Body For Life: take 2 (8 years later)

  • Hi guys!

    Thanks for the support and encouragement! My first two weeks haven't gone as well as I had planned...did the program kind of half'-assed...excuse the language...but I am back on! Fear of failure maybe? Probably! Anyways, I have found that If I don't workout first thing, my 'later' never comes. Lisa, you talk about being lazy and sleeping til 7:30 or about 11! Now THAT is LAZY!! haha  I also REALLY need to conquer my emotional eating!! Any suggestions? We're talking not just chocolate, but chocolate covered almonds! And ALOT of them! Anyways, good to be back and have REAL focus! Thanks Guys!!

    Lisa~good luck with the trainer! I'd love a good session with Jillian!

    Seth~welcome! You'll do GREAT!

    Sassy~I can relate to so much of what you're saying...I am definitely a compulsive eater, not just an emotional one! You have a great and inspiring attitude!

    Kree~Don't husbands drive you NUTS?? I just want to ring my hubby's neck sometimes! lol

    Take care and have a great Monday!!


  • Started today, and I feel real good, did my work out this morning, and I have consumed 4 meals all of which stick with the BFL principles.  Ready for day-2

  • Great job Seth! Don't forget to PLAN your Tuesday TONIGHT!!  "Fail to plan, plan to fail'...I struggle with this sometimes, and it really shows the next day!

  • Hi everyone!  Hope your day is going great!  

    Thanks for the compliment, Leggs!!  I am really pushing myself this time to ensure success!  Don't forget that I was the big-fat dropout last time, lol!  You guys really are an inspiration to me, I can't say it enough!  So, don't beat yourself up over half doing it.  Just get yourself in gear & move on forward!!!

    Try, fail, try, fail... the only failure is in failing to try!!!  (Got that from a Disney movie the other day!)

    We've got this!  Keep up the hard work : )

  • Thanks Leggs, yea I did my first two days worth of planning on Sunday, so I am ready for day-2. Commend you on your transformation  (your photos) Also great saying.

    "Fail to plan, plan to fail"

  • Sassy... that is my new favorite quote!!

  • Good evening everyone!

    today was a good day....100% good eats, 100% on water...met with my trainer and had an awesome workout!!  My sister and her friend and the trainer were all i thought i wasnt gonna do any weight training, so i got on the treadmill and did 20min OF JOGGING...then they showed up and we did a circuit's my dilemma: it wasnt really a prescribed workout, though it was intense...lots of ab work...lots of high intensity.  So, am I doing BFL, if I'm not??? I think i answered my own question....

    sassy~CHEAT, BABY CHEAT!!! i usually make myself sick on cheat days...glutonous i know...but ive lost 25# so far.  Had to go buy some new clothes yesterday finally.  Good for you raising your weights! cant wait to see ur pics! Love your disney quote!!

    Leggs~ yea, i agree!! If i dont do it first doesnt happen.  too many things get in the, kids, grandkids, dinner...have you tried chewing gum??  it works for me...and i will also say, if i dont drink atleast 100oz of water a day, i get the munchies. ive been drinking alot more water...i find on cheat days i dont drink any or enough.

    seth~ great job!!!  u feel awesome at the very end...i saw biceps that i hadnt seen in forever!! since my last challenge almost a decade ago.

    ok guys! keep on keepin on!  remember, drink ur water!!


  • Day-2  Did good last night, made a Chef Salad with wheat Crutons.  This morning did my UBWO and feel great. Thanks Lisa, I did my first Challenge in June 2001 and made it to week 6, I had lost 21 pounds, but went through a divorce, so yea I know what you mean, that period was bad for me, but I was in the best shape of my life. So I know what being true to BFL can do, just takes Planning, Executing, and Loyalty to it, the rest will work itself off.  Well everyone have a great day.  Seth

  • Hi Guys! I too did GREAT yesterday! No munching, enough water, great eats! And I did my cardio this morning at 6:15...can I get a whoo hoo!! I had my breakfast, coffee, water, and went back to

    I updated my pics this morning...take a look and let me know what you think. I have ALOT of work to do!!


  • Good Morning!!

    Or should I say afternoon.  It took me 3 hours to get into work this morning, another snow storm!!  What a mess.  Thank God I got my butt outta bed and did my cardio this morning.  Lord knows its not happening after work.  I am so happy to see everyone still here, still pushing.  Way to go!!  I am strong for this challenge, much stronger than I was last challenge because my heart is in it, and when the head and the heart are in it, your in it to win it!  

    Hope everyone has a great day/week!!

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • Hello friends!

    Today I am doing a bunch of running around to get all my paperwork in order. I am at social security office now. Gonna be a long wait  im # 174..they are only on 160...ugh.

    A nyhowI got my cargo done adt 7am! Whew outta the way! I took measurements today . Haven't changed slot since the last challenge I did. A few folks at the office said I'm looking thinner yay!!

    Seth, good job.!!  Been there done.that. Glad ur back!

    Peeps how are you.  Glad you have your head back in the game!!

    Leggs  good work! Good job on getting ur water in, and ur eats were good.

    I'm gonna have to check out ur If the typing on this looks funny, it's cuz I'm using swype function from cell  ;-) only 46oz of water on today...gotta get on it!!


  • Lisa...I thought you were on a cell or! Good job on getting your cardio in...stay strong and you'll get through this crazy busy day! Water water'll get there!

  • Good morning friends! How is everyone? I'm great...I was so tired this morning and wanted to go back to bed so badly(!) after getting the kids off to school...BUT INSTEAD went downstairs and got right on that LBW! I feel great and ready for the day...although that nap will be coming later! LOL

    Did really well with my eating yesterday. I was very hungry last night though, even after my last I munched on some dry Special K. My plan is to get more calories is throughout the day today so I'm not starving tonight! And yes, I drank my

    Everyone have a great day, and think HEALTHY!!


  • Hey, hey, hey!!!  Morning Guys!

    Trying to get some of that energy that I had last week!!!  Still, I am fine today & staying strong.  I just want to feel that magical "high" and its just not happening this week! lol

    I told one of my friends about BFL yesterday (trying the universal law of reciprication).  She had never heard of BFL!  I was like, "How in the world have you not heard of BFL?!"  She might be joining me, so that's a good thing.

    Wow Peeps, 3 hours to get to work?!  Yikes!  I feel bad for being whiney, atleast I don't have to deal with snow!!!

    Leggs, sounds like you are doing wonderful!  I am sure we are all VERY much alike!  Thats how we all found each other!  I need to find a way to do my workouts in the am.  It just doesn't work out because my husband runs in the am, then he leaves for work.  I take the kids to school & then I have to be at work at 8.  I would have to go to the gym at 4:30 am!  Maybe that is what I will have to do...

    I hope you are staying strong Seth!  Hope your week is going great!

    Lisa, hope you finally made it home from the SS office!  Yikes, what a line!!!  I'm just learning all the new fun things on my phone like swipe... Finally joined the rest of the world & got a smart phone.  Now I don't know how I lived without it!

    Hey Kree!

    Hey to everyone else too!  Don't mean to leave anyone out : )

    UGGG, I need some energy!!!  Ok, I'm going to put on my happy face & get focused on work!  My new favorite snack is pb&j on rice cakes!  (Thanks to Lorig2727!  - have y'all seen her?!  She is another one of those amazing transformations!!!!  Wow, wow, wow!)  Time to go eat some!

    OK, enough rambling!  Thanks for listening!  Stay strong!!!  Bye!

  • Sassy...your hubby needs to compromise and let you work out in the morning too! Maybe you could alternate days? If he wants you to look 'hot' (as most men do!...sorry Seth), then he needs to step aside and let you in on the action! That's my two cents anyways. And don't worry...the energy WILL come back!