Any 5/24 Starters?

  • Looking to share the second half with fellow BFLers that are in the same week as myself. How are you doing?

    Im going strong with a few minor hiccups on some minor non-authorized foods. But the incidents have been fairly few. I am loosing about two pounds a week but decided to get the bathroom scale out of the house. I tend to jump on it too random.

    Im starting to get excited as we approach the 6 week mark. Wow! What a great challenge so far.

  • Hey there... there's a large thread for those that started (approx) June 1... I started a few days before that.

    I'm just wrapping up week five.  I've had two minor unauthorized food incidents. MINOR.  I'm really loving loving loving BFL I gain strength and speed just about every workout. I haven't weighed myself. I had some small changed in the fit of my clothes during the first few weeks but nothing since then.  I sort of think the size and weight changes are still to come for me.

    Well, here's the thread I mentioned:

    Congrats on your progress so far!

  • Yeah, there was a large group that started 17 may also. Weird... thanks for the reply.

  • Well come hop onto the thread I posted... honestly there's maybe four or five of us left there and we'd love some fresh meat :)

  • Hi Ridshack  -  I started on 5/24 have done and am doing very well.  Making sure I drink my water (strive for a gallon a day, hitting my mark on weekdays not so good on weekends).  Have not had any major hiccups, am not using a free "day" so much as utilizing 1 or 2 free meals in a week (can throw myself way off base if I utilized a whole day and the 2 meals a week seems to be working I am not feeling deprived or the like), my WO's have been good and ok - I am just in the process of uping my weights this week and will change my WO's completely  after next week - am excited about that too.

    As of week 4 I had lost 6lb, 5 combined inches (chest, waist hips) and 2% body fat - I don't own a scale and am not so much concerned about the numbers as I am the size of the clothes I am wearing.  I am noticing that the "spare tire" that I carry around my midsection is getting smaller, my behind is getting firmer and other things are changing shape - legs, calves and arms.  

    I am also noticing that some of my pants are fitting looser but not enough to drop a size yet.

    I am very excited as I head into week 7 but want to be careful to shy away from the "expected" week 8 miracle as I know it's not for everyone.  

    I am thoroughly impressed with the changes that I am making both physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Glad to see you here, wish you the best of the best as we get ready to round the bend and head for the home stretch - I post a lot on the Coffe Crew thread, hope to see you arond and hear more of how you are doing in the home stretch - remember to really KICK IT and FINISH WELL!!!!!!

    Have a great 4th of July weekend!!!!

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