Truvia or Diet Pepsi- yes or no?

  • Don't remember much from the book about the mention of artificial sweeteners.  Would you use a natural one like truvia a couple times a week?  Like to sweeten oatmeal.  Also, what about a diet pepsi, two at most, once a week?  I usually get a gallon of water a day, so it would in no way replace water.  Wondering everyone else's thoughts on the subject.  Thanks in advance for sharing! :)

  • I think I read in the original BFL book that first of all, sweeteners are fine. I use Splenda. Even the Eating for Life recipes call for it in place of sugar.

    Regarding Diet Pepsi, yeah.. that's my one vice. Thankfully, we're allowed that, as well... but since some say that it can function as a diuretic, it's recommended that you drink extra water in the same amount as the soda you drink. So in addition to my daily H2O intake, if I drink a 16 ounce soda, I need to drink another 16 ounces of water to accomodate any diuretic properties it might have.

    Hope that helps!!

    ~Kimmie, C2 starting August 2, 2010

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  • Well seeing as Myoplex and pretty much any other MRP or Protein powder uses Sucralose, be hard to cut out artificial sweeteners. Look out for any Protein power that uses Aspartame.

    On the diet cola front, I'm sure in moderation like most things they are ok. BFL book aside Aspartame is really not good for you. I am a recovering Diet Pepsi junkie. I was drinking 3-5 cans of it a day! I've been mostly clean of the stuff for 2 weeks now. Had 2 cans of it over a 2 week span.

  • Bill- My hubby says he feels your pain and triumph.  :O)

    He used to drink almost a six pack a day, some days as many as 3 one liter bottles.  (He works a 12 hour night shift.)  Since starting the program he hasn't had even one soda.  I have succumbed to one.

  • I had one on my free day with some popcorn at movie time.

    I have switched to water obviously but I have also been making green-tea ice tea slightly sweetened with Xylitol.

    I still love the taste of Diet Pepsi but it seems to be doing the trick. Finding like many things in the last week, its all just habit more than anything.

    The other thing about Diet Pepsi or any drink with Aspartame is those sweeteners are like 5x the sweetness of sugar. Even though there is no calories that sweetness can increase hunger.