HELP !!!

  • Less than two weeks ago I found this great article titled The No Frills Cardio Challenge, How To Loose Twice The Fat In Half The Time by Charles Stanley.  I saved the title so I could come back to it and finish reading the article. Well now the entire format of the web site has changed. When I search for the title the article come up. When I click on the link all I get is the 20 Minute Cardio Solution, and run in circles. Yes that is a great cardio workout but I would like to find the article and challange myself even further.   If anyone has this article I would greatly appricate it, or a link to it.

    I this new format confusing to anyone else ?



  • Google it.  It comes up.  Just hit the "Cached" link and then copy and paste it into a word document so you can read it later.

    The article is also here:

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!