Body For Life: take 2 (8 years later)

  • I must say, I love and have loved Body for Life for many years. I have all the books and have gone down this road before. The only problem was, 7 years ago,  I met a man.  After I had lost about 70 #s on the program, I fell in love and got lazy.  My workouts i traded for candelit dinners.  And when we worked out together, half the time we'd leave early to do bedroom cardio....and that continued for the past 7 years. We are now fixing to get marroed on 1/1/11 and I have about 60# to lose.  I doubt I'll meet that goal by then...but I would be quite content shedding 30#.  I know I can do this again...just looking for support and lots and lots of motivation. You would think the fact that I have a wedding to look good for in 4 months...but more importantly, I miss the feeling of healthy...the feeling of strength....I want that again...i miss matter your situation....i need your support!!

  • I am also starting Round 2, but I just did my first cycle in the spring.  I took some time off because I was out of town a lot and focused on my kids this summer, but I have been painfully reminded that my energy, strength, and happiness fall off when I am not sticking to this plan.  YOU can do this and you will reach your goal.  You will feel so good in 4 months, that the number on the scale probably won't mean too much.  Post your goal, take your picture and keep taking measurements.  I have my before and afters in my profile.  I can't tell you how much that before picture can motivate you.  Good luck!

    runninggrl :)

  • Hey Runningrl!

    yea, it's not even about the scale nor the wedding nor the dress...i really just want to take control of my health...and feel strong and in control again.  So, how do i add photos? and where do i post my goals???  do you like to run? I am trying to get back to running but it's been decades and at my weight, it really bothers my hips...i guess baby steps for the moment....Thanks for your input!!

  • Hello Lisadgreat1!  I can so relate to your story......I too did BFL 2000-2003 and reaped the benefits.  Since then, I too have loved BFL and I've also revisited many many times.  I have remained active and enjoy running and even ran a half marathon but I have never been back to that fit size 4 I was in the beginning. I also gained all the original weight back that I had lost (about 50 pounds!)   I'm at it again and I'm working on week # 5....I keep telling myself.....I'm going to do this...I know it....I feel it!  Anyway, good luck to you and let me know if you need any support.  We can make an awesome come back!  You will feel incredible at your wedding!  That's actually a good amount of time to do it!  And runninggrl...I totally get the summer thing and the's always harder for me in the summer!  But hey, fall here we come......Let's do it!

  • That bedroom cardio temptation gets me almost every time.

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Susie~ a size!  even at my best, i wasnt a 4! good for you!  well, today is day 2 of eating right. I feel hungry.  Just had 4 oz of steak and baked potato with I cant believe its not butter spray on it....that was 30 minutes ago...and i can feel myself itchin for more food...but I DID pass up free sushi today...and I DID get to the gym this morning and di upperbody.  So susie, how much have you lost being week #5 and all???

    Bryant~ hahah!!  bedroom cardio trumped the EFX!

  • Lisa.....the key work is "WAS" a size 4.  Oh well, it means I can do it again.....right?  Anyway, I here you on the hunger.....keep busy....and will eat again....every 2 to 3 hours!!!  You can do it!  Scale weight....I've only lost like 4 pounds but body is beginning to let go of some stubborn fat and I do feel better.  Today is I weigh more from free day but by Tuesday or Wednesday I'll be back to my low weight of last week.  Last week I never lost scale weight so I'm looking for the number to drop this week.  It has to!  I do need to make a confession!  Free day sometimes last into the next day!!! I know that's a big no no but this time I'm getting right back to it.  In the past, I would say I screwed up and have to start over another week when it was more convenient for me.  That is exactly why I have been stuck!  When you mess up.....forgive yourself and move on!!!!  Good for you for working out today and just keep going!  I did do a challenge last September and my big rewards were week 7-10 for me.  That's when others noticed and I lost about 20 pounds of scale weight,.  Now 5 of that is back and I'm back at  it again.  I will get back to the original BFL Susie I once was.  It will take mental focus and hard work.  The rewards are worth it!!!!  Summer really is my hardest time so I am psyched about Fall coming!  Something about a cold beer with good friends and family in the summer!!  I've for the most part limited it to free days BUT I do mess up some time.

    The bedroom cardio cracks me up!  We have  used that exact terminology around here.  It may be more fun than resistance training but it does not give you the same results!  Ha-Ha!  I will say though....My husband has been doing this with me and bedroom cardio has been ......lets just say.....transforming!  LOL!  Oh, and for the record.....I am currently a size 10----Boo-hoo!  Oh well January of 2009....I was a tight size 14!  I'm definitely going in the right direction!

  • LOL, Susie! you are doing awesome to be down still after over a year! good for you!! I can fall off the wagon pretty hard myself!  Not only can my cheat DAY become DAYS, but the scale can play a huge psychological game on me!!  It sux that how we normally measure healthy is by a scale. I am 5'7 and have looked hot at a size 12-14, at 175 lbs.  But in my mind...after all this hard work there should be HUGE fat ass should be melting off  like that pam spray when i cook my eggs....and when the scale barely wreaks havoc on my mind! now, ive done this before and realize that muscle weighs more than fat...i know this, i know this, i know this.....but there is some sort of internal decoding breakdown that happens when the numbers dont move


    Lucky for me, it's not about beer or alcohol....its just the eating out and the yummy smell of food that i enjoy...i'm a foodie. i usually eat out about 10 times a week with lunch and dinner....when my boss asked me out to lunch today and i about killed me.  granted, it was gonna be sushi...but even sushi....can wreak havoc on me staying the course.  ALL OR NONE, BABY. is me. i wish i knew moderation, but i here i all it's ALL (WORKING OUT HARD SIX DAYS A WEEK)...AND IT'S NONENESS (CHEAT DAY)...TRYING TO MAKE SENSE of my eating habits and culinary lifestyle. and for the record...i'm pushing size 20.    

    Thanks for keeping me distracted! heheh


  • Thanks Lisa!  I guess you are right...I am still down after about a year.  I didn't really think of it like that enough.  I kept feeling Stuck!  Oh yes, the day I really buy into the whole scale thing.....and forget it....will be a day of celebrating.  I have had those moments but I let the old me back in and let that darn scale throw me for a loop!  Craziness....I tell you!  I know better!  Anyway, our weight is way different because I am only 5'1" tall and I have a medium frame.  I shouldn't weigh much....Hee-Hee!  I tell myself at meal times....Susie, you are a small person and you don't need much!  I'll keep talking to myself.  I'm excited about this challenge and I'm happy you came back!  You can do it!  Turning down sushi is proof!  And yes, I'm a food lover myself.......I love my eating!  Love it!  And you know what.....we can love to eat 6 times a day!  How great is that????  Good Luck and keep us posted!!!

  • Lisa,

    I am in the same boat as you! I did the challenge 10 years ago and lost 55lbs. I then got into a relationship and slowly got out of shape. I am now 30 years old and need to lose at least 50lbs. I start tomorrow. At least, we have done it before and know that it works! :) That should be a boost of confidence in itself. Good Luck!!

  • SJR~ WE CAN DO THIS!!  you are right! we have done this before and we can do it AGAIN!!  let me know how it goes tomorrow...i made a kick ass dish from the BFL cookbook...i am about to be 40 in even more reason for me to get healthy...i would love to say I am in the best shape of my life, AT 40!

    Susie~yes, i should be happy to eat 6x day!!!  its the momotous meals that kill me...but the dinner i made tonight...i realized, I can have a super tasty healthy meal....and enjoy it!!! Chunky Beef stew rocks! and if you have a pressure cooker u can cut the time in half!!!  took an 1.5hr cook time to like 30-45mins!

  • All this time I thought I was the only person in America who got in shape doing BFL back in 2000...and fell back into old habits!

    I stopped working out when my daughter was born in 2001.  "Halfway" working out and "sort of" eating right was more like it.

    Anyway, nice to know this thread exists!

    I'm on week 11 and digging it!!!  I'm going to take a week off after week 12 and then start another 12 weeks...

  • Hey craig!

    yea, that halfway workouts and somewhat eating right packed on 60# that I worked so hard to lose!  My healthy eats became candelit dinners....and my protein shakes became starbucks  Java chip Frappachinos!  you are brave taking a week off...but then again, at this point in the game, you are much stronger than  I am!  I am only three days in!  

    So, where in Texas are you? and how did your first 11 weeks go?

  • Hey Lisa,

    I am in North Houston.  

    Honestly, it felt like the momentum hit during week 10.  This twelve weeks has been interesting.  I'm not "in the contest" but I'm following the plan to the letter.  I am supplementing with Designer protein (post workout) and a Myoplex ready-to-drink around meal #4 (3:30ish).  

    So far, scale weight is down from 235 to 221.  My weight has hovered at 221-222 for about three weeks now.  However, my dress shirts are starting to look big on me.  My belt is loose.  My wife says the MOOBS are history!  Lots of definition in shoulders and upper abs are starting to show.  I noticed that my cardio endurance is getting better each time I run!

    I feel ten times better than I felt 11 weeks ago!  My endurance during the work day is night and day from when I started.

    Back in 2000, my BF dropped from 23% to 10%.  It took more than one contest for me.  Total scale weight dropped from 223 to 185.

    Anyway, it feels good to be on a roll.  Hang in there and let's rock and roll with this thing!!!

  • awesome!! exciting!! i tell you what...the scale thing freaks me out...i mean i understand the process fat vs muscle....but when the scale doesnt move it makes me nuts!  So, question: do you just eat the food that are "authorized" in the book, no bananas??? in the cookbook he hasdesserts...when do we get to eat that???????  im a carboholic here.....son of a @!@#!!! Good job by the way!  thats awesome!! u are doing really good! im in!!!  im ready to rock n roll.... fo sho!