Anyone with hypothyrodism and pre-diabetes? advice

  • Hi there!

    I am finishing week 2 this week and I do have 2 medical conditions hypothyrodism and pre-diabtes which I take medications for both. I am just wondering if there is a female out there in the early 40's who has been successful in doing the program and losing weight. I find that I am  always  struggling to lose weight and I often gain even when I do a program. Secondly since I cant eat cottage cheese or yogurt(I can only eat soy and gluten free products)I need ideas for snacks. Any comments would be appreciated. Why do I look bigger after 2 weeks of BFL? I also gained 2 pounds?

  • I can't speak to the specific gluten issues other than to recommend the EAS Soy Protein.  You can call the 800 number and they can definitely help you with that part.  

    As to the bigger/weight gain... It's not uncommon for a woman to gain during the first four weeks of the challenge.  Just make sure your portions are correct.  

    You can always eat tear open packets of tuna in water along with an apple, that's cheap convenient and a perfect carb/protein portion.  Focusing on whole foods eliminates the gluten sensitivity worries.  Chicken and even a cold red potato is really good when you are hungry.  

    Keep an open mind about it.  I personally try to eat whole foods for all of my meals.  I do occasionally sub a shake for convenience but I don't rely solely on pre-packaged foods.  The fresher the better.

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  • Hi Sharona, I am finishing my 7th week I am 38 and have hypothyroidism and allergy to gluten. So we are about in the same place.

    At the beggining I gained 3 pounds, last saturday I saw I lost them, so I am at the weight I beggin with. But I have seen some changes, and I have lost inches. I also had been struggling for about a year with my weight, my lifestyle was good, eating plan, excersising, for some years 4-5.

    I am starting to see results, I hope God willing this next saturday i will be in a diferent weight, and with different measures again :) So I will keep you posted.

    I know you can find soy yogurt. That would be a big help.

    Since I am allergic to gluten I also can relate to you. I do eat brown rice pasta, whole grain Udi's GF bread (the best brand I have found) and rice tortillas some times.

    If you want ideas for snacks.. I bake my eggs in the oven. :) I love it because they taste better for me than the boiled ones.. and also I don't need to peel them. And they look cute ;) So I use a muffin mold and  cook one egg with one white,  and to complete it other just with whites. They are always ready and taste great with hummus. Good thing you can also get protein powder.

    Use potatoes,or sweet potatoes.

    Dont' forget to measure, and this time I decided I will not be frustrated with weight, Just look for results, in your clothes and of course how you feel. :)

    The best for you,

  • I am hypO as well.

    I am confused when you say you cannot eat cottage cheese and yogurt? Both of these items are soy and gluten free.  Is there another allergy/problem/reason you can't eat these?