Going on vacation for a week and need nutrition ideas to help stay on track!

  • Hi there - My husband and I are on C1W2D9 of the challenge and are feeling pretty good so far; however, we are going on vacation to San Fransisco and we are in need of ideas to help us stay on plan.

    The hotel we are staying at does have a fitness center so we will be able to do our weights and cardio while there (thankfully!) and I also checked the EAS site to see if there was anywhere in teh area that sells the Myoplex products, and it looks like there are a few Walgreens stores close by that sell them, so we can buy some of the RTD's and bars there.

    We've been really good about not eating out - so that is where my biggest concern is about this vacation - not knowing what is put in the food when its made, etc. etc.  Anyone else who has traveled and successfully stuck with teh plan?  Any ideas/suggestions are welcome! :)

    Make it a great day!


  • Most all food places will have a healthy selection barring Mexican food.  San Fran is know for fresh ingredients as long as you stick to steamed crab at fisherman's wharf.  

    Where there is a will there is a way.  You know at week two what's a good choice and what isn't.

    Take an apple and count out a serving of almonds unsalted, dry roasted for your plane ride for each of yoiu.  

    Have an RTD just before you pass through security and then you'll have the apple and almonds for the second leg of the flight.  I don't normally advocate almonds because most people can't control the portion size.  Literally count out the serving and leave the rest at home.

    You can also take an EMPTY water bottle and dry protein powder on the plane as well and the flight attendent will have water.

    I also took dry protein powder in a ziploc bag along with a shaker bottle.   Double bag the powder just in case.

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  • Thanks Michelle!!