1st off day

  •   Yesterday, day 32 was the first day since starting the challenge that I really struggled. My new job is physically, emotionally and otherwise draining and it all caught up to me yesterday.It sucked the life out of me. And as a former massage therapist and energy worker I know what I'm talking about.I had a meltdown in front of my spec ed student's Mom. Needless to say,nothing else went right either.In between school and an after school meeting, we went to Cousins for a sub, and I ordered roast beef thinking it was one of the leanest meats. Later on, I looked up the calorie content in my calorie book and it was 600& calories. It just so happens that work was so crazy that I missed a meal, so the calories balanced out but I still missed a meal. I know I'm not supposed to count calories but I try to be aware of what's going in my mouth, and I had never been to Cousins before. When I got home all I could think about is decompressing. I was totally exhausted. I tried all evening to get on the treadmill but could barely keep my eyes open. I felt so guilty for missing a workout but didn't want to run myself down when exhausted.So I'm starting today fresh and hoping for a better day.I read all your posts every morning and appreciate all the input.

  • Winner54,

    Don't beat yourself up over a bad decision or missed workout.  Just dust yourself off and get back to it.  We all have those days, heck sometimes we have a couple of days in a row like that.  It is about putting that behind you and looking towards the future and getting your head back into the game.  So forget about it and just move forward from here.  I am sure you are doing great.  It is about perservering, not perfection.  

    "If you mind can conceive, you can achieve it

  • Thanks. I got some rest and yesterday went much better.Jumped on the treadmill first thing.Today it's cardio and weights to catch up and free day tomorrow!