Premade Shakes vs Protein Powdered Shake

  • I couldn't choke down the protein powder shakes - too much and do not like texture. I do however love the Premade EAS shakes in the small 4pk carton. I am starting the BFL challenge on Monday and wanted to know if I can drink the premade shake and if so - how does it compare to the powder ones? Do I need to add anything additional to eat or will I get enough from the premade to make my meal.

  • The pre-made shake is a good meal replacement. Be sure not to get the low carb version, if you do add some carbs on that meal.

    I like to blend my powder with skim milk and 5 ice cubs... It really seems like a milk shake when well blended. But its hard to beat to convenience of the ready made when your in a hurry.

    Good luck! You can do it! Focus on one day at a time.

  • Most folks go with powders because they are less expensive.  If you can afford the premade there is not a reason in the world for you to drink them.  

    The only ones you need to add to are any "low carb or carb controlled" shakes.  You'll want to add an apple or other small piece of fruit to have the equal carbs & protein portions.

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  • try this take 1/2 cup crushed ice put it inthe blender and wirl it up until it turns to snow only take a couple of seconds take 1/4 to 1/2 cup of berries I like blueberries and they are a super food.  add  1 scoop of vanilla protein powder soy if your a woman whey if your a man.  then 1/4-1/2 cup of blueberry/rasberry fuze slenderize.  Whir it up and enjoy when you get the proportions right it is just like a ice cream shack.  Yum way better then a carton...........