and after pics (from the website) as motivation. I also have my "before" pics (gahh SCARY..!!) and they keep me motivated.

     Also have heaps of "skinny" clothes (especially jeans) that I refuse to give up! Going to do a mtn bike ride tomorrow then hit the gym. Will also be going to the grocery store to stock up on healthy foods. Thank goodness I love cottage cheese and tuna! Look forward to hearing about your progress, enjoy the long weekend!


  • Hi ladies!

    Got room for another? I'm looking for a buddy/buddies as well. Starting my challenge on Monday the 6th. Just got my gym membership today - feeling SO ready for this. My skinny jeans won't do up and I refuse to buy the next size up!

    Both of my daughters have left home for university now, so I really have no excuses not to make the time to exercise and eat right.

    Look forward to getting to know you!


  • Hi Kate, Erica, Jules!

    I'd love to buddy up with you all. My name is Lori, I'm 50 years old and tired of being out of shape! I used to be more active but years of my desk job have caught up with me. For the past two years, I've blamed my weight gain on menopause. But the reality is I need to get moving and get serious about my health.

    I'm in - LET'S DO THIS!

    Looking forward to our successes :)


  • Hi Gals!

     Am excited to have us all start the challenge together! So glad to have several people to share this with! I was feeling pretty nervous and scared at first but now I'm more confident just knowing I have some support buddies.

     Just got my grocery list and meal plans for week one together. I have some good recipes, maybe we can swap recipes as I seem to be eating a lot of the same foods. That may become detrimental to my eating for life plan. Keep me posted!

     Since my son is visiting his dad for the long weekend I'm going to catch up on housework, get groceries, then in the afternoon go on a mountain bike ride and check out the gym! Was originally going to do my ride and workout this morning but it's freezing here in the mornings already!

     I really look forward to sharing our success together, and being a network of support (since we are in it together) for when we have any times of difficulty.

     I did try back in the end of July to do a healthy lifestyle change and was not able to stick with it. I found the "Body for Life" book at my library and was so inspired to take the challenge!  I have a blog (link on my profile) where I am going to keep track of my progress.

     I'm also going to weigh in once every 4 weeks because I have scale issues. I will take my measurements bi-weekly and hopefully see a difference in the way my clothes fit.

     Have a great day/weekend! Look forward to hearing about what you all are doing, hopefully we can share info on what we did on Upper body Monday!! :D


  • Hi Erica, Jules and Lori!

    I did BFL a few years ago and gave up on week 7 because the scales weren't shifting. Even though I felt great - toned and energetic. How stupid was that!  So I'm with you on not using the scales so much this time round, Erica... I might weigh on Day 1 and again on Day 84 (if I can restrain myself!).

    So looking forward to tomorrow. Can't wait to get started.

    Having a 'last hooray' today getting rid of a tub of ice cream in my freezer and some brownies...

    Have you seen Mica's pictures on the forum - and on Bodyforlife Tracker? I think the header is something like 'Day 84- I Did It!' She looks amazing. I've printed her pics off and stuck them on my fridge as an inspiration!


  • HI Gals:

      Wanted to see how your last day before the challenge is going. I did a 6.5 mile mountain bike ride yesterday but the gym closed early so I didn't make it in. I'm going to try and get in today to do some cardio and then a mountain bike ride.

     I have some great recipes I put together including chicken in an envelope that a friend gave me. It's the perfect BFL portion recipe! Let me know if anyone wants it! I also have a whole wheat apple muffin recipe that is great! I altered it to be BFL approved (egg whites or substitute, applesauce, canola oil, etc.) No butter or white flour!

     I got groceries yesterday and grilled a huge batch of chicken *** for the whole week, I love having it to put in salads or on a whole wheat pita. I also made a huge batch of healthy tuna salad: 4 cans albacore, onion, celery, dijon mustard, lemon juice, salt & pepper. I also put that in salad too or w/ whole wheat bread. I love cottage cheese so I got 2 huge tubs of lo-fat to have with fruit and or Raisins. Keep me posted on what you guys are eating and how day 1 goes!

     I also am using the same pics as Kate for inspiration,  My jaw dropped when I saw those! I like how she did progression pics too!

     I hope we all stick with the challenge together! Can't wait to put up and see our own pics! Enjoy the day and hopefully we all get a holiday tomorrow!! :D


  • Hello Ladies,

    So I checked out thos pics, UM-Holy ***. Thats incredible.

    I am all loaded up with Tuna, Chix, and Cottage Cheese. I also like Lite and Fit Diabetic Friendly Yogurt with no sugar.  Its really yummy.  I don't have diabetes tho-just like the no sug.

    Trying to find good grain substitutes since I can't eat any gluten.  I think I am going to use Quinoa, Rice and uncontaiminated Oatmeal.  (Oatmeal is always grown next to wheat fields and they cross contaminate.)

    Going swimming later to do some laps!!

    I am  missing sugar already, it is my WEAKNESS. CANDY especially. I guess I never lost the love for sweets as a child.

    I hate splenda  plus its really not good for you, IN my humble opinion of course, I don't want a backlash of splenda supporters bustin me up for just sayin. LOL

    so I am just going cold turkey here.

    I am stoked to have some friends on here.  I have to get my best friend Melissa and my husband on here too. THey are doing the challenge as well.  My husband is trying to get bigger.  He has celiac disease which if you don't know, is an allergy to gluten which cause you not to digest nutrients properly.  He was misdiagnosed for years and has been 5'11 and 135 forever. So he wants to Arnold out and get pumped up.

    Glad you ladies are on here!

    Rock on Chicas



  • Morning Ladies!

    Day 1 - here we go... I've soaked lots of buckwheat and quinoa to sprout ( big fan of raw food, but can't do 100% - too extreme for me, also like my protein too much!). Will make huge salad to take to work  for supper (late shift at the hospital). Came across an interview with a guy who's 109 and eats mostly raw fruit, veg and fish and looks amazing! He drives his car still, has just written a book and is talking about opening a raw food restaurant.  109!!!! Way to go!

    Right...off to do my UBWO...

    Have a great day all!


  • Just had great UBWO - yay me!

    Checked my email inbox to find a great quote from Craig Ballantyne:

    'Have a Personal Philosophy of Being Lean.

    Listen, here's the truth. When you travel the world, you're goingto be up against all sorts of obstacles and the entire world is conspiring against you. From airport food to lousy hotel gyms,burning fat and keeping the weight off will not be easy. But before we even worry about what food to pack or workouts to bring, we need to get your personal philosophy sorted out. You must have a set of behavioral rules and a personal philosophy in place that will guide your every decision. Only then will youhave the strength to make the right choices.  On the other hand, if you leave home with a laissez-faire attitude thinking, "Oh, I'll do my best", you are going to break down the second you past the first Cinnabon restaurant in the airport.

    Now, I'm sure you've never been told by a fitness expert to have a"guiding personal philosophy" before, so let me help you with yours.

    First, let me give you a related example. Let's look at vegetarians.They clearly have the guiding personal philosophy of, "I don't eat meat." Or look at a recovering alcoholic. They have the guiding philosophy of, "I do not drink alcohol." Those are rules that they live by that are non-negotiable.

    So work on YOUR personal fat loss philosophy to live by everyday,and never compromise!'

    I really liked this and now have my 'PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY OF BEING LEAN' to get me through the trying times! (There are always boxes of chocolates open on the desk at work , presents from grateful patients. They've always been my downfall in the past. Not any more...).

    See you tomorrow.

    Kate : )

  • Morning!

    I'm a bit discombobulated this weekend with the holiday. But I'm off to do some cardio now. Will check in with you all tomorrow.



  • Hi, all!  I would love to join this group...I could have written your notes myself..children, sitting, stress.  I have wanted to do this a long time and this IS THE time.  Does anyone know (as the office is closed today) if we start on today (6th) or tomorrow (7th) if they will still take it as part of Round Four?  Please answer ASAP.  Thanks!

  • PS How do we access each other on a daily basis...not familiar with "the community" yet?   Elaine

  • Hi Gals:

      Did my UBWO today. Still getting the knack of the different exercises. A nice gal at the gym helped me out with some different exercises. I for sure need to increase weight on my chest and back but killed it on shoulders, triceps and biceps.

     I really liked Kate's message about having a personal philosophy. What a great idea! Mine has been "Positive, strong and focused" Thanks again Kate for the inspiration, so glad you are here! :D


     I think we can check in on this thread and or send personal messages and conversations via our personal profiles.

     Got lots of healthy food prepped for the week. Tomorrow I'm going to the gym at 6am for cardio before work. Wish me luck with getting up early!

     Going to enjoy my day off and do a mountain bike ride when it warms up. Have a great day!